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  1. thanx Dust, i cant wait for the Cannabis Cup on Nov. and visiting my fav. Coffeeshop in the haarlemmerstraat
  2. It was a real pleasure meeting u in person Mr.X
  3. The flower bomb kush seeds together with Strain Hunters Malawi Expedition Dvd
  4. Just wanted to thank Franco, Mr. X and the whole Green House & Strain Hunters Crew for that amazing Gift Bag. I cant wait to try the cannabis cup winner of 2012 Flower Bomb Kush. Thanx for trying to spread more tolerance towards the holly Herb.
  5. High Mr. X , i am the guy with the Afgooey Bud, it was a great pleasure meeting you in person and i am looking forward to c u tomorrow.
  6. high man sorry to hear that, really the system is so broken unbelievable, in what country are u living? and how many plants u got when they busted u?
  7. high cogollo, how much was the rate for a single or a double room in the times hotel ?
  8. finally i was waiting for it a long time ago, i am in love with landraces such a clear minded high and strong bod relaxation incredible
  9. my fav. strains are : chocolope (Sativa), Super Lemon Haze and Mk Ultra ( Og kush* G13)
  10. Thank you Tokage. , its home-made and it has been cured for 9 weeks and a really nice smoke.
  11. More pic of the LSD (Barneys Farm), very very dense buds.
  12. High Hunters, Thats my Home-grown LSD from Barney's Farm which is a cross bet. Mazar and Old skunk. The flowering period is 70 days and i got a very nice phenotype. The taste is incredibly earthy as if i smoke a very potent OG kush. This mostly indica hybrid gives u a really powerful stone. A really tasty and powerful strain which is covered in crystals, if u break a bud u find kief everywhere
  13. welcome to the forum, its nice to c another austrian in the forum
  14. yeah i remember bubble, in my opinion the best alternative is bubble gum from Gray Area, also a friend liked a strain called sweet tooth from barneys farm it was very sweet