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  1. Haha no i havent i think bruce bugbee said it best with his analogy: if your tires blow on your car on the race track you dont blame the motor for going to fast. This run iam running the lights at 100% (750W) because the summer heat is off so lets grill these girls :D I forgot to post pictures sunday sorry. Here they are first week of flowering (7 days since flip). Temps 30C(25C) Humidity 55%(50%) Pure vermicompost and a bit of horse manure mixed with 4gr/L Bio Bloom. Sprayed with AACT and fed sometimes with Bio Enhancer, FAA, FPJ and CE (at 1:1000)
  2. Okay here we finally go. The play button has been pushed and these Chemical Bride girls have moved to the flowering room :D These are pictures from first day of flowering (flip to 12/12). Firs time running this strain. I hope they fill the net, but not too crowded. Some stats: Temps 29C(24C) Humidity 60%(55%) Pure vermicompost and a bit of horse manure mixed with 4gr/L Bio Bloom. Sprayed with AACT and fed sometimes with Bio Enhancer, FAA and CE. I also attached some photos of the Blueberry OG last week in flowering also grown with bio bloom, bio enhancer, but with insect fras
  3. I am really hesitant to show you how i am abusing these girls Now the shelf they were standing on collapsed and they all fell down. Some got beat really bad and some look alright. So uhm.. yea iam sorry girls. I will take some cuttings and move what is left of the motherplants and cuttings to an improvised indoor room. They will stay there for 4-5 weeks and then moved to the emptied and cleaned out flower room. I hope to make one or two more updates before flowering and then weekly updates. Cheers and good luck your guys competition, i think you are in the lead I have attached s
  4. I have way to bad time to keep this beautiful strain 100% happy. I am so sorry i cant give them what they deserve right now, but it is difficult for me to find the place for all these beautiful plants Photos are from day 28 of veg. Just after Sunday so the leaves are drooping a little. They are just chilling in a small greenhouse with chalked walls letting in some diffused light, but clear top to let in some direct sun light. They will chill there until the flower room is empty. Maybe i will make some selections. I also made a mistake and missed a watering and interestingly it show up as s
  5. I must have been really tired last night i totally forgot to say iam only gonna keep 6 plants to flowering. One got a very weird mutation where the second leaf if grown together with the third leaf and the top is deformed and titled to one side as a result. Maybe it is fine and will grow out of it, but i dont want to keep anything with mutations like that and iam scared the flower will have some strange deformations also. Anyways i think the remaining six look really healthy eventhough they are drooping from my mistake. I just topped and will take them out to be transplanted now
  6. Hello This is week 2 of veg (iam a bit late with the update, so actually it is day 17 of veg, but nvm ) The too dry medium is kicking my ass now the plant are getting bigger, so i will be repotting them tomorrow (in the photo the leaves are quite droopy ) They are in 1L pots fed with greenhouse seeds biobloom, bioenhance, and neem meal and bug meal/frass. I have made the flowering room ready for some blueberry OG, so these chemical brides will probably go in after that (around 8weeks) actually iam hoping to setup another tent before that , but in the mean time will be kept outdoors
  7. Really got a beautiful fade this last week with no fertilizers Iam pulling the plug on this one, maybe a few days or one week early, but i think the buds are still nice. At least i will be able to start flowering a monocrop of Blueberry OG faster Im gonna try and reveg one phenotype of each Purple Punch (beautiful color) and Pineapple Express #2 (big yield). So this is it, in two weeks i hope to a harvest post with yield and bud shots. Thanks guys, i enjoy this forum alot more then others Sorry iam a bit late with updating my Chemical Bride - second week and i already failed the up
  8. Holy smokes that is amazing growth That hydro stuff sure works wonders I think you should defoliate alittle and open up the bottom tho
  9. Hello Iam also trying out the Chemical Bride with the bio powder from GHSC. This is first week veg, Admittedly i mixed the soil with a bit too much aeration and the humidity in the veg room is too low, so the leaves are quite small. They are right now in 1L square plastic pots with homemade vermicompost, vermiculite and sand amended with 1,5gr BioGrow, 2gr neem meal and 2gr bug fertilizer (2,5-1,5-2) and watered with a bit of BioEnhancer Under a DIY quantum board at 45W with 4000K spectrum. It is another Blueberry OG together with them in veg I think iam g
  10. Hello Now we are at week 7 since start of flowering (12/12). Now only the Purple Punch and Pineapple Express #2 left. The phenotypes are becoming really obvious, and to me they dont even seem the same strain - such a huge variety. For now it is difficult to get pictures of the buds as the room is totally filled in. Anyways when i harvest next week or the week after that i will show the all and individuals under the light - hopefully they put on a lot of weight and color in this last week or two. They are under the VanQ GLMX720 LED run at 80% (680W) Humidity in the 50-60% range and da
  11. Hello Now we are at week 6 (day 42) since start of flowering (12/12). Blueberry OG has therefore been harvested, and the Purple Punch and Pineapple Express #2 is probably gonna be 3weeks more. The Blueberry OG was harvested early because i had two nights with 85% RH before i could get a dehumidifier, Anyways the rest of the plants looks fine and will be fire harvest in a few weeks. The crazy wet and hot summer combined with the dehumidifier is really heating the rooms tho A bit stressed this week i am sorry, next week i will make a better update with some nice bud shots hopefully.
  12. Hello Now we are at week 5 since start of flowering (12/12). Blueberry OG is great, it might only be 2weeks more (i have stopped feeding) and the Purple Punch and Pineapple Express #2 is probably 4weeks more, maybe one or two phenotypes abit earlier. Time to feed abit of molasses - tho i believe the effect is minimal in an conventional grow like this compared to an organic with many microorganisms. They are under the VanQ GLMX720 LED run at 80% (680W) Humidity in the 60-70% range and day temps around 29C and night 21C. (the weather has been fluctuating like crazy lately) I
  13. i dont like bio-bizz fertilizers too much and also iam looking for a cheaper alternative for their soil, but soon my vermicompost is up and running and i will go full living soil and organic ammendments - probably greenhouse's bio powder line and test against biobizz premix and florganics Yea i like the lamps real close and dimmed to save power and i also have space for another flower room on top vertical style Thanks for the interest
  14. Hello Now we are at week 4 since start of flowering (12/12). Same ole same ole Blueberry OG still awesome, but finally the rest have started flowering and showing some phenotypes - quite chuffed about the dark purple one. Now just time for some swelling of the buds - what do you guys use to fill in the buds? They are under the VanQ GLMX720 LED run at 80% (680W) Humidity in the 60-70% range and day temps around 30C and night 23C. (heat wave and heavy rains - the ventilation cannot keep up - yikes) In biobizz light mix in fabric pots. Fed greenhouse powder feed short
  15. Hello Now we are at week 3 since start of flowering (12/12). So still the Blueberry OG is kicking ass and the Purple and Pineapple Express #2 are behind, but have finally started flowering and the stretch is finished i believed. They will be 5-8weeks longer in flowering for a total of 8-11weeks flowering. Now just time to gain some weight They are under the VanQ GLMX720 LED run at 80% (680W) Humidity in the 50-60% range and day temps around 29C and night 21C. In biobizz light mix in fabric pots. Fed greenhouse powder feed short flowering, PK booster, Silicate powder