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  1. I've got the bean popping bug and I'm going to start another chemical bride as I originally wanted two, it would be nice to see if I can get a different pheno, I'm also looking forward to seeing how you run turns out, they are growing like weeds my friend 😂
  2. Just a little update one week into flower and I have just gave them a feed of bio bizz bloom and topmax, 2ml bloom 1ml topmax per litre, I also purchased a strain of Trichoderma called phosphoderma that is a phosphorus producing fungi hoping to see some fat buds, There are preflowers showing and I've just changed the light for a dual spectrum 600w hps, the 400 was just not cutting it, I was looking at my set up and realised that my lighting is in need of some upgrades if I want to fill my space with fat bud to the edges, I've been looking into led but can't afford to shell out £800
  3. Week one of flower, the girls are just looking fresh crisp green, no deficiencies as far as I can see, I think I'm going to have a very productive run😁
  4. Update time, the plants are looking good they are coming along nicely, I've top dressed with a heavier amount of dry amendments with extra gypsum trying to bring my overall ppm up and buffer the pH a little bit better, They have been under 12/12 light for 3 days and hopefully they will stretch soon, done another light defoliation and some lst trying to keep it under the net, When I can afford I will be switching up my feeding to greenhouse seeds bio line, looking forward to trying there nutrients 🙂 Any way my temp are 26c and my humidity is 48/50 keeping them under the 400w m
  5. You need to get the correct spectrum of light and it needs to be between 2 an 6 inches from a CFL bulb 6400k they will stop stretching and you are going to have to support them in the meantime, I can't see them lasting unless you change your light, 30w per square foot for CLF propagation hope that helps,
  6. Not much to report, I have installed one layer of trellis net, this is my first time using a net so learning in the fly, the plants are looking good, I had I issue at the beginning of the week and managed to burn a few leafs with a spray of sulphur, well I think it was the sulphur, I did folier spray with beneficial nematodes, the damage appeared 4 /5 days after the spray I will include pictures of the damage and if I'm wrong somebody else might be able to help diagnose the issue, anyways the new growth seems fine. Temps are 27 Humidity is 55 Until next time 🌬️💨💨💨🤙 Pl
  7. @Hydra thank you kindly, I will label up my next set of pictures so we can all see what is what, I have been looking into jadam, I like the natural living way, it's just a shame that I don't have the space , time or patients to make most of the components I would like, I have found a seller on eBay called Dr Forrest, and he seems to have everything that is required for a good natural farming set-up, the issue is the cost of getting everything, I'm slowly buying bits to add to my endless wish list, There is so much I want but can't afford to buy it all at once, looking forward to do
  8. Little update just some pictures of where we are at, it's my favourite part of the grow, getting the girls in the bed and spreading out limbs for maximum penitration 😂 Probably check back in a week and hopefully I will have my nets in place and ready to flip really soon,
  9. Looks like a bit of damping off, add some cinnamon and let dry out, or use a antifungal seedling treatment, I would just sprinkle with the cinnamon and let dry out, hopefully you can get them back, What is damping off? Damping off is caused by several soil-borne fungi and fungus-like organisms including Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia and Fusarium, which infect seedlings and cause them to ‘damp off’ or collapse and decay. Damping off can affect most seedlings, particularly under conditions of high humidity, poor air circulation and if seed is sown too thickly. It is main
  10. @Jose.gh I have also been looking into cover crop that increases oil and terps in the companion plants, yarrow and basil are both plants suspected to help increase oils in cannabis, in my cover crop I have basil, yarrow, mint, clover, and oregano, I also have just added a layer of barley straw as mulch and trying to get the cover crop to grow through it. I have just defoliated and gave them a nice natural farming soluble sulphur with wetting agent, this will be my new veg IPM spray , bugs and fungus in one, Got to admit this shit stinks and now my House smell's like fart😂
  11. Update, potted up the cheese and it's looking good, the white strawberry skunk has had a fim Tek and now has four tops from one cut ( nice ) when it works, Having a battle with pH and ppm both on the low side , applied lime and gypsum and added more of my dry amendments,
  12. Update time, after trying the fim Tek I ran in to a few issues, 1, I had a moth in my room and it took me a few days to locate it and kill it, by this time it had managed to chomp on a few leafs, I gave the plants a spray of neem and hope that I've sorted that problem, 2nd issue I was seeing strange leaf crumpling curl and weird fade, at first I thought russet or broad mite. Before I got out my microscope I just checked my pH and ppm, well I was 900 on my ppm from a slurry test and my PH was a 5.9 I have just added some lime and a whole bunch of dry amendments hoping to bring things close
  13. Little update all is well in iceni's garden, the girls are growing like weeds 😉 the cheese will stay in this pot for one more week, water only.
  14. Little update, the girls are looking good starting to reach for the light, just plain water,
  15. Just used the F-I-M method to top the girls, it's been a while since I have don't this we will see the results in a few days hoping for double tops, without the long recovery, I think I might have just cut to much , we will see, Temp is 25c and humidity is 50
  16. Got my big pots clear yesterday and I have just potted up into 30 gallon fabric pots with living soil and under a 400w metal halide, I will be given them another couple of nodes before I start my training, I will be using the F-I-M technique (fuck I missed) to top and I want to take some clones to see how they respond, in all we are looking good, apart from a small little bit of damage to on plant as I'm so clumsy I managed to drop my light and flatten on plant, I think it will bounce back and thank me for the extra stress 😂
  17. Cant wait until the laws change here, as soon as they do I will also be growing some trees, I love t mendodope , weednerds, I watched Minnesota nice from the mendo team and I was hooked on living soil ever since. Here is a cool informative video, lasagna tek https://youtu.be/2XKIgfNpyr8
  18. Starting another cheese this time I've gone straight to soil, the white strawberry skunk is looking strong also,