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  1. Thank you, I had to chop out a couple of small nugs that were blocking airflow and light it was starting to get that light green look from lack of light, so I just left them to dry on my TV box for two days, now smoking them, chemical bride, dry it smells like sour cream it's so nice, the flavour is a sweet earthy with a creamy background, very nice, I can't wait until it's properly finished, Im happy to run this as one of my new regular must have in a jar. I going to try a 3 plant per pot next round see how a short veg more plants works out, I'm trying to maximize my space, this will be
  2. Looking like the king's juice is getting closer to finish, to be honest it looks nice, tight dence nugs ,colour is starting to turn purple slightly, hoping it will purp out more over the next week, it frosty and has a sweet jelly candy smell,
  3. Week 7 and as I suspected the light switch has produced a few nanners on the white strawberry skunk, to be honest I'm happy to have some fem pollen from something that is just fire, I'm keeping a close eye on everything as I will harvest asap a I don't want to have immature seeds in my buds, I will be using tweezers to remove what I can see a storing them for future projects, we still have a little bit to go on the king's Juice, the chemical bride is not far behind, the cheese has got about a month left and I have hit some of the lower buds with the nanners hopefully I will get some nice cream
  4. When it's time for me to purchase some more amendments, I think I will be switching to greenhouse nutrients, well the organic ones. a discount code would help @Jose.gh 😁
  5. They have better stacking than mine, I think I'm just a little bit behind you, topping had stunted growth a bit , looking good bruva
  6. New light = better bud and pictures are stepping up a level
  7. Just got my new led light delivered, 640w 8 bars, 2.7 umol/j, full spectrum, looking forward to hanging it, got to wait until my son comes round to help me lift it over the canopy, it's to much weight for me to lift over the top of plants😁 as I'm a clumsy git I will just wait to be safe 👊
  8. Day 45 and all is well, just gave them a good watering, got to keep them wet while the temperature is high, buds are looking frosty. I think they will be finishing up in about 3-4 weeks can't weight, looking like the king's kush and white strawberry skunk will finish first followed by the chemical bride, then the cheese, that cheese has just started to look like its getting those golf ball buds, it in a relatively small pot to, Peace and love 👊
  9. I can't help but make bars n buds video's 😁 https://www.instagram.com/p/CP4jVctji6enjy3S_ipWUhYBJctqu0u_IZOfUg0/?utm_medium=copy_link https://youtube.com/shorts/S_I8dwXf98g?feature=share
  10. Day 44 of flower , things are going well just managing to cope with the heat, hps and summer is my pain, not for long as I just ordered a new light, hoping to get it today or tomorrow, in the meantime have a butchers over these sticky buds 👊
  11. This sound great bruva Jose.gh, looking forward to hearing from you, these all sound great, looking forward, This is great news for my birthday today 😁
  12. Thank you 😁 I was expecting a little bit more stretch but it has stayed very short and compact I would like to have it another 6 inches above the net, there is a far bit of bud close to the main stem where it was toped , I don't think I will be topping the chem bride next time,
  13. Here comes the heat, temps have crept up to 29c today , took some pictures with labels 😁, as you can see I have got a potassium K deficiency in my kings juice #2 and I have just gave her we all a good feeding of biobizz bloom 3ml per litre also topmax 2ml per litre, and plant magic organic pk boost, 2 ml per litre, I've also applied bactorr 13 from TNC ( the nutrient company). I suspect I was slightly under watering as the feed I gave them got sucked up right away, going to keep me eye on the deficiency and hopefully I got it just in time, Hope you all having a great day, I'm off ou