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  1. HI team #RIP-chlorophylle 12/12 +35 Temp 22° LED à 40 cm The phenotype looks greedy in fertilizer, I have like a really late post stretch deficiency and already a beginning of senescence, I hesitate to make a small clawing of Bloom, what did you think ? I also ordered some green house calcium to see if my concern (minor one) comes from here ++++++
  2. Hello All, Hi @Jose.gh No worries about updates, I came here for that. I hope so too for the survivor, there is no reason! 12/12 +26 ++++
  3. Hi Thanks to you for your feedback, you are very kind I'm not giving up hope, the one that is left is still in good shape (it seems a little less receptive to fertilizers than the herma I took out of the session, but it should still do it). It's the first time that it happens to me in 4 years of cultivation, just a little disappointed but nothing serious! 12/12 +24 One Love Team !
  4. Hello @Iceni organics There unfortunately it was a lot of male flower, I finally not take risk and remove this plant from the box. This will make a little more room for the big granny that remains :) 12/12 + 22 Let's Go ! Cya
  5. Re @Hydra This is the plant on the right (If you want a better Photo tel me i go in box) ^^
  6. Hey @Hydra What I find strange is that there is strictly no sign on the middle, top of the flower plants, the balls are really visible in the bottom of the plants and that in the bottom of the plant So I don't know if I take the risk to keep it or not : /
  7. Hi team Bad news or very bad news @Jose.gh ? Tell me, would you have any feedback on potential hermaphroditism of chemical bride under LED? I found this in the bottom of the plants, it is not very reassuring That in the bottom of the plants strangely They seem to be in perfect health, I didn't do any defoliation, just some supercroping, trellising, it's really bad luck. I removed what I had in front of me at first; I will have to watch them closely ;(
  8. Hello Croissance +26 Floraison +21 = (12/12+21) Temp Ambiante: 22-24° Arrosage Auto Activate + Arrosage Enhancer Lampe à 80% à 35&40 cm Cya
  9. hii Sexy Chemical :) I can't wait for her to be in this blooming period too Cya