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  1. Hello agen, so i havent been on here in a while so i thort i wud take afew pictures the last time i saw the ladys, in the pictures they are about 6 weeks 3 days into flower and budding out nicely, it has a realy stong skunk like smell but abit fruity at the same time, they have not been fed any nutes through the who grow so they are 100% organic, and the crystall production is realy good, wer hoping they will be ready on week 8 of flowering wich will be next saturday, they still have abit of swelling to do i think because the bud seem a little stagely atm but just not sure weather that is beca
  2. Yesterday was day 78 from seed and the plants are looking great, Apart from the fact that the plant in the middle at the back on the girl on the right had both been blown over as we have had alot of rain and heavy wind this past week but they dont seem to be majorly damaged and we have built abit of protection for them now using some stones that wer laying around to hold the pots in place so they cant be forced over by the wind, hopeing for some better weather been realy misrable. The plants are realy flowering nicely considering the conditions they have sufferd this week, so no more acidents,
  3. Tried to get a close up, this is what i got lol, but you can see a bit more crystal forming
  4. So monday was day 73 from seed and not sure how far into flowering they are as they all look to be in different stages of flowering, i took some slug pellets up to keep any pest away and the leafs have not been eaten as bad since the last time i checked them, they have a realy nice smell now very lemon like but not that lemoney smell u get with hermed bud, more like lemon skunk, the smaller plant looks to be flowering realy fast where as the other three have streched alot more and alot more branches, but have been flowering alot slower, the pictures dont realy do them that much justice but her
  5. There lookin realy healthy man, wats the season like over there constant sun thru the summer or broken rain like the uk?? Realy nice spot aswell
  6. Thanks for the ansa dudes, me and my freind who has two of the plants are newbees to and have only grown one plant outside a couple of years ago it wasa great smoke but only about an 8th on the plant so this year we decided to put a bit more effort into tHe grow and find sum where good and use the right plants and soil n stuff, but defo needed bigger pots as maffro pointed owt, i think they are 10L wat we are using for these girls, but i think we could have left it abit late for the neem i have only just checked the post and these pictures are took from yesterday the 67th day from seed, the dw
  7. Some body please help, went to check on the plants today and it seem something has had a munch on afew of the top leaves near the buds but not actually on the buds as you can see from the pictures below, apart from that there is a nice amout of crystal building up on the buds, the smaller plant in the front seems to be about 1 week in front of the three taller plants in the back, any way any advice on the bugs would be good, i havent seen any bugs up there when we have bin to check on them so i arent sure wat could be eating them Peace
  8. The strain looks nice what you grown, i havnt checked this post in a while, i just stuck with the auto super skunk in the end i have a post further up the outdoor grow page now, check it out (white label super skunk auto uk) plants are only beeing fed water but are looking rely heathy, i wasnt expecting such big plants when we started but im only a bigginer lol Thanks for the ansers tho ppl Peace
  9. Here's an update from yesterday, day 60 and around 2weeks into flowering, the plants are starting to grow extremely fast and getting bigger and wider than expected me and my mate wer only expecting small plants with a small amount of bud, but there are bud sites everywere with alot more branching than we thort, although the plant at the front is about 1 and a half feet and looking like it will be a 1bud plant strait up the middle and the other 3 plants at the back are about 3 feet with side branches and a main stem in the middle, hopefully all stays well and heres the pictures, they still arn
  10. Pictures from yesterday, day 55 from seed, the pictures arent great but the camara isnt too good, they are flowering nicely, the weather has been abit mad afew thunder storms but they seem to have handled it very well hope they carry on growing nicely and can always prey the weather stays nice Peace
  11. @dust yes mate am not goin to use any nutes at all i have sum more pictures to post from yesterday but wont get round to that untill later on today, i hav grow using just water before and only got about an 8th dry but it had a pure taste rather than any chem taste we get over here, and these plants look to be doing 10 x better than the last attempt, plenty of bud sites already forming and its looking like we shud get alot more of a yeild than a couple of years ago will up load pictures later, peace owt
  12. And these are the last pictures so far, from yesterday the 50th day from seed and about 1 week into flowering, The plants are only being fed pure water, no nutes or adatives, Hopefully will turn out to be a nice smoke
  13. These pictures are from the 47th day from seed