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  1. Check out "Culture High"! nothing new for us SH but its great tho!

  2. i think so too Dust! maybe you've heard some danish or finnish? both of 'em sounds orc-ish, even for me bwahaehae thats ill Atrox... another bangin' broad but from sweden, badass soul; fuck it, its time to trip my balls off, its weekend, yummy a smoergaesbord of shroooo (also swe)
  3. a free hard-on! and if anyone wonders about the language; it's Norwegian!
  4. spamwarning http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jo-klvlKdjM
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bV3wiOZpa8
  6. maype not4plants, alittle bad vibez maybe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elda3jy-kYg
  7. Hahahaha i saw that sick one Toke.. Oh speaking of sick & that strange language again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NPVRHAeTHc
  8. Awazing job bro! and the endresult.. What can i say? i could move to Canada to become your student man, and we're almost the same age! If the judges would weighted that in, you would be top3 atleast, in my eyes, i mean theese trichs are the size of golfballs, ridiculously good quality.. Thanks alot for the epic journal! Some nice goddamn concentrates.. mmm.. Goodjob & goodluck with the next one, see you around! peace
  9. Biggest respect for all the work & effort man!, top notch quality in the growroom and the theme aswell! Well deserved Winner! Thanks & goodjob!
  10. Hey guys, sorry that i havent updated & answered any1 yet, got busted last week for the first time, so ive been really shaky theese past days after, hehe. Almost killed my babies since i couldnt come home, & i didnt feel like posting anything here until i saw them recover, and now they are Strong theese plants are, like Yoda would say.
  11. Thanks man, seed pop 8feb, so week 6 or 7 now They've had it alittle hard with a big plant taking all their light while growing up, & theese peat-pots.. but now they are in flowering in flowering room with all the light they can take from my 400W hps. Post some pics later today (lier lier pants on fire)
  12. Thanks for info UnDutched! i wont be using it anymore neither hehe. & alittle late update excuse moi. Girls getting pretty & have done some good growing since last update. I will start gently with PF next feeding. Theese pics are from acouple of days ago. peace!