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  1. Harvest 2 hours of work. It has grown to just under 1 metre tall. 7 thick headbuds A few small side shoots 430g with stem before drying I did not take the weight of the trim. A few smaller buds fell off with it. This will all be processed into bubblehash. Now a few more photos... this will have to do until I know what the harvest weighs dry. The first smoke report will follow in a few weeks. First let's see what unfolds in the glass. In the jars come the small boveda humidity control packs 58% to prevent the complete drying of the buds.
  2. Today i will visit Amsterdam. The last journey was in 2019. Time to get back. To Do list: Cookies A'dam Greenhouse Adam Cannacruise
  3. Thank you, i appreciate this.
  4. Week 17 This week I only rinse the plant with rainwater. No more fertiliser, I haven't checked the pH value either. The trichomes are 90% milky. The rest are more amber. I think it's time for the harvest. I will keep you informed.
  5. End of week 3 I have only watered with pH-adjusted water this week. Once about 3l. Next time I will add enchancer again.
  6. Week 16 Hello all, This week the buds have really gained mass. I am really surprised. This time everything seems to have gone well. No sign of seeds. I'm very happy about that, because in my first bubba slush grow in 5 weeks, all 4 plants formed pollen sacs. The plants have such a nice aroma. I'm looking forward to the harvest next week. This week they still got the normal fertiliser. As of today, they only get water. Some of the trichomes are already amber in colour. Most of them are nice and milky. Some are still clear and transparent. I'll give it a few more days to conv
  7. Day 17 - Topping Today I topped both plants. I also cut out the lower shoots.
  8. I took a few more photos today. Somehow I liked the sun.
  9. The second week is over. The two plants got their final pots today. 21l capacity. For watering, I need about 3 litres of the mixture to get a rinse out of 300 ml. The fabric pots have worked well for me. The air pots too, but this time I'm skipping the intermediate size because of the different bio fertiliser. I have only adjusted the water pH this time. There will be enchancer again at the end of next week.
  10. Week 15 There was a lot going on this week. One of the other two plants in the tent has started to form seeds in the lower area. Only on one shoot, only on one bud. I harvested the whole plant... and examined it completely. A pollen sac had formed in the one bud, but it was enclosed by the individual flowers around it. That is why it could not disperse the pollen. Luckily for me. Something has also happened with the Bubba Slush. The buds are getting fatter by the day and covered with trichomes. The headbuds are already taking shape. Rinse out: EC 1.9 & pH 6.2
  11. This sounds good. Would like to try that Chat.
  12. The first week is over. One plant is 9 cm high and has a span of 17 cm. The other is 7cm high and 15cm in span. I watered them once with rainwater and the second time I mixed 1g of bio enchancer in a litre of rainwater. The roots seem to like it. The first ones are already peeking out from the bottom of the pots. Considering that the weather was not quite so nice in the first week with 5 days of rain, the two look healthy to me.
  13. Week 14 At the beginning of the week I cut a few awnings on the tops. A few leaves show nutrient deficits. If this spreads or gets worse this week, I will adjust the fertiliser solution. So far the buds are growing and the sugar leaves are filling up with trichomes. The first pistils turn brown. Rinse out: EC 1.6 & pH 6.1
  14. Same at my chemical bride. The germination is very fast. good luck with your grow