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Smokeythabear last won the day on September 8 2013

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    Sleeping with head in books lol
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    Found my life's passion in growing and in this incredible plant :)

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  1. Buddy stopped by with 3 choice nugs to sample..Green Crack x Kings Kush; Pink Star; and Green Crack x Great White Shark..insane crosses. Hit a bowl of GC x KK in the volcano and it had me floored for 3 hrs and was still feelin it 4 hrs later!! Insane

    1. Bam-Bhole


      Can't wait for the FBK to get ready in a minute - 2 phenoes one Green Crack dom one OG Kush. Am a fan of the King's Kush - it is so damn tasty - so sweet with all those tangerine/mandaribne flavors and that unique menthol-kind of cool smooth inhale , not the strongest strain but def. the one, that tastese the BEST and I mean that ...

    2. Stinky Pete

      Stinky Pete

      Awe Smokey. Brother , I haven't been to active lately. Do you have journals going again ???