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  1. So, iv got me 300 seeds acquired from a local lebanese grower - these seeds and strains have been grown here for thousands of years.... sadly i dont see any Lebanese cross in weed nor was it used to breed with any other strains, but i can only imagine its due to lack of seeds or accessibility to our great resources here in beirut.... I was hoping to see its capability, its potential in breeding and crossing and its power as cannabis plant - to do so, i acquired 200-300 seeds from a local grower here and I would like to distribute these seeds for free -- Can admin or moderator contact me and let me know wether its allowed to give it out in sort of competition for members to grow, breed and test it out ? Only condition is that who ever gets these shld use the name Zinger Supreme lol the first 100% lebanese landrace marijuana they are not feminized, they might be of different phenotypes but they are local lebanese cannabis seeds. Hope to hear soon and hope you'r all interested !
  2. Hey! Zing from Beirut, Lebanon- Been growing for a few months... i think im the only hydro grower in the middle east- simple reason is, i cldnt find the most basic stuff in the region, requiring me to get everythng online... i got me 300$ worth of green house seeds - starting with trainwreck and a nice hydro vs soil attempt! looking to offer the SH an open invitation for Lebanon and the hunt for the Red LEbanese which is extinct even to us locals... or is it!! a hunt is needed!! cheers
  3. im using grow a /b bloom a/b - with additives voodoo juice, b52 , big bud and over driver all from advanced nutrients... all that is enough... ur even good at the grow a/b + bloom a/b and voodoo for roots and thats all ,... but the extra aadditives do have their effect if used properly ! use the advanced nutrients non ph perfect calculator and use 1/4 of wat they recomend at first then increase a bit... but appart that ur good u dont need more.. over drive is good for flowering
  4. so i got me some green house seeds for the entire year!!! starting with the famous TrainWreck im using my own home built top drip system, with a 20L galon and 2 net pots. 3pumps 2 for irrigation 1 for water circulation inside tank rockwool and hydroton nutrients: advanced nutrients (voodoo juice, b52, overdrive, big bud) Sensi grow a/b and sensi bloom a/b currently week 1 of veg under 150w mh - plant receiving 2000 lux moving next week to the bigger veg room with 600hps and starting at 4000 lux this will be my first hydro grow and my 2nd soil grow. as u can see, hydro is winning already!
  5. thank yoU! its on 600hps - but during veg i had it on a150mh thats why its a bit stretchd but bushy at the top
  6. so since trainwreck is dead, im guna update on my fruity thai status! can admin plz change topic name to: Fruity Thai - Soil grow ? here are some pics... the baby has been flowering for 15days now guna give a little flush with a very low dose of nutes and let it dry out a bit before i up the nutes next week... i got 4 tops since i FIM'd it and im extremly happy about how it looks with 4 nice antenas
  7. Okay this happened in lesss than 45hours. im sure it was the heated water that caused roots to rot and then when i flushed with h2o2 i just put in too much water in the bucket for about 15hours and it kinda drowned.... i put it outsite the tank and drying it out and donno wat to do. help. is it gone ? its a trainwreck 5 days into flowering tried attaching photos its not working, sais no file was selected although it was selected lol..
  8. brilliant I am from Lebanon thus why Im asking, and France/GHS are ever so welcomed to come here - Would love to host you! And I have alot of lebanese hash seeds to give away for studying if interested Respect.
  9. but how about the Lebanese ? Is it not a Landrace ?! great info.
  10. havent grown it yet lol i just got the seeds few days ago ! cant wait too see how it looks too !
  11. fruity thai - will post pics of this beauty today !! i am at day 9 of flowering it and she looks gorgeous ... had some complications in end of veg regarding humdity but it all worked out ... im just sad i had to do cuttings of the tw instead of buds
  12. Yeh very true bam.... but im intentions are really beyond hash plants... im looking to see how it does as a cross or base for breeding - as most high grade weed come from landrace crosses .... and sadly i havent seen any weed strain/hybrid that has a lebanese genetics in it... but then again, one indoor plant would make a bit of hashish, but the process of collecting and pressing the resin and having it dry is the tricky part... as here in the bekaa each grower has their pressing techniques and each technicuq might yield a better result then others....
