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  1. Thank you all for watching along. And thank you Greenhouse for setting up this competition and sharing your genetics and nutrients. Much love
  2. Hello Im sorry for my hiatus again :D The Chemical Bride came down at day 52 and yielded 550gr, together with the Blueberry OG that yielded 180gr. So 680gr total out of 750W light, so not really bussin, but fine yield :) and the smoke is very good. Very terpy, chemical and fuel like smells - some of my favourite smells actually. So im sad i didnt keep any for revegging. Ill upload some pictures of the flower later and show you the progress on next run. This next run is 7x Blueberry OG in 25L fabric Gronest pots, but an organic dry amendment test between greenhouse bio powder feed,
  3. I am happy to hear I am not alone Maybe this strain is a bit delicate - this week i underwatered it tho... so i am really making a lot of mistakes this run... But sunday will be another cycle ready i have more hopes for Ye i totally agree Next run will be 4 cuttings from same mother and 2 cuttings from different strains - i was hoping for totally monocrop of 6 cuttings, but messed up and only got 4 ready - really messed up the grow this last week Thanks for the interest This is week 7 (day 49) I will run them maximum one more week as i have really mes
  4. Missed my sunday deadline again :D This is beginning week 7 (day 44). The yellowing is still continuing hard and now also droopy leaves (please chime in if you see it as over or under watering). I am confused as to why, because they seem to continue this eventhough i give them water or not. I am starting to think they just grow too big and fast early on and need more nutrients given week 2 or 3. Combined with growing in bigger pots (i am going to get 25L gronest pots as i cant really go bigger in my small space). But interestingly there is one in the left back corner that has very indica h
  5. Hello First of sorry for missing last weeks post week 4 (day 28). This is week 5 (day 35). They started eating themselves hard in week 5 so they are much more yellow then i would like for this time in flowering. But i think it might actually be climate related as the one in the front is the most yellow (with abit cooler temps and higher ventilation from being the door opening). Or over watering (this is my second run in organics indoor and i have gotten too used to the frequent waterings with conventional/salt nutrients. But of course it is the one in the front so you see it the most
  6. Thank you :) and thank you very much for the heads up i will keep my eyes open - but that is one of the big draw backs of having the lights this close, because i cannot check the back too well :D But you will see iam having troubles of my own with this strain :D
  7. Those are some nice flowers, proper spears Spider mites are hell i always struggle with them during the summer But defintely that will be a nice harvest
  8. Here we are 3 weeks into flowering (day 21) I did two small defoliations this week and man has it developed a nice smell. Totally sweet, chemical and diesel/fuel-y smelling. Flowers are developing nicely. I still havent got around to give them a mulch layer, but they seem fine. I had the dehumidifier fail the last two days and i saw growth slowed from it. Humidity went into 70's during lights off 40-60%RH 23-30C Uh and i changed the two Blueberry OGs in the middle to two smaller Blueberry OGs, because the first were getting too big - therefore the middle is must more open thi
  9. Growth is good here 2weeks into flowering :) iam regretting i put two big blueberry OGs in there and probably will move them, but for now they are there and i would like to show you how this week went. I did a defoliation this week and will probably do another this coming week. Humidity in the 60s (my dehumidifier (running during lights off) is giving some problems and full disclosure i did get some leaf burn :D but it is due to the dehumidifier blowing hot air directly on the leaves). Temp 30C during lights on, 24C off. Thank you Greenhouse for the fertilizer and genetics to test, it lo
  10. Haha no i havent i think bruce bugbee said it best with his analogy: if your tires blow on your car on the race track you dont blame the motor for going to fast. This run iam running the lights at 100% (750W) because the summer heat is off so lets grill these girls :D I forgot to post pictures sunday sorry. Here they are first week of flowering (7 days since flip). Temps 30C(25C) Humidity 55%(50%) Pure vermicompost and a bit of horse manure mixed with 4gr/L Bio Bloom. Sprayed with AACT and fed sometimes with Bio Enhancer, FAA, FPJ and CE (at 1:1000)
  11. Okay here we finally go. The play button has been pushed and these Chemical Bride girls have moved to the flowering room :D These are pictures from first day of flowering (flip to 12/12). Firs time running this strain. I hope they fill the net, but not too crowded. Some stats: Temps 29C(24C) Humidity 60%(55%) Pure vermicompost and a bit of horse manure mixed with 4gr/L Bio Bloom. Sprayed with AACT and fed sometimes with Bio Enhancer, FAA and CE. I also attached some photos of the Blueberry OG last week in flowering also grown with bio bloom, bio enhancer, but with insect fras
  12. I am really hesitant to show you how i am abusing these girls Now the shelf they were standing on collapsed and they all fell down. Some got beat really bad and some look alright. So uhm.. yea iam sorry girls. I will take some cuttings and move what is left of the motherplants and cuttings to an improvised indoor room. They will stay there for 4-5 weeks and then moved to the emptied and cleaned out flower room. I hope to make one or two more updates before flowering and then weekly updates. Cheers and good luck your guys competition, i think you are in the lead I have attached s
  13. I have way to bad time to keep this beautiful strain 100% happy. I am so sorry i cant give them what they deserve right now, but it is difficult for me to find the place for all these beautiful plants Photos are from day 28 of veg. Just after Sunday so the leaves are drooping a little. They are just chilling in a small greenhouse with chalked walls letting in some diffused light, but clear top to let in some direct sun light. They will chill there until the flower room is empty. Maybe i will make some selections. I also made a mistake and missed a watering and interestingly it show up as s
  14. I must have been really tired last night i totally forgot to say iam only gonna keep 6 plants to flowering. One got a very weird mutation where the second leaf if grown together with the third leaf and the top is deformed and titled to one side as a result. Maybe it is fine and will grow out of it, but i dont want to keep anything with mutations like that and iam scared the flower will have some strange deformations also. Anyways i think the remaining six look really healthy eventhough they are drooping from my mistake. I just topped and will take them out to be transplanted now
  15. Hello This is week 2 of veg (iam a bit late with the update, so actually it is day 17 of veg, but nvm ) The too dry medium is kicking my ass now the plant are getting bigger, so i will be repotting them tomorrow (in the photo the leaves are quite droopy ) They are in 1L pots fed with greenhouse seeds biobloom, bioenhance, and neem meal and bug meal/frass. I have made the flowering room ready for some blueberry OG, so these chemical brides will probably go in after that (around 8weeks) actually iam hoping to setup another tent before that , but in the mean time will be kept outdoors