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Everything posted by Smokeythabear

  1. Finally getting ready to start another grow :) Just getting the space set up and ready..ordering seeds tomorrow! :) it's only been 11 months but it seems like forever!!

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    2. Bam-Bhole


      How many strains ? Can't beat the exodus Cheese, if you have things to o smoke Damnesia. For TV Caboose.

      Hey you know the score..lol

    3. Smokeythabear


      Thanks Iaocco!! Bam good to hear from you as well :) I've decided since I've only grown GHSC strains so far to try a few strains from other breeders. I've got 5 Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough, 5 Barney's farm critical kush, and 1 free Barney's farm LSD seed. I'm not 100% sure how many of each I will plant but thinking 5-6 plants total.

    4. Bam-Bhole


      variety is the spice of life . Never smoked any of those strains, so no comment.

  2. REALLY missing growing...purchased bud is just not the same :(

    1. laocoo


      You're absolutely right mate.... agree 100%, but be strong!! and i hope u can restash sooner as possible

    2. Smokeythabear


      Thanks bro!! I hope so too :)

    3. Vertox


      Ill be waiting for u my Friend ;) cant wait to see some of ur Sweets agin :)

      Cheers my Friend

  3. Moving in 5 days..hope to have pics of last grow and a new grow started in the next 30 days...Peace friends

    1. Ghost Grower

      Ghost Grower

      Stay strong my friend, I know that's not easy. But soon after that you will be in peace doing what you love again.

      -Peace bro.

    2. Smokeythabear


      Thanks Ghost!It's sad, almost out of my SLH and Trainwreck and not finding the strains I want locally..decent stuff, but hard to find the right daytime meds for pain..no one wants to grow sativa or even sativa hybrid unless it's personal head stash. Peace

    3. Ghost Grower

      Ghost Grower

      Try to get some Lemon OG Hybrid (they are like 60% Sativa). It's more Indica than the SLH but will work well. I guess you can find this strain easily in your region. (But it will hit harder for daytime.)

      -Peace, see you soon.

  4. Still smokin!! Life's crazy with divorce, moving, and finishing school..hope all my bros and hos at Strainhunters and GHSC are well :)

  5. Still smokin!! Life's crazy with divorce, moving, and finishing school..hope all my bros and hos at Strainju

  6. Still smokin!! Life's crazy with divorce, moving, and finishing school..hope all my bros and hos at Stra

  7. Buddy stopped by with 3 choice nugs to sample..Green Crack x Kings Kush; Pink Star; and Green Crack x Great White Shark..insane crosses. Hit a bowl of GC x KK in the volcano and it had me floored for 3 hrs and was still feelin it 4 hrs later!! Insane

    1. Bam-Bhole


      Can't wait for the FBK to get ready in a minute - 2 phenoes one Green Crack dom one OG Kush. Am a fan of the King's Kush - it is so damn tasty - so sweet with all those tangerine/mandaribne flavors and that unique menthol-kind of cool smooth inhale , not the strongest strain but def. the one, that tastese the BEST and I mean that ...

    2. Stinky Pete

      Stinky Pete

      Awe Smokey. Brother , I haven't been to active lately. Do you have journals going again ???

  8. Poured the last watering can into the last plant I will be able to grow for quite a long time..would be lying if I say a few tears were not shed :(

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    2. Smokeythabear


      Ya Nerzo420..for about 3 good/shitty (lol) reasons I gotta stop for now. I'll finish up the journal in a couple weeks during college break - best crop yet for aroma, flavor, and potency by far. Every grow this community has helped me improve and I love you all!!

    3. Smokeythabear


      Dust - Thanks brother! I will still be a part of the SH community :)..more once I get caught up with school and not in court for divorce every month :P Peace Dust

    4. Smokeythabear


      Thanks for the kind words Scott. Dude once school is done, divorce is more settled, I could damn well use a trip, maybe an extended one! Could you picture that? Gonzo and Smokey and a few other friendly farmers working a ganja field? :) One can dream and who knows who knows.

      Takin things day by day, I hope things are well with you Scott..Peace brother

  9. I almost never put out an L before she's finished..I bow to the Trainwreck :)

  10. Oh ya brother!! Look at the frost building on the bushy Deep Cheese, no wonder she's smellin funky Sorry to hear about the green crack. The little clones look like they are starting to come along to help replace it. Looking good brother, I love that LST work! Peace and respect
  11. Double SLH harvest starts..NOW :)

  12. Gorgeous finish to those two I agree with Dust about that black pheno, stunning colours brother and great overall results. Have fun with your two harvested ladies and good luck with the rest! Peace and much respect
  13. Bro that's just awesome man! A beautiful flat canopy on a bushy well trained plant. Nice work showing what cfls (and you) can do Keep up the great work Peace and respect
  14. Trainwreck harvest pics posted in journal :)

  15. Hello hunters and friends Here are pictures of the Trainwreck post - it has been hanging for 5 days now in temps ranging from 18 - 19 degrees C at the start and rH @ 45% to start.Temperatures now @ 15 - 16 for the past 2 days and 55 - 58% rH to slow down drying and allow evaporation of the pigments. I apologize I don't have time for a proper post at the moment or to get back to everyone properly, I will when I get a little more time I promise and am truly sorry, things are really too busy right now I hope you will understand my friends Please enjoy..there are lots I will post pics of the
  16. Wrecked on Trainwreck bubble hash :) Harvest pictures tonight or tomorrow

    1. Nerzo420


      Trainwreck hash sounds tastyyyy bro :) is it the Trainwreck your harvesting?

