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  1. Thank you greenhouse seeds for this opportunity to test the new genetics I have got the new genetics today, I received kings Juice and chemical poison, I'm looking forward to growing these two strain's, I'm soaking the seeds overnight and I hope to see them ready for soil by the full moon, My set up is indoor and I'm running living soil in 30 gallon fabric pots X 4 I will be germinating In solo cups under t8 daylight tubes, then moving on to 400w MH for veg, 600 hps for flower, The plan is to scrog this time and get a nice even canopy, I'm also going to be trying sip
  2. The only issue I have is keeping it at the right moisture content, I have blue mat meter but it's hard to maintain, I'm currently hand watering, I have got a blumat water system but I'm hesitant to install it, I think it will be the last thing I will attempt..
  3. Yes I do need a better approach , I'm finnising this up and having a re think about space I'm going to be installing a trellis net and going to scrog, I'm also going to be raising the pots of the ground onto pallets, I have only just got back into growing again and I'm still learning every day, I will be starting seeds and taking cuttings to go into my big pot, I plan to get a second place where I can grow clowns and just get into a proper rotation,
  4. My run I'm just finishing up, was auto gelato 41 from seed stockers, I ran 4 and and got 3 pheno types , trichome watching, the tall one has started to turn purple in the last two weeks , it's also a 6ft monster compared to the other 3 that are only about 3-4 foot tall
  5. This will be my first grow report and I'm not great with technology so I'm learning on the fly how to post stuff, I'm running four 30g fabric pots indoors under 400 metal halide veg and 600 hps flowering, in living soil, Made my own soil consisting of : 30% Irish peat moss 30% 1 inch lava rocks 20% worm castings 20% finished compost 1kg of Tiger worms, My amendments I purchased a ready made coots mix, details below Dr Forest’s Premium Fertiliser is the blend that I use on my garden. It’s an adaption of a recipe from a organic grower in America, wh
  6. Hi everyone, looking forward to taking part in the community and can't wait to get started on lots of projects I have planned for this year, going to be growing the dank in some living soil, I'm just on my second rotation of my young garden , had lots of fun setting thing up and learning all the time, just getting to the stage where I'm rocking the living soil system indoors, 🥑💨👊
  7. Growing in living soil 30gallon smart pots. Currently growing auto gelato 41 and now popping greenhouse cheese and your Wite strawberry skunk, I would love to try / test some of your new strain's , I'm willing to submit full grow reports and videos