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  1. A teeny tiny chemical bride 👰🏼♀️ 


  2. @gasmeter I’m currently ordering everything I need from eBay, mom trying to ensure I only use British companies and British brands at this moment in time. I will say the suppliers of plant magic have been fabulous with me as I was sent a dodgy delivery and they replaced everything within a day or two. im still not settled with my pots. I have Ben looking into flora flex but I don’t know how ready I am to run a hydro project just yet. but yea I’m pretty undecided on my pots. but I’m happy to be doing this my way and finding what works for me and what doesn’t.
  3. Thank you for the free seeds Jose I will be starting my journal on Monday. I have a chemical bride and she’s a beauty. thank you again for this amazing opportunity
  4. I’m excited to be starting my grow journal within the next few weeks. 
    I’m going to start with the CHEMICAL BRIDE 👰🏼♀️ 

    Over the moon! 
    thank you so much for the opportunity 💚


  5. Wow!! Congratulations to you! this is so cool to see! Fingers crossed mine arrive soon, start a little grow family! right on!!
  6. What are peoples thoughts and information regarding using an electric dehydration system to dry your buds before cure? is it worth a try?
  7. Hi there! thank you it’s really nice to be here, I’m just going to have to get used to how it works, I’ve used up all my reactions already! I was just truly impressed! yes I’m running a ts600 in a 1x1x2 im using plant magic root stim and evolution 2.0 i want to switch to old timer in future. I have a sour deisel and a few jack 47 autos. ive been going around a month, it’s a really sweet hobby I’m having so much fun
  8. Hi everyone! this is my first time using a forum like this. I have been eagerly awaiting acceptance and it’s fair to say I’m over the moon and I’m excited to join you guys growing beautiful quality medication. Im in the uk so it’s illegal here so it’s a little harder. But I’m so passionate that I don’t care that there is a risk. But if I’m going to this I need to do it correctly and these genetics are worth going to prison for!!
  9. I would love to start a grow diary!! I have all the kit here ready, please give me some details about this immense opportunity! I’ve added a picture of my current situation here in the UK