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  1. Day 59 and done, the two velvet moons have finished on time, two different pheno types , one has smaller round nugs and the othe has the classic triangular shape, one has purple the other dose not, the one without the purple has a nice berry / fruit smell, and the other one don't smell much like anything, slight sugar smell well sugar don't smell much, looking forward to smoking them both for sure, I will come back with a dry update and a smoke report, until then good growing friends 😁
  2. Day 51, velvet moons starting to get a nice fade happening and I don't think it will be much more than a week two at a push, my temps have come down a bit for the night time getting down to 19c would like it to be 17 but it's going in the right direction at least, hope it will help out with the colours 😁
  3. Just had to come on and say, these velvet moons are looking amazing, I entered a couple of pictures into a competition, and came second place, Goes to show how good these girls look, Here is a IG link to the competition and you can look at the competition 😜 https://www.instagram.com/p/CUOstpmLyhY/?utm_medium=copy_link Holy Shit reaction bottom link https://www.instagram.com/p/CUc7B8FgNqRgBElMsX1AUCiIGNAlmQh0gAzSWY0/?utm_medium=copy_link
  4. To be honest Jose there are a lot of trichomes but so far lacking in terps, Im a firm believer that if you have a abundance of springtails that's a really good sign that there is a lot of organic matter being broken down, the plants and microbes worms and everything else is hungry, I have noticed I've had to step up my top dressing to keep the ppm from dropping, I have been light topdressing every week and gone through a whole pack of the greenhouse feeding bio bloom, my plants love it, my ppm in one week will go from 2000 down to about 800 , going to chuck a lot of the bio gro in and heavy co
  5. Day 40 and the velvet moon got light stress test last night, I had a issue with my timer and the far red light remained on the whole dark period, we shall see what the outcome will be, keeping a close eye for balls and nanners, personally I don't think there will be to much of a issue, well it's a good test anyways 🤙 In the pictures you can see rings on the stem from the stretch, I've not seen this before, you can run your fingers over and feel the bumps ,
  6. Day 39 flower got a little bit of light bleach and tip burn on one of the velvet moon, they seem to stretch lots. Might be my issue because of light distance when growing tall and short together, getting the balance is tricky I now have a few plants in various different stages and pots, all plants looking healthy, Temperature 27c Humidity 60%
  7. Day 71 Chemical Bride, and I have chopped the plant that has the bright orange hairs, this was the plant affected by the light leak and threw out a couple of nanners, I let it run and it's just thrown another bunch of nanners so made my decision to pull it, I'm tempted to leave the other one until I see some fade,
  8. Girls are looking great, we have high temp at 30c and 60 humidity dimmed down my light to about 400w during the hot spell, got a bit of leaf margins curling, looking frosty and looking pretty 😁 greenhouse feeding smashing it 👊
  9. These girls look great I have to share how well they are looking, might have two pheno's , one looks like straight up close bud formation , the other is reaching out with a couple of branches, time will tell how different they are, I just wanted to show them off lol😜
  10. Day 19 flower, theses girls definitely had a good stretch, think they have finished the stretch and looking pretty, nice thick green stem's. Temps are 27c humidity is floating around 55-60. Looking forward to starting the next one's that I have topped 😁
  11. Day 63 on the chemical bride , just checking the trichomes now . Not seeing much colour, I have been struggling to get some cold air at night, my low temperature at night has been 23c I would like to get the temperature down to 17c to help with the colours, I might go and defoliate, take off all the big leaf's and see if I can encourage a bit more fade. In all I'm impressed with how the two plants in one pot turned out, 😁🌬️💨🔥
  12. They are both chemical bride, the one with the orange hairs red looking one stressed out with a light leak, i have found the plant with the bright orange hair is lacking in terps and I suspect that it's making a whole lot of seeds, I will try to run this plant until I see the seed fully formed, I hope I answered your question, was not sure what it was you were asking, 😊
  13. That is some nice pictures there, I like how you have taken them with the perspective it looks cool. Make me want a better camera 😁
  14. Looking great bruva, I found that using the humidifier at night was bad , I only run the humidifier with my lights on, I got a little bit of rust fungus and had to leaf strip, there is a big humidity spike when the lights go off,
  15. I had one Herm, it only had one male flower appear, as soon as I saw it I just pulled it, I thaught it was my fault as I did have a light leak and it was in a small pot, all my other Chemical Bride have been flawless, I also grow under led and no issues with that,
  16. Day 58 Chemical Bride, looking like we might get some nice swelling on the plant without as many orange hairs, she sure is sticky 🤏