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  1. 5 hours ago, Jose.gh said:

    Wow, those buds full of trichomes are great, great job my friend. Looks like I can smell it from here :D

    To be honest Jose there are a lot of trichomes but so far lacking in terps, Im a firm believer that if you have a abundance of springtails that's a really good sign that there is a lot of organic matter being broken down, the plants and microbes worms and everything else is hungry, I have noticed I've had to step up my top dressing to keep the ppm from dropping, I have been light topdressing every week and gone through a whole pack of the greenhouse feeding bio bloom, my plants love it, my ppm in one week will go from 2000 down to about 800 , going to chuck a lot of the bio gro in and heavy cover crop try to get long lasting nutrition in my soil,


  2. Day 40 and the velvet moon got light stress test last night, I had a issue with my timer and the far red light remained on the whole dark period, we shall see what the outcome will be, keeping a close eye for balls and nanners, personally I don't think there will be to much of a issue, well it's a good test anyways 🤙 

    In the pictures you can see rings on the stem from the stretch, I've not seen this before, you can run your fingers over and feel the bumps , 










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  3. Day 39 flower got a little bit of light bleach and tip burn on one of the velvet moon, they seem to stretch lots. Might be my issue because of light distance when growing tall and short together, getting the balance is tricky

    I now have a few plants in various different stages and pots, all plants looking healthy, 

    Temperature 27c 

    Humidity 60% 












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  4. Day 63 on the chemical bride , just checking the trichomes now . Not seeing much colour, I have been struggling to get some cold air at night, my low temperature at night has been 23c I would like to get the temperature down to 17c to help with the colours, I might go and defoliate, take off all the big leaf's and see if I can encourage a bit more fade. In all I'm impressed with how the two plants in one pot turned out, 😁🌬️💨🔥




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  5. 23 hours ago, Godess_T said:

    Hi Bro, 

    Very nice views 😜 

    which is red, that of the variety?

    Peace ☮️

    They are both chemical bride, the one with the orange hairs red looking one stressed out with a light leak, i have found the plant with the bright orange hair is lacking in terps and I suspect that it's making a whole lot of seeds, I will try to run this plant until I see the seed fully formed, 

    I hope I answered your question, was not sure what it was you were asking, 😊

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  6. On 8/22/2021 at 8:55 PM, gasmeter said:

    Time for a progress update on the 3 Chemical Bride girls at the end of week 3 and the start of week 4 of flowering.

    Last Monday 16th of August the dirt in the root pouches was dry so I mixed 3ml per litre bloom feed and I mixed up 8 litres of the feed solution and then I gave each plant 2 litres of the feed solution.

    On Thursday the 19th August the dirt in the root pouches was dry and they felt light so I gave each plant 2 litres of water.

    This afternoon the dirt in the root pouch of the tallest Chemical Bride and the Green House Cheese was dry and both plants felt nice and light so I mixed 3ml per litre bloom feed and 1ml per litre of PK 4-8 I mixed 4 litres of the solution and gave each plant 2 litres.

    Here are some images of the plants that I took earlier today.

    All of the Chemical Bride girls and the GH Cheese in the grow tent under the LED.


    All of the Chemical Bride girls in normal light side view.


    All of the Chemical Bride girls in normal light top view.


    Chemical Bride bud 😍






    The other 2 Chemical Bride plants look like they will be ready to feed and water either tomorrow or Tuesday.

    This afternoon I also put the dehumidifier in the grow tent and set it to 45% humidity and the put black tape over the little LED's on the front of the dehumidifier so there is no light contamination during the dark period when the LED is off at night.

    I am well pleased with the girls progress so far there should be a good yield from this run.

    Happy growing... 👍

    Looking great bruva, I found that using the humidifier at night was bad , I only run the humidifier with my lights on, I got a little bit of rust fungus and had to leaf strip, there is a big humidity spike when the lights go off, 

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  7. 6 hours ago, Stranglethorns said:


    Hi team Bad news or very bad news  @Jose.gh  ?

    Tell me, would you have any feedback on potential hermaphroditism of chemical bride under LED? 
    I found this in the bottom of the plants, it is not very reassuring 

    That in the bottom of the plants strangely


    They seem to be in perfect health, I didn't do any defoliation, just some supercroping, trellising, it's really bad luck. I removed what I had in front of me at first; I will have to watch them closely 



    I had one Herm, it only had one male flower appear, as soon as I saw it I just pulled it, I thaught it was my fault as I did have a light leak and it was in a small pot, all my other Chemical Bride have been flawless, I also grow under led and no issues with that, 

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  8. Chopped the king's juice at day 50, it finished quick, not sure if the nanners that the chemical bride chucked out made the plants start to finish, the grow could have been speeder because I have been using 730mn Emerson effect and giving them 15 mins of far red at lights of, I have also been adding UV with 3 different UV chips from invisible sun, anyways I like how fast these girls running, one chemical bride is close to Finishing up to, I'm going to be stripping a few leaf's and adding some cold to speed up Finnish and hopefully get some nice colour, the king's juice is really sour orange and the chemical bride, one is sweet candy and the other is slightly different with a banana terp, we are at day 53 












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