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  1. I wish I could smell that. They look so delicious. Just let us know how the buds taste... Thanks for the beautiful photos.
  2. Really nice srog. The budd are forming nicely. I hope the best for your grow. I had a few pollensacks... but i find them early enough. Keep your eyes open.
  3. Middle of the week 16. Today I harvested. I forgot to take photos beforehand this time. I was a bit excited because of the strong smell coming from them. The trichomes are mostly milky the rest is already amber. Plant 1 (left) weighed 371.33g when wet. Plant two (right) had a wet weight of 341.67g. I hung them in the scrog net to dry. The fertiliser has convinced me completely so far. I will now test it again on coco. Because I always have a problem with fungus gnats when I use soil. No idea why. Every now and then with every manufacturer. Smoke report follow
  4. Thank you @GrowTester. I appreciate that. Yes i harvested today because they are unstoppable now and the plants are ready. I hope that i could cut out all of them. Pictures follow.
  5. Week 15 They don't have much time left. The mite infestation has become worse again. I cut out a few infested leaves and found another pollen sack. So I'm just waiting for the soil to dry out completely. The trichomes are mainly milky, some rare ones are still clear. Some are already amber coloured.
  6. Hay @Godess_T They are now in their seventh week of flowering. So the photos are from the end of the sixth week of flowering. So far, I am very convinced of the bio line. Watering is so much easier. For my next grow, I wanted to try the bioline on pure coconut fibre with perlite. Spider mites are hell. I probably didn't get them all, but some of the newer leaves are infested again. Thank you for the compliment. I appreciate it.
  7. Week 14 is also over. The buds have visibly increased in size. The right plant is getting purple discolouration on the leaf edges and buds. The left plant, on the other hand, has remained completely green so far. The first pistils are turning brown. In my daily search for polle sacks, I have not found any more. And only one of the flowers looks a bit like seeds. Let's see how she does over the rest of the flowering period. The smell of them fills the whole house as soon as I open the tent. They also make a very good impression on me.
  8. End of the thirteenth week. Every day I check the two plants for pollen sacs. It takes about an hour a day. But I'd rather do that than grow seeds. Overall, the two plants make quite a good impression on me. They still have to hold out for a few more weeks.
  9. The situation seems familiar to me. I once got a similar step plant like this. D Unknown strains can be very interesting.
  10. Hay @Stranglethorns Take a look at my chemical bride with bio power feeding. One of the two plants has also formed pollen sacs. Manageable in the lower area, but still not very pleasant with regard to the rest of the flowering period....
  11. Every time I dare to look at your grow, I am frightened by the distance to the lamps. Have they never been burnt by the light?