    2. Smokeythabear


      Yes I just put up the harvest update pics :)The bubble hash pics will be next.. really sorry bro, I know u have a few more questions, shits jsut crazy busy I will get back to you asap!

  17. Happy you enjoyed Lams - ya I thought I'd include em both You'll be happy to know sortin through pics now and getting an update ready..I might work quicker if I left the Trainwreck bubble hash I made yesterday alone..but it tastes so damn nice More about that in the post my friend.. Haha no worries Gaz, I agree with you 100%..and I'm part French so somehow all is good Thanks for the nice comments! Good to see you brother PEACE AND RESPECT
  18. Hi everyone many thanks for the awesome positive vibes!! I promise I will reply to everyone and get an update as soon as I can..school's crazy as usual In the meantime, here is a positive tune about the blessed herb to brighten everyone's day! Enjoy Proteje - "This is NOT a Marijuana song" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6vNi6dasfg Here's the version with Wiz Khalifa http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i99Yhd-ohEs PEACE AND RESPECT
  19. Sooo cool!! Dust you say you may now be able to ship seeds to Canada for testing which is awesome!! Not so awesome for me though, unfortunately this is going to have to be my last grow for awhile :( Moving in a couple of months + no more legal personal medical grows in Canada for the time being + divorced and angry ex. A couple of lawsuits are happening in Canada though - one is to "grandfather" our personal grow licences and allow the 24,000 or so legal medical growers in Canada to keep our licences and right to grow. Or we have an election in 2015, but just legalizing doesn't mean medica
  20. Watchin Jamaica expedition & trimming the Trainwreck :)

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    2. Smokeythabear


      Haha oh ya..I really should have left it alone..woulda been a big ball. BUT I've been smokin it in the bong almost as fast as it collects! Very potent stuff..too early to say but might be my favourite plant I've grown yet. The smell is insane, super sour skunk with lavender background. Pics soon as I can ;)

    3. Smokeythabear


      Gonna be some nice bubble hash from the sticky sticky trim :)

    4. lamsbread


      haha, soon as you can......put the bong down. lol I love the optomism.

      I can hear it bubbling man ;)

      Just one more an I post the pics xD

  21. Beautiful flat profile on that bushy deep cheese Like you said there will be lots of buds, and all of em getting about the same light energy, really nice work Did some reading about the Candyland, sounds like a very promising strain, I'm looking forward to seeing her (crossin my fingers too) grow up. I'm sure you've seen this but maybe other's who haven't might be interested http://www.seedsman.com/en/candyland-regular-seeds Keep up the nice work brother..flowering soon? Peace and respect
  22. Hi Hunters! It's been 3 weeks since I updated data so here's the little bit of boring data that I was taking about for anyone interested. The Trainwreck is a combo of really pretty "autumn" colours and get's the chop tomorrow after 58 days of 12/12 (she started to really kick into flower after only 8 days of 12/12) after being vegged for 38 days. Her big calyxes have swallowed up almost all signs of pistils and she has plenty of milky trichs with about 10 % amber trichs. The other 3 plants have all had a big final flush now and will be getting pretty much just reverse osmosis water now unti
  23. @ Bam - Thanks for the weekend tunes brother!!! Some real nice rump shakin Sorry just gettin back to ya now, things are hectic. Peace and respect! Hi Fran Thanks for stoppin in and the kind words! The Trainwreck has been my favorite plant in the tent from the start and now her "fall" colors are pretty damn cool with reds and purples as deep as black fanning out to yellow oranges. A beautiful example of GH genetics. She gets harvested tomorrow and I will be sure to take plenty of pics Peace and respect my friend Hi Gonzo/Scott! Really happy to see you did not disappear my friend That
  24. Was just gifted some amazing Strawberry Cough and a real nice chunk of pressed kief hash :)

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    2. lamsbread


      sweet bro. Strawberry cough is supposed to be a anti anxiety straind and no hangover. is that your expirience? Random fact Strawberry cough was the strain Micheal Cain was growing in "Children of Men".

      Kief sounds nice too :)

      35C pfft you can keep those temps, it's only 5C outside (night temp) so it is chilly but heat like you got , I'd rather be cold.

      Look forward to update and nice pictures.

      Peace my friend


    3. Smokeythabear


      No no Lams, it's MINUS 35 C below 0 here - chilly as can be! I would take your 5 C anyday :)the strawberry cough was completely true to its reputation, no anxiety, totally relaxed laughing, energetic, lasted strong for 3 + hrs and no hangover. A must try and would love to grow it. Peace my friend ;)

    4. lamsbread


      lmao read straight past the the minus symbol.I would have to agree with you, 5C sounds possitively toasty compared to -35C.

      Sounds a great strain and one to try.

  25. Picture update posted finally - 49 days into 12/12 :)

    1. lamsbread


      TW are looking nice smokie and they only 49 days old, gonna be some fine assed buds by the time tehy finnish! :D

    2. Smokeythabear


      Thanks Lams! I didn't mean to mislead you or anyone else - I should add they were vegged for 4.5 - 5 weeks or so first, and had some issues with contaminated pro mix. I will edit the post! ;)

    3. lamsbread