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  1. I apologize for my lack of updates for this thread. I have been super busy with life and have not had much time for extra activities. Here is an update on the girls. The one that is outside will be getting cut down Saturday or Sunday most likely. Just trying to kill off the little bit of spider mites that showed up in the last week. I think I have gotten rid of them after daily spraying of Mighty Wash (frequency water with NO CHEMICALS), it is too close to the harvest to spray them with anything else. I have sprayed the indoor ones down with Neem Oil and should be able to avoid any further inf
  2. giovanni831

    Samasara - Sweet Black Angel

    Gallery dedicated to a a specific strain (hence the title)
  3. I was supposed to have more than that, but had a buddy that needed some plants so i have him the other few that were supposed to go out there. Plus I thought that we were moving, so I didn't want to have a lot of outdoor shit to move. I kinda missed a good opportunity there.
  4. Here is an update for this week. Wasn't too sure if I would get it up here because I planned on riding today. It is waaaay too hot right now so I came home, I dont feel like wearing a helmet right now. So here is a few pics of my indoor girls. I think they are in week 4 of veg, but I'm not too sure. I honestly do not keep track of veg time, kinda just switch them when they are ready. Here is the one that is outside, she is in the end of week 5 flowering. I think she suffered a little bit being moved to a bigger pot in the middle of flower. I am still acclimating to growing in pots, never ran
  5. Okay here is the update from LAST WEEK that didnt get posted. I will try to take some pics today for this weeks update. I could have swore that I replied to some posts, but they arent in here, so I obviously never posted it. Dust... Thanks, and to answer you, I got an old 1997 TL1000s and have been putting in some wrench time trying to get it brought up to speed on maintenance. The last people neglected it a little, but didnt thrash it, so I am just playing catch up. Tokage.... Thank you for stroking the ego a little. =) I try not to smoke and ride, bad for my health... lol Well on to the imag
  6. I have been working and bought a new motorcycle so I have been MIA from the forums for about a week. Here is a quick update of the SBA that is outside. I will have to upload the images for the indoor probably tomorrow. Here she is at 22 days flowering....
  7. Thank you. I think that is the best plan of attack with those things. I dont like using chemical pesticides and usually will only use it save the plants from something harder to treat. so far I have been fortunate to not have any pests that either neem oil or botanicals couldnt get rid of. I keep a few cans of Doctor Doom in the event that spider mites or something else just goes crazy .
  8. Thank you thank you. Glad to have my mojo back after that last epic failure of a grow. That was almost bad for my self esteem . Working out this coco technique, so one or two more runs should get me good with it.
  9. Thank you. Yessir.. pulled a few leaves that had damage and hit them with the neem oil and all is good for the last few days. I assume I got it before it was an issue.
  10. OUTDOOR - 2 WKS FLOWER The bud sites are starting to stack up. Flowering is kicking in pretty good now. Little bud sites at the tops of the branches, more white hairs visible. Next watering will be plain PHed water and then let them dry out for a few days. Will resume regular feeding mid-week coming up. INDOOR - WEEK 2 VEG. I topped the three that are inside, to get ready to LST them. I figure with the small footprint of the LEDs, I will go with 4 colas per plant. Shoot for a 40cm x 120cm canopy which is a little over .5 m2. Here are a few quick images, no big change since last.
  11. Thanks brother. I have been monitoring them and see no further damage, so I might have caught it early enough. This is why I tell people to check their plants daily for issues, saves time and plants . I will say that I was a little nervous about spraying them down with the neem oil with temps at 105F (40C). They seem to be handling it just fine though. Plus they always look sexy with the shiny leaves.
  12. Great article Franco. I have always flucuated my PH slightly higher for flowering, but never that far. I usually only move from 5.8 in veg to 6.0 in late flower. I will definitely try it out this go around and attempt to get better results. It would stand to reason with nutrient availability at different PH levels. I am just trying to find the balance for nutrient ratios. I have been trying to track it for a few years now, but cant seem to get the numbers just right. It may be partially that I rotate genetics every few cycles, and we all know that no two plants are the same. Thank you for sha
  13. So I woke up this morning and went out to smoke a cigarette and noticed a few trails on my leaves. I did a quick inspection and found about 4 leaves with the trails on them. I will assume that it is leaf miners, so I dowsed the plant with some neem oil and soap to try to get a handle on them before they run rampant. I also pulled off all infected leaves in an attempt to expedite the eradication. I have never dealt with this particular pest before. As a precautionary measure, I sprayed the indoor plants with the neem oil as well. I usually spray them down in early veg and early flower. I honest
  14. Thank you brother. Think I have a handle on this coco coir now. I had a little struggle with it in the last cycle, but that seems to be worked out now. Cant wait to flip the timer on the indoor ones to see if my lighting experiments are going to pay off. They have given me roughly 30% better growth in veg, hopefully that will carry over.
  15. I have seen those and used something similar. There is one in the US that General Hydroponics has: http://generalhydroponics.com/site/index.php/products/systems/waterfarm/waterfarm_8_pack/ If you are interested in that system, I would advise against the one in the link that you provided. There is no mechanical parts, pumps, or airstones. You will have your roots drowning in stagnant water for 2 weeks at a time. If you do decide that you want to do that system, then I would say invest a few dollars in aquarium air pumps and put an airstone in each of the 5 containers (including reservoir). Also