  13. for free offcourse lol its all for the good of spreading the lovly lebanese strain!
  14. Hey! Im lebanese and i have some real lebanese hashhsish seeds newly aquired! hit me up if ur interested!
  15. Bam hit me up on Private Msg ! Good to know there are fans again, who ever is interested just msg me on private and lets see the potential of this baby
  16. honestly i cant go up to bekaa and check out the plants.. too dangerous and its just safer for us to buy from upthere and have them delivered to us in the city.... what i know is its a more indica then sativa, with short flowering period and as i said these plants are used to make hash, thus are full with resin and are a good base for breeding if not grown on its own at first to see its potential not as hashish but as actual herb smoke ... sometimes leafes take on a red color, other then that... you guys and another forum are the only ones with these seeds straight from the Bekaa valley
  17. well since i got not much help on wat to do my trainwreck in hydro ended up whilting due to root rot and is dying everyday... to prevent shit to become worse i took out of all the flowers and made clones... hopefully they will work... sorry this diary is closed but both my trainwrecks are gone all i have now are 15cuttings which i hope will give me smthg nice.. moving to soil and guna drop in some hawainan snow will create a diary for that later... as for now heres how the tw looked yesterday http://www.strainhunters.com/forums/topic/4527-help-hydro-over-watering-catastrophy-on-my-tw/
  18. today starts the flowering for both the train wreck in hydro and fruity thai in soil!! on the left is the fruity thai on the right the trainwreck... so far the branching on the thai is much nicer as at every internode an extra branch flower is appearing !! making my internodes usuall flower tops double! at all of them! trainwreck is bushy with big long hands and very symetric and organised indica growth i love ittt!!! obviously the thai has a few stress probmes that im workin to fix
  19. so this has been going on since birth!!! at first i had it running on hydro inside rockwool... then 2weeks into veg i transplanted to soil keeping the rockwool intact and roots. its been 2-3 weeks since transplant and its been growing big and well but with all new grow comes this inside curling - as i said, its been going on since birth, and at younger stages it was also curled up but managed to uncurl once there was new grow again ... i fimmed it and it grew after it also fast but the same curling problem first 2-3 weeks of life was on 150mh and now switched to 600hps - feeding with advanced nutes 1/4 strenght. and i have to add that i have a hydo trainwreck next to it, that is and has been in the same condition she was(temp. ventilation...) but is completly heatlhy! hereare some pics oh yeh and there is no change in color, no yellowing, its green, its just curled up and the lower side color shows.. its a bit crispy but no burns anywhere...
  20. actually h2's document on pest and disease got me to this conclusion! highly appreciated... just need a risk free way to fix it
  21. aie aie ! not gona go for the roots then lol think i shld start flowering ? will affect the flowering ? i mean wats the worst that could happen ?
  22. wow i think i know wats wrong!! So iv been looking at pics of root rot and since this one is in soil i dissmised it, but then remembered, it was hydro, and when i transplanted i moved it with the rockwool... so wat could be happening is that the rockwool inside the soil might be get rotted ? anyway i can find out without causing stress or problems ? I have a big feeling its a root rot and all the pics on root rot suggest so ! cheers.
  23. the baby is doing great - gooing into flowering in 5-6days - guna take a few clones out tonight! ph is a steady 5.8 and ec at last feeding was at 1.3 - current levels 0.5 and a few days away from feeding again and last pic is comparison with the Fruity thai thats almost 2-3 weeks older then the trainwreck! they will go together into flowering
  24. note taken, adjusting fan as we speak to lower middle section - 12v is quite low i have on 50% so its not blowing the leafs right off , just a nice breeze of circulation thx!
  25. oh for sure ! cheers will update with pictures in a few days, im sprinkling some distilled water on it and i have the fan blowing right at it gunna see how it reacts in a few days... got it way far from the light bulbs

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