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  1. The pictures are of Blueberry OG and Critical Gorilla I love Blueberry OG But I will make a post and name the new Strains Iam trying there :). Thanks for the interest
  2. Beautiful colors and frosty Sorry if Iam offending or assuming something, but are they abit hot or overfed with the curl and yellow tips ?
  3. I have had to add MgSO4 and CaSO4 to the powder feed also. I wonder why they don't add extra calcium and Sulphur
  4. High Iam Grow Tester and have been growing for a long time, but will now invest more time in grow testing I see this forum has developed nicely and will be happy to share my experiences as we go Thank you for having me and I hope we will talk more I will be creating a 120x120 Grow room from scratch and hope to share everything and the seed to harvest process, so follow along Here are some links to social media I have set up currently. It is my first time trying this stuff so bear over with me https://www.linkedin.com/in/vanq-led-growlights-grow-tester-768524