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Iceni organics

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  1. Day 45 and all is well, just gave them a good watering, got to keep them wet while the temperature is high, buds are looking frosty. 

    I think they will be finishing up in about 3-4 weeks can't weight, looking like the king's kush and white strawberry skunk will finish first followed by the chemical bride, then the cheese, that cheese has just started to look like its getting those golf ball buds, it in a relatively small pot to,

    Peace and love 👊





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  2. 1 hour ago, Djiny said:

    Hope you enjoy tomorrow. ;) have a great Day. These plants looking happy.  

    Thank you 😁


    12 minutes ago, Hydra said:

    Looks like you got a chemdog dominant chemical bride :)

    I was expecting a little bit more stretch but it has stayed very short and compact I would like to have it another 6 inches above the net, there is a far bit of bud close to the main stem where it was toped , I don't think I will be topping the chem bride next time, 

  3. Here comes the heat, temps have crept up to 29c today , took some pictures with labels 😁, as you can see I have got a potassium K deficiency in my kings juice #2 and I have just gave her we all a good feeding of biobizz bloom 3ml per litre also topmax 2ml per litre, and plant magic organic pk boost, 2 ml per litre, I've also applied bactorr 13 from TNC ( the nutrient company).

    I suspect I was slightly under watering as the feed I gave them got sucked up right away, going to keep me eye on the deficiency and hopefully I got it just in time, 

    Hope you all having a great day, I'm off outside to claim my garden back from the weeds, get ready for a BBQ as it's my bornday tomorrow, and looking forward to spending quality time with my clan 👊





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  4. 1 hour ago, Jose.gh said:

    The truth is that the selection of genetics that you are growing are, in my opinion, excellent. I also love the sweet smells and flavors, candy, chewing gum, strawberry.... Maybe not so much the cheese, but being so different, I appreciate it very much every time I can smoke it.

    I hope Kings Juice tastes as good as it smells!!! I think I can smell those buds in the pics from here, they really look great! Thanks for sharing! :drinks:

    Im happy to be growing greenhouse seed company and strain hunters genetics as I have always been happy with my results, I'm especially excited about my next run, this was my first time with the net and not much prep, I'm hoping to get my next round of to a flying start,

    3 x Chemical Bride

    3 x cheese 

    1 x kings juice

    2 x white strawberry skunk

    Short veg 2 plants per pot top once get the net lower and I must address my ph as I'm suspecting that I'm still running a bit low. I haven't checked it for a while and I suspect I have I little bit of pH lockout in at least one of my pots, 

    Once I get my last few issues dialed in I hope that I will see a improvement in my yields 😁

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  5. Things are looking good, first two nug pics are white strawberry skunk, next is cheese, then chemical bride, and kings juice last, 

    After having a rub, I can say the king's juice is smelling like a bag of jelly harribo starmix, 

    The chemical bride has a bubble gum smell about it, I like bubble gum so that's a winner, also I've noticed that this one is really sticky and resinous, I think this one will be a very strong high,

    The white strawberry skunk is just dank skunk with the creamy strawberry depth that I can't wait to make my friends jealous, 

    And the cheese well what else can it smell like but cheese👊 I love cheese so much I would make it my daily,

    That's one moon cycle in flowering plants are looking happy and I'm pleased so far, think I have got my next round in mind and going to be doubling up with 2 plants per 30g pot, I want to have my next run ready to go straight in as soon as I chop, and only one to two weeks veg in final pots😁

    Until next time bruvas and sistas 🤜💜🤛










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  6. 8 hours ago, Jose.gh said:

    Those buds look great my friend, I'm sure the nutrients you recently added are doing a good job. Looking forward to see how they fatten up on the net, good job, thanks for sharing! 

    Thank you bruva, I'm looking forward to this run and the next one even more as I gradually get my set up dialed in, 

    I hope I get some fat buds, so I can stop running out, my problem is that I can't produce enough to keep myself from having to purchase from the street, I have just about had my limit of stardawg lol, 

    I've just engaged with a few Chinese led manufacturers trying to get a deal on a light set up in exchange for some promotion and advertising, the initial response seem ok, I think I might have to work on my subscribers and followers and see if I can get my room kitted out, and if it's free bonus, 

    Untill next time I hope everyone has a blessed day, 👊

  7. I finally have a great picture of the chemical bride nugs they are now starting to look frosty, slightly smaller than the king's juice, got a nice smell, I think I might like it more that the king's juice,

    Based on the smell I've popped another 3 chemical bride and another king's Juice, 

    Also a random auto flower for a window sill test grow, 

    I'm currently in the dry down stage and with my big pots this could be another week I have not watered for over a week,

    Added a fresh batch of preditory mites, I added swirskii mites hoping to get the last remaining thrips that have been lurking, also stocked up my worm bin with mites,

    Just started playing with a strain of Trichoderma called phosphoderma and have been growing it on a pasteurised Coco coir gypsum and vermiculite mix.

    I have just started the new batch of beans in this mix I have made hopefully I will see massive improvement as I've totally concentrated on the Trichoderma and getting my seeds of to the races, we will see if this is going to work, I'm confident that this is the best way forward starting seeds in my own made strain specific Trichoderma, seed to soil

    First pic is the chemical bride









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  8. On 5/8/2021 at 6:27 PM, Hydra said:

    I couldn't find a water tray big enough so I had to use a kiddy pool 20210508_112534.thumb.jpg.58c2b0000a268b014cc63996ba2a7687.jpg

    Also growing bishop crown pepper plants 

    Looking forward to this window grow, I have just started a random auto flower to do on my window sill, a natural sun tester, I'm only in a small plastic pot as I need to keep it as stealth as possible, I have also just ordered me some purple flash pepper seeds to keep all my preditory mites happy and give them a alternative food source, 

    I think your 50 gal will be a monster

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  9. On 5/14/2021 at 5:06 PM, Streetstrainsuk said:

    @Hydra that’s interesting so where in the world are you located? I’m in the uk. 
    so it’s totally illegal, I’m taking a bit of a risk but for some reason something inside me is telling me I need to be doing this. It’s like I’m being called to it from God. 
    I’ve never received such strong signs of direction like I’m getting now. 
    this is way more than just growing for me and I’m so grateful for the offer of your knowledge, I will certainly take you up on that offer and will pick your brains at some point I’m sure. I’ve just bought 6 little veggie pots for my new project/journal. 
    This one will be much better (I hope) 

    Yes bruva, that was my argument in court, no man made rules can come between me and the creator, mother nature can't be wrong 

    Looking forward to seeing your progress👊

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