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  1. Wow!! Duck feet!! Chemical bride outdoors in the uk sunshine! I love her mutations, somehow makes them more special. hope everyone is doing okay in this weather, or if you have been hit with floods my heart and prayers are with you all. god bless and take care all xxx
  2. Hey! I know that this wasn't a perfect grow, there's plenty I could do differently and with practice I will become a better grower. I appreciate the offer to come over and help but really this is journey that I'm on all by myself. I am having such a great time with these genetics too, this was my FIRST cannabis plant grown by me. No physical help from anyone. She was in veg for 6 weeks and I took her down at around week 9 of flower. I rushed way too much, I know that. But lucky for me I have more seeds to keep trying until I get it just right. Im not really interest
  3. Update- around week 7 of veg! Doing amazing, I'm impressed with the new feed, does exactly what it says on the tin 👩‍🌾💯🌳🌳🌳
  4. They really have gone crazy!! so are you really impressed with the Mars light, I use a ts600 in my veg tent and like yourself I have 2 burple in the flower tent, I've been umming and ahring over weather to replace the burple. your getting some cracking results here though! Really well done, you should be mad proud of yourself dude 💚💯🔥🥦💪
  5. Moved into the big tent 👩‍🌾🥦 Time for these to grow into big girls 🍁
  6. Unreal!! Congratulations! That looks mighty fine 👌🏼💯
  7. Bit of a tight squeeze in here!! 
    x 3 Chem Bride

    x 3 Dark Phoenix 

    x 2 Lost Pearl

    x 2 Chem Bride #clone

    x 2 Lost Pearl #clone

    The clones are an experiment, I've tried once before and really messed up. So here goes to attempt number 2. Wish me luck guys! 
    would be ace to be able keep some strains going. 




  8. I totally agree with you, I pop my seeds in water over night so say just short of 24 hours in a glass of water then they go straight in the coco, works really well and hasn't failed me yet. I decided to change when I lost my beans a month or so ago, I was leaving them in water for days waiting for the root to pop out, some of the seeds just want to mush. but we live and learn lol! These are looking really good 👌🏼🌙💯
  9. Yes! Lovely jubbly, seed to soil no messing! Best way! I will be tuning into this one! happy growing my friend 💚🥦💯👩‍🌾🌙
  10. Official x2 DarkPhoenix so far! just waiting on one more and we have a full house 💪
  11. Fresh new boots for these 3 and they look like they fit nice and shnug ☺️🐞💚
  12. Very fast! I popped 2 darkphoenix in 24 hrs, keen as a badger these birds 😆💯👊🏼
  13. I have re-potted 2 baby's today, I'm jigging things around to start my MEGA real run 🤓 #cannageek so the bushier one is Lostpearl and the other ChemicalBride these are in their 5th week of veg and the roots are looking tiptop to me, I've even kept the little clover weed and moved her in the new boot too, it's only right?! 😁 what do you guys think? 💚🥦🧪👰🏼‍♀️💯
  14. Here to show us how it's done!! Can't wait! hey there! this looks cool already!! 😊🇬🇧💚