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  1. Well i guess you can do that with your closet grow. don't be upset because your terrible at your hobby
  2. Fvk to any "real" grower you just sound like someone who's barfing up everything hes read online...when we say keep your temps at 69 to 78, is because just below the lamps your always going to have a higher temp. Just because your room reads 70 doesn't mean that directly under the lights its going to be 70, even with cooled reflectors and fans.
  3. To FVK As weve discussed in this thread, this is a basic template to follow. Fill free to work around it. It would be impossible to write every single step and method to growing. As for your questions. When you say swings in temps cause pm. This is only true when you go under 65f and you need temp swings of at least 10 to 15 degree (F) difference. This also shouldn't be an issue if you have your humidity tuned. I veg for 6 to 8 weeks. Why are you taking your other equip into account when figuring the numbers of your yield. You should take these into consideration when trying to figure out how
  4. If your looking for good Canadian strains look on attitude seeds banks https://www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk/ this is probably the most popular seed company in the world right now Some reputable Canadian companies are: BC Bud Depot, Vancouver Seed Bank, JointDoctor, Dj short strains (dj is a breeder not a company, he is the inventor of Blueberry), Dr. Greenthumb
  5. hey Nose, let me try and help here as I like to call myself the "superbud guy" I have a lot of experience with this strain. The superbud genetics in my opinion, still need a bit of tweaking. Of the 50-60 seeds ive popped of this strain, only two of them turned out to be "Super Hermi" as Pi2 refers to her. Toss her and try again. I don't like seeing good growers wasting grow space. Ill add by saying this strain has about 4-6 different phenos: 1#this one is from from the growhd video with arjan and franco, the one that branches and yields well. tastes Nutty,piney and fruity all at once. 2#this
  6. thanks so much Lams, i went through every site. Ill be making a decision for next summers purchase using the info you've provided here. Thanks again, all VERY informative
  7. I have another question for you two. If money was of no value. What is the best (overall) LED company on the market? I'm looking for a new company as the one I am currently with doesn't seem to upgrade their models I use: prosource by the way
  8. Sounds like a great plan big guy, and thanks for the quick reply. The new LED should be a fantastic upgrade to your grow. (don't you love buying new gear?) And I can't wait to see your entry for the cup, I'm happy to be "competing" with you guys. Also I'm very happy with the fact that for once we'll be seeing some completed journals of the strains I'm/we're growing.
  9. Actually, I got a question for you Lams. Is it true that if you use LED's you should increase the temperature of your grow room from 70-75F to 80-85F? From what I have read and heard, The plants photosynthesize faster in warmer climates, so wouldn't the plants intake and uptake be effected by temperature differentiation?. I heard somewhere that since your average plant canopy is 80F, while the room may be 75F. Shouldn't you try to replicate that by increasing the temperature of your LED setup to match those temps of 80F canopy? peace and pot
  10. Excellent, this was very informative as i picked up on a few ticks to use in the future
  11. I will defiantly look into finding more photos to upload, just give me a few days. As for comparing Bubba's, do you mean the difference between a Canadian grown Bubba and the GHS? I can answer by saying the GHS strain is a tiny bit towards the sativa end and with fruity tones. But when choosing which "Bubba" is "best" I would have to let you decide. In my opinion a "Canadian" Bubba will be more narcotic with more earthy tones. It will usually have darker leaves with lime green buds, unlike the GHS Bubba which is all bright and shiny lime green. Lol its a tuff one. I WILL SAY THIS, I ONLY GREW
  12. This is an excellent strain that I grew two years or so ago when GHS first released it to Canada. As I can't speak for the rest of the world. But it was defiantly on par with some of the finest "purple kush's" i have seen in anywhere from BC to Toronto. If I remember correctly I kept the temps between 76F lights on and 69F lights off, with purling ALL over by week 7. The smell was very fruity,piney, and with hints of fuel and diesel. The yield was above average for a "Kush" variety. The plant was fairly easy to grow, and of course she loved a heavy blast of nutrients. This is and excellent str
  13. I love to look for new technology all the time. The advancements we see everyday are just amazing. I just recently started using them in my Veg rooms mixed with a combination of MH. I'm always trying to fine tune, but it's becoming more and more difficult as we see new equipment everyday.
  14. Exactly, couldn't agree more myself. And I'm very happy to hear that in the UK things are starting to look much better. But these days nothing is really certain, and not everything lasts. I hope that with the youth of today. We can have a better outlook on cannabis for the future. (not that i care for the attitude of today's youth but the fact that its becoming much more "easy going" for them) Thanks Lams, and nice to meet you