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  1. Hello Now we are at week 3 since start of flowering (12/12). So still the Blueberry OG is kicking ass and the Purple and Pineapple Express #2 are behind, but have finally started flowering and the stretch is finished i believed. They will be 5-8weeks longer in flowering for a total of 8-11weeks flowering. Now just time to gain some weight They are under the VanQ GLMX720 LED run at 80% (680W) Humidity in the 50-60% range and day temps around 29C and night 21C. In biobizz light mix in fabric pots. Fed greenhouse powder feed short flowering, PK booster, Silicate powder
  2. Hello Now we are at week 2 since start of flowering (12/12). For some strange reason the Purple Punch and Pineapple Express #2 from seeds are flowering very slowly and have now just begun showing flowers after 2 weeks of 12/12, but the Blueberry OG from motherplant is flowering beautifully. This might be because i know the Blueberry OG much better and can cater to its needs better. Or there is some truth to photoperiods flowering is affected by the age of the plant - will be interesting to make a "mono-crop" run with cuttings from one of these individuals in the future. They were defo
  3. Hello Jose Cool thank you
  4. Hello again I forgot to mention there was a catastrophic fan failure and that is why the leaves looked so damaged on the last photos. Now 7 days into flowering leaves are looking a lot better and they doubled in size Some people might think the setup is something strange. But the grow is too keep height minimized to make a vertical grow. And that should be possible with a SCROG and/or early flowering. The light is almost impossible to overdo with good ventilation to bring in fresh CO2, so as long as temperature and humidity is kept everything should be fine. Any questions or discu
  5. Hello again Alittle progress now a week later (day 21 of veg). They have been topped and defoliated and flipped to flowering. They are under the VanQ GLMX720 LED run at 60%. In biobizz light mix in fabric pots. Fed greenhouse powder feed
  6. Hello Sorry for the stupid question, but how do I make anavatar? I keep getting errors TIA
  7. Hello folks I have grown for around 14years starting with the HPS and last few years has been with quantum boards with the LM301h.Iam now testing a bunch of new stuff and would love to hear if you guys have any mthing you want to see tested I have made a new grow room and got a beautiful light to fully cover the growing space and give a perfectly even ppfd for optimum SCROG canopy. The light is dimmable and at 100% runs at 750w, but in this room will be run 30-60%. The room is a small hobby 110cm x
  8. The pictures are of Blueberry OG and Critical Gorilla I love Blueberry OG But I will make a post and name the new Strains Iam trying there :). Thanks for the interest
  9. Beautiful colors and frosty Sorry if Iam offending or assuming something, but are they abit hot or overfed with the curl and yellow tips ?
  10. I have had to add MgSO4 and CaSO4 to the powder feed also. I wonder why they don't add extra calcium and Sulphur
  11. High Iam Grow Tester and have been growing for a long time, but will now invest more time in grow testing I see this forum has developed nicely and will be happy to share my experiences as we go Thank you for having me and I hope we will talk more I will be creating a 120x120 Grow room from scratch and hope to share everything and the seed to harvest process, so follow along Here are some links to social media I have set up currently. It is my first time trying this stuff so bear over with me https://www.linkedin.com/in/vanq-led-growlights-grow-tester-768524