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  1. hi every one updating.
  2. hahahaha yes Dust you're right. if I keep posting this way is possible that the next post is only at harvest... I was working from 7:00 to 22:00 considering as working my cultivation. I was even out of time. but already solved my problems and those of others. now I'll have time to follow and be more active on the forum. peace
  3. hello everyone. I was working too much and ran out of time to post. But I took some pictures .. I put kalashinikova # 1 in tent vegetative. but a week later I changed the photoperiod to 12/12 and other plants grown a lot did shadow in babies. I finished my other greenhouse took the other plants but still fucked the growth of k1. K3 due to lack of time I could not take her to the guerrillas and beginning to bloom in a vase minuscule.
  4. Today I change the plants to vegetative room with a 400w hps
  5. Hello people. i´m starting my grow journal. the seeds arrived to me last week. I put them to germinate day 04/15/2013. Today I put it on the soil. kalashni 1. I'll vegetate and flower in 18/6 kalashni 2 and 3. I'll vegetate them in 18/6 for a week or two. flowering outdoor will be in a secret place. probably will not post more photos of them because the camera will be an extra weight for the walk
  6. ok. 10 kalashinikova auto.
  7. Yesterday I forgot to measure the plants. today with 31 days of life: GWS # 1 - 18 cm GWS # 2 - 20 cm
  8. I put the plants in a 25l pot.
  9. hello people The temperature remains high 29 ° to 32 ° Celsius. Because of tempertura I was letting the soil dry too much and the first pair of leaves died. But now the plants are already recovering. I'm thinking of getting them into a larger pot. vegetate them for another week, cut the top to make a clone Mother. what do you guys think? peace GWS # 1 18 cm GWS # 2 19 cm
  10. superb!!! beautiful plants and great buds
  11. yes Tokage they are suffering. unfortunately there is nothing I can do. I turn on the lights at night to avoid the hottest period of the day and use exhaust fans 24 hours to renew the air. only an air conditioner to lower the temperature. is the end of summer and the temperature should start lowering soon.
  12. hello people updating daily. Last week did a lot of heat. the temperature varied between 31 ° and 33 ° celcius
  13. tks guys in a few days I will put the babies in 25l pot

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