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  1. The dance event was much tamer than usual but the newly refurbished Green House shops are looking great... The King is coming to reclaim his throne!
  2. JungleSugar

    St Vincent

    I am curious to know if any of the genetics from St Vincent have made it into any new GHS strains? I love the Vincy sativa and crossing it with Indicas produces good yeilds in my experience.
  3. I hear of people grafting cannabis to fig trees and Nettles... Does anyone have any truth or experience with this? I have seen successful grafts to other cannabis, tomatoes and hops. I am thinking the roof system of a fig tree would produce well if the graft works?
  4. I try to always see it through. Yes, it might be genetics but also might be some other elements that you haven't of thought of. Personally I would see them through. You will probably find the next couple of leaf sets are better and the plants will grow through the stress.
  5. After 3 grows, flowers from the King's Juice are certainly smaller than average. However, the smell and taste are to die for. Even though I have found these genetics to be a poor yeilder, I am very keen to grow them again for the taste alone!
  6. Listen to Desert Flower ft. Violinbwoy (played by David Rodigan on BBC Radio 1) by Radikal Guru on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/nhzpB
  7. I carried out an experiment playing music to plants 20 years ago when I was at school, I think I flunked because the teacher said it was ridulous... Either way, we compared pop music (of the 90's), with reggae and classical. From memory NSync out performed everything else in the lab!
  8. I combined two genetics (that GHS already have) twenty years ago that are the best staple in our area. I combined the Exodus Cheese from Luton, UK with a land race La Soufriere, St Vincent. The smoke from this bud is so tasty and strong that it is rare I find anything that compares.
  9. Has anyone had issues with the Velvet Moon? I have had 2 sets of seeds that were green and weak. None of them popped and I had to throw away because they eventually went mouldy.
  10. The King's Juice is consistently good quality with terpene profiles through the roof! My outdoor is now finished...
  11. It was mainly through heat issues that I used the 315w. I have good results with terpene profiles but the n ugs are denser with HPS.
  12. So this was basically a test for my outdoor. She was supposed to go outdoor originally but got too big to move. This girl was liturally the height of the lights when she went to flowering. Therefore, she has been bent, snapped and screened to stop light burn. Since height is an issue, I have had to keep the heat from the light to a minimum. I have no cool tubes and have opted to run a 315w CMH with outstanding results. They are in a health, nourished, soil mix and the only thing that goes in with the water is potentially molasses or seaweed.