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  1. Hey bro you still in  zimbabwe?


  2. 4 Months, 2 weeks from seed (In the previous post i said that the time was flowering time, but it is from seed.)
  3. Same Malawi Black plant at 3 Months and 1 Week of flowering.
  4. and now for the Afchoc haze, formally African haze, well it turned hermie the second week into flowering. Oh well! lol The Transkei, and the malawi black also hermied unfortunately. (It was due to really, really excessive torrential rain! We got 55 inches of rain in 1 weekend!!! That is usually our annual rainfall amount! A years worth of rain in 2 days!!! Luckily i had already planted 2 more malawi black plants and these are the pictures i will show you now.
  5. Lemon & Lime AG (AG means African Grown) This was formally the African skunk but i changed the name due the very pungent strong citrus smell it took on in mid flowering. this is at 5 months and 3 days. (Preflowers!)
  6. hello all! Wow it has been ages since i updated this journal. i just got lazy after the space issue. i was also extremely busy! Well, everything has been harvested, and is absolutely fantastic! So i am going to do a review/summary of the rest of the grow. Hope you enjoy! as i am! have a great day!
  7. Now that i have germinated my auto seeds can i be registered into the outdoor cup please? Hope i still can!
  8. Once again, i'd just like to thank Greenhouse and Strainhunters for this opportunity to grow and test their new and great genetics all the way out here under the beautiful, powerful African sun! This pic is day to after germination. Method: I chose the 2 seeds that i wanted to germinate, 2 of the biggest, best looking seeds and planted them directly into very healthy, well aerated soil from here on the farm that i had placed into cups with a very small amount of Amonium Nitrate fertilizer. The smaller seed of the 2 germinated in 3 and a half days, the second seed germinated in 4 days. They have been out in the sun all day everyday getting 10+ hours of direct sunlight and i bring them inside in the evenings as it is still a little cold in the early mornings and i want to keep the plants and roots developing fast and well.
  9. Hi all. I have germinated my seeds for the cup, and am about to attempt to upload pics. Hope it works, I'm not great with computers, so hopefully I can figure out how to use this imageshack thing.. Lol
  10. Bam-Bhole! Thanks a lot for that info! I love reggae, so will def be passing by there! And of course I love chatting to other growers in the know and getting ideas, and learning from their expertise. Awesome! You just gave me a whole lot more things to do. Haha Hope you are having an awesome day! Thanks InternationalGreen. Ya, I'd expected that there would be. Not too concerned! I'm going there for the experience and the variety, but will see what I can do. I will be staying with a dutch friend of mine in Amsterdam who obviously knows his way around. So no doubt I'll have a blast! Have a great day!
  11. Haha, thanks urbanninja. I'll go past there.
  12. Thanks guys! Awesome. Gaz, I will definitely be going to Voyagers and Popeyes! And of course I will be spending a fair bit of time in the greenhouse! Haha Thanks Dust, ya that would have been great! I will take loads and update you guys on how it's going and what's good, etc. thanks for the help! Hope everyone's having an amazing day!
  13. High all, hope life is great and the growing is going well! So I am going to Amsterdam for the first time at the end of this month! It's gonna be amazing! I will be getting a whole lot of gh seeds to grow when I get back home to beautiful Zimbabwe! Anyone else from strainhunters gonna be around? Or any coffeeshops or good weed places etc i should visit? I will be there from the 30th of June until the 16th of July, lets meet up, smoke up and party! If anyone's interested. Thanks all! Have an amazing day!
  14. Thanks Fran! Well that's awesome! I will try my best! Will be starting this journal in August as its winter here atm. Can't wait!

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