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  1. Just about finished up on these velvet moons, this last one has the most purple/black I have seen out of the 8 , this one also has that exodus cheese sweet flavour she is frosting up nice and fading nice to 🤙🌬️💨🔥
  2. Day 35 update, and these kings juice are looking and smelling amazing, I'm especially pleased because I have a red pheno and I have a thing for red head 😂 the red pheno has a red berry terp and smells like haribo starmix jelly sweets, the green pheno is orange throughout and is the most frosty girl I've seed for a while she is loaded with bling, Until next time PEACE 🤙🌬️💨🔥
  3. King's juice starting to show red colour and looking amazing, Green House Feeding is awesome 🔥🌬️💨
  4. I think these pots are half a liter I will pot up one time before I put them in my final pots, I like to start in small pots so you can see how much roots you have, I also like to let them get root bound just a little , I will apply TNC mycormax directly onto roots during potting up 😁
  5. GH AMNESIA X 8 germination day, starting with biobizz light mix soil, amended with a bit of GHF bio grow, gypsum, extra perlite, and TNC mycormax, and ecothrive charge, watered in with GHF enhancer
  6. Day 22 of flower, I've been battling thrips on the lowermost branches and I've ordered some nematodes to deal with them, I got annoyed with looking at the damage on my bottom 😜 so I've decided to chop of all the lowers and composting them, I should have the nematodes tomorrow so I should be able to knock back or get rid of them, with that said the plants don't seem bothered by them and the look healthy, 🔥🌬️💨
  7. Thanks for sharing brother 🌬️💨
  8. Looking forward to seeing it brother, thanks for sharing 🌬️💨
  9. Some beautiful plants, I love these kings juice, these two from seed have vigour that I would like to see in all my plants, these girls haven stoped, constant reach for the most high, I'm excited to taste these super stinky orange buds😁🔥🌬️💨
  10. Starting to colour nicely, also a nice fade, looking forward to seeing the finished flowers, sorry for the sideways shots , for some reason unknown to me a 64mp photo uploads sideways 😂
  11. Tester's , as soon as you are getting close to the finish with your current pack of seeds can you let me know what you would like to run next time, If you contact me via email or message with what you would like next and provide the shipping address so I can ask the office to send out your requirement. I'm looking forward to working with you all. Peace and love Iceni
  12. Day 25 of flower. They are all looking amazing, strong vigorous growth from the seeds, the clone are now starting to fatten up also,
  13. I have been in contact with the office and I have been told as such. He can no longer do his job due to unfortunate circumstances. If you need help message me, I'm going to be helping out with the forum, iceni 🤙🌬️💨
  14. Hello Doniusz77 , glad to see you 🤙
  15. As it turn out Jose is no longer working at green House Seed Company , if you need any help customer service are very helpful, https://support.greenhouse.tm/support/solutions
  16. Picture drop of various different stages of flower , different size pots , just getting them tested. So far out of ten I had two that just put out really nice but small nugs and with a proper selection you can definitely find a keeper or two,