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cabay last won the day on October 5 2014

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    somewhere between stockholm and capetown :)
  1. where's the chat gone ?

  2. where's the chat gone ?

  3. cabay

    balcony 2014

    2x Money maker (40L smartpot+80L pots) 1x chemdog (40L smartpot) 2x jack herer (12L pots)
  4. cabay

    aero auto-bubble

    4 auto bubble and 1 critical+ auto +1 survivor bubble ,lol 1x600w hps and 2x250w cfl to help bottom parts
  5. cabay

    white lemon lst soil

    6 weeks veg and 6 weeks of 12/12
  6. damn i'm jealous ... awsome looking scrog ... one of the nicest one with gonzo !!! great job ^^
  7. cabay

    Fruity M Mass

  8. loving plants.... if i were you , i would have tried fimming to improve numbers of bud sites...
  9. cabay


  10. yes very strong smell ... a mix of cheese and fruit imo ..
  11. cabay


  12. batch 2 started in june in soilmix they're aboutto be ready anytime ... and batch 3 started end of june in COCO/Perlite mix.. all batches have been fed with powder feeding on the "family pic" the 2 tall one on the left are in coco, 2 smaller on theright nearly ready in soilmix
  13. ok tonight is end of wek 11 , they have been in flowering under 12/12 for 78 days ... so far i cut a few stems here 'n'there cause i was gonna run out of smoke .. harvested a total of 64g dried already mostly from small pheno. once dry and after a few days in jar .. the smell finally starts to come strong. those ones been harvested between day 66 and day 70.. small pheno is a bit more earthy, with some type of pinewood and a hint of citrus .. buds are really dense are a little bit is enough when u use a grinder... the weed will explode in it ;) out of what i harvested so far , i also took dow
  14. thanks .. but there's no "main" cola ... ALL of them have been topped ... the big one you see in front is actually a side branch from the tall pheno ..def the best yielder for me .. i would guess close to 70g easy on that one .. but i prefer weight all together since some plants took the space of the little ones , i will get a better idea of the harvest this way with the space i got (only 0.64m²)