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  1. thanks friend for your intervention, I'm curious to know how much you made ​​in the winter, and if your crop and outdoors? and also how long you have the end of flowering?
  2. beautiful plant brother, cola central monstrous, have you used the powder feed ...??
  3. Grazie a te fratello! Puoi dirmi quello che era il rendimento gm x metro quadrato? e se tu fossi in suolo o idroponica? Vorrei chiedere quale potrebbe essere la resa x metro, in idroponica with this strein ? Grazie per l'aiuto a tutti, siete grandi!
  4. Thanks a lot brother for your response! but how many plants per square meter were you? hydroponics or soil? Thanks again! Elizabeth!I know it seems strange to you but I'm a woman!
  5. Thanks mate, I'll have a look! but in the meantime I wanted to ask if you've ever grown the <kalshnicova> and <Cheese>, can you tell me the dry yield per square meter in each??? and also the medium that you use? Thank you
  6. I would like to know which plants gh produces more per square meter???
  7. Hello everyone, I want a help from you, my name is Elizabeth and I would like to know what percentage of thc there may be a plant in the vegetative period idoor? I need this information even if in general! I hope you can help me!
  8. Thanks Fran.gh, thanks to all of you for your help. Peace and Good to you
  9. The outside temperature is 40 ° C during the summer in my area, in the winter with the extractors can maintain an optimum temperature both day and night, but in the summer with outside temperatures of 40-42 ° C, I do not think enough. also changing the air with the extractors, the incoming air will be very hot and not be able to cool the room. What I want to know is, if I can use extractors and air conditioning making them work together??
  10. Brothers I would like your help, because we the summer is very hot 40C +, I'm going to put air conditioning in the large room of 50 square meters, what do you suggest me to pair air conditioning + extractors? or just a big air conditioner?
  11. Grazie fratello , si le 2 piante sono cloni della stessa madre !