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  1. Thans fuzzy ill check that out now..
  2. Sure med4u im usin the super closet hydroponic 4x8 superroom grow tent: Gorilla Grow Tent - The very best and thickest grow tent available Dual Properly Air-Cooled 600w High Pressure Sodium Bulbs with built in "Raise/Lower" Yo-Yo System Timers for Complete Automation Odor Free Growing with Activated Carbon Scrubber & Filter Award winning Lumatek Digital, Dimmable Ballasts Digital readout Temperature/Hygrometer Internal Circulation Fan Adjustable Net Trellis to maximize yields by tying and supporting your plants Electrical GFCI adapter for maximum growing safety Instructional DVD with set-u
  3. True an thank you, ill be asking more questions so feel free to give your input weneva u see one of my post.
  4. Thanks for the help dust, the only reason i want to grow hyroponically is because u can speed the grow proccess up lol soil takes a long time :/
  5. Hey question to anyone who can answer im gettin ready to start growing hydroponically with a superroom grow tent an im going to use the 16 plant system, is space going to be a significant factor or is there going to be no problem at all?
  6. soo is space a huge factor wen growing hydroponically??

    1. mopman


      Ask in the hydro section and im sure someone will pop in and help.

    2. kushtonslater


      okay thanks lol how do i get there?

    3. kushtonslater


      nvrmnd thanks for the help..