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  1. once I chopped off this bud and took a image and zoomed in I could clearly see the tri combs were not even close to peek petency... but amazing build... got tricombs on the sticks lol..
  2. considering doing partial harvest.... anyone do this and let the smaller nugs catch up?
  3. If I counted my days rite this is the end of week 5 of flower. Seeing lots of white pistel's turning orange and the tri-combs are changing from clear to white. this plant is something else... looking back through my journal I see she was up to 400ppms and doing ok during veg... but these days even with the flowering mix she seems to claw and show burnt tips even if I go to 200ppms..... anyone ever seen this happen with a plant before? other than showing clawing and burnt leaf tips everything else seems to be going swimmingly! starting to think I mite need to tie her up soon seeing as how my canopy is drooping LOL is not so even anymore! upon closer inspection she is so darn heavy up top a few of the back branches are twisted down to the ground lolol!!! I just propped her up against the wall for the time being.... till I can fandangle some support with string or something....
  4. No I do not have the ability to grow such plants as a pure sativa... and the way my local laws are changing by the day I dont think anytime soon I will be able to grow a monster plant like a sativa outdoors anytime in the future.... I like the look, its just really really different than what I am used to seeing around here.
  5. had another picture shoot with her and really liked how this one came out. CFL's gogo!
  6. I gotta throw it out there man that plant looks like some funky ass ditch weed at this point..... Dun mean it in a mean way just... wow that thing is lanky... and airy... man u could read a newspaper through that plant! not just through the leaf lololol....
  7. yo nicc1976 from what I was told this is a barneys farm blue cheese if there is such a thing... I never really checked into it to b honest.... from my exp if u feed her to much she will claw really bad. under super light feeding she seems to thrive for the most part.... I just don't think this strain likes bubble buckets.
  8. Thanks Jose! I am really interested in seeing how thick these flowers get also... can hardly wait to see how they ripen~!~! Thank you Reaf! I agree with you... I gotta say I am hard pressed to find any good CFL grows on google.com.... I am beyond surprised how well they do grow plants man~!~!~!
  9. Baby Blue Cheese is not a baby anymore... seems like every time I turn around her water bucket is half empty! The Flowers are really starting to build up nicely as well! I did turn her nutes up a bit more than normal this last feeding and I think I mite have burned her lightly... there are some brown tips on the leaves but this time around she did not curl at all or wilt from the food... she is defiantly a tender strain and I don't think she enjoys the bubble bucket... keeping ph at 6.5 and ppms 225-250
  10. argh road block 1 is the fact I made it with such a large diameter tube that it is still liquid inside the center.... also I used a dirty tube so its not pealing out effortlessly it is kinda sticking...
  11. Thanks again Reaf! I feel like a kid on Christmas eve... been almost 24 hours since I set this thing rolling. I wound up using the silicone for another project and just decided to wing it with the rest of the tube on this seal idea you mentioned! I only had a short piece of pipe and it mite be a bit too big lol... but the theory seems to have worked out even better than I could have dreamed of. if anyone plans on doing this themselves please take head to not make the tube too long.... once u get about 2 feet in the pressure is enfough to crumple the calk gun trigger and or hurt your hand or shoot the tube off and make a mess!! =P onto the pictures. also any clue how long I should let this set? will it take longer to cure inside the tube? Thanks again for all the help folks!
  12. Welcome to the forums! any clue why the leaves are kinda clawing down? the new growth looks so light I cant imagine its from over feeding.. and the fact u are waiting on food makes me think she is not getting enough air as she wants... I had this problem before and it turned out the soil was to muddy... err so thick it did not let in enough air... I am not sure just wanna throw it out there. grow on m8!
  13. Damn Lamsbread! Thank you for the very detailed response man I never dreamed I'd get such an in depth reply~!~! I feel like I just took a quarter long class on the subject of light burn!!! After reading this post through twice I am starting to wonder if I mite be experienceing this same phenomenom on my Budget CFL grow... I have been going super lite on the food this hole time but still seeing crispy tips just like the heat stress photo's... any chance to much wind could cause a plant to appear as if it was heat burned? Thank you again lams you rock!
  14. I agree with dust that is one beauty-full shade of green! nice work
  15. wow too much lite... never really thought of that as a possible problem before....

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