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  1. thank you for awesome feedback and support on this forum @g22 I'll add fish mix to the plant! Do you prefer foliar spray over the plant or adding to the watering?
  2. hi again @g22 super cropping of main stem done - I think it went OK: This year I'm only using some organic nutrients and mychorrhiza: https://organicsnutrients.com/en/izdelek/organic-fertilizer-big-plant/ https://organicsnutrients.com/en/izdelek/mikoriza-endoecto-mykoriza-premium/ I added to the soil mix, then I'm using same powders with every 3rd-4th feeding.
  3. @g22 thank you for your inputs! I remembered you posted a video about super cropping in my Hawaian Snow thread, and I wanna give it a try this year. Before that, I was topping, FIMing and bending, but never super cropped. I'll be super careful What are your taughts about few burnt leaves at the bottom/middle (1st picture) - should I remove them, trim the yellow partf off, or just leave as it is?
  4. Hi all, please advise, if I can safely super cropp clones? I have few plants on my balcony and I would like to limit their heights. Can I super cropp main stem? If so, please check pictures below if this is the right spot. Also let me know, if I can do the same with all the other branches that will be on the same height as the main stem is now? Thank you and enjoy.
  5. Found some videos of using the cold extraction ... someone used the fan for evaporating, but all of them are using the heat pads aswell. Hehe, there almost no need for Magical Butter machine, just the saucepen I always decarb the herbs in oven (120 C for 30 min), later I put them in freezer for 15 min and then in the Magical Butter on 54 C for 4 hours (+ mixing and grinding). After this I'll use my induction saucepan on lowest (50 C) for evaporation ... of course I use coffee filter instead of MB filter mesh. Does anyone know the main differeces in cold or wa
  6. Hi, all my radiators have thermostat and can't run this kind of heat all the time. I've tested my induction heating pad with a saucepen and is running 50 C - so next ime I'll use that setting for evaporation. I was thinking, that my extraction is so solid because there are many sand size particles in it - not so good filter mesh (next time I'll use coffee filters to filter the 4 hours Magical Butter cycle on 54 C with mixing and grinding). 14 days evaporation is too much isn't it?
  7. Hi, so in that video he left his filtered concentration to evaporate by air, then adding hemp oil and put in the oven on 30 C just to warm it up so he can stir it? Then these two ingridients combine and puts it again on 30 C to have a nice liquid form for filling up the containers? Does he mention, how long does it take to evaporate by room temperature air only? Is there any article or video about this method in english? I should buy coffee filters, because the mesh I recived from Magical Butter is not the best. Also my oven can go 80 C minimu
  8. Hi, thanks for the info. ... I'll try to add cocnut oil to thin it up a little. I'll mix in a small pyrex and double boil it. Probably it's best not to go over 120 C? Enjoy.
  9. Dear all, I've made RSO with Magical Butter Machine, but when all the bubles from alcohol evaporated, I was left wit a thick pase. How to thin this oil to fill up the syringes (I put the container in 100 C hot watter, but it's not enough to turn it to liquid)? Thank you and kind regards.
  10. @g22 Hi agian, I think I'll try with mainlining to 8-16 branches - to have only mains (easier to harvest and have only bigger buds, no popcorn). Maybe supercropping the braches that will lead. I also bought 4 poles that I'll mount to base, and I'll put a trellis to attach the mains to the net (couldn't find tomato ring). I like to try someting new every year, change the fertilisers ... It's a nice hobby (I also bought The Cannabis Grow Bible, and maybe I find something else I would like). Regards.
  11. Hi g22, yes, I let her flower naturally (sun recived to the balcony). Next season, I'll try a mainlining tecnique, and maybe some super cropping if the heights will raise above the balcony. Enjoy.
  12. Hi, I couldn't save 2 flowers on the balcony, but 2 survived. I dind't manage any plant traning, but can't wait for the next season. Here's a pic of 1 flower harvest and looking forward to try after drying & curing!
  13. Hi, it's strange, that there are 3 flowers in 1 pot, and only one is getting sick?! I'm using light mix soil with perlite and pH Perfect Micro/Grow/Bloom fertilisers + I used some Voodoo Juice & Big Bud. From the leaves chart I would say Zinc is missing (but only on 1 plant?!). Any other ideas? Thanks!
  14. Few weeks till harvest, and the right flower (1 of 3 in the pot) is not healthy: the leaves are narrower, burnt, looks week, the top is bending ... Please advise, what could be the problemc and what should I do, to help her regain the energy/life? Thanks!!
  15. Hi again, I decided to bend the main stem (in week 7 - light blue markup) ... please see the pictures attached and advise, if I should also bend the end/highest point of the stem again (red circrle) - to narrow it with other shoots going upwards? Thank you!