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  1. davvero delle belle ragazze x essere a milano ke il clima nn è dei migliori (lo dico xke abito vicino pure io) erano davvero belle! respect
  2. i reaaaaally love the second man! give a hug for me hope for the best!
  3. thanks for the suggestion dust i will do it
  4. yes right! but now the weather it's better sun all the day and leaves stays ever up!
  5. ]Hi!! here the photos with the leaves on!
  6. these evening the leaves turn on! if i can tomorrow i put a photo with normal leaves it looks an other plant! thanks all
  7. Hy guys! just want to show you my outdoor Big Bang and a Fruit Spirit from Royal Queen! This is the BB it's 1.20 m and it's in flowering from a week, in some days the leaves goes quite down like in the photos and then they turn up, you think it's maybe a deficit of some nut or something else?? and these is the Fruit Spirit that is 80 cm tall tell me what you think! thanks byeeee
  8. hi guys! i found this nutrient at my home that is for plant in general, it's good for veg or flowerin? or it's not good?? thanks a lot
  9. for now i havent but i will put! they just start in some branches to grow asymmetric!
  10. Hi guys my BB start showing some start to flower about 1 month ago for a week, and then it's still growin in veg, do you think the plant can have problems?? thanks a lot!
  11. Hi guys, i start my BB autoflowering from 2 month and half from seed, but it still not flower!! the plant is really well and it continue to grow up but it not flower! can someone help me? yesterday i try to put in a dark room to force the flowering but don't know if it change something for autoflowering, i have it in outdoor! please help me thaks!