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  1. Hunters. Many ppl in the chat ask what we do when we say we are "mixing" Well what i do is not mixing some classic hip hop, wich i would like also... I mostly mix my good old manali hash with tobacco. but it really isnt done with take some hash some tobacco put to pipe and light. if it was that easy... what we need: sheet of unprinted paper... a cigg, a scale, the hash and a reliable lighter (BiC) we crumble the hash roughly on the tobacco and now the part that takes a bit practice I never burned a mix but ive seen it many times, looks funny warm the mix with the lighter under the sheet of paper. it needs to get hotter then u might think to mix perfect. take a look at the paper after mix but if you heat it up just nicely ( the mix will smoke a little bit, thats ok) you feel the smoothness when you mix it between your fingers. it really gives a new mass, from this 2 components... the better the hash the lower the mix temp. but soon you feel it ok then you are ready for takeoff best is percolated pre cooled bong, believe me enjoy hash works better mixed, but if you heat up weed like this you destroy a part of the weed. possible is o crumble weed in the mix after you heated and mixed it with tobacco that really recomended, because it rocks about the amount.... premo hash you should take close to half a gram per cigarette, wich makes it mostly very smooth to smoke. taste is different, but pot smokers lungs cant be that different, try yourself. tell me what you think
  2. From the album dwc project

  3. starbud sister x biker kush . hortilab
  4. From the album dwc project

  5. From the album dwc project

  6. From the album atrox

  7. who da f... came up with "never skip the leg day" ?! well, new technology makes everything impossible...possible
  8. true.
  9. def no browser issue, make that chat working ! please i am wondering a bit... i am no expert in constructing web pages, but if this is a free software --> delete and take one thats working? if ghsc pay anything for this feature --> put some pressure on the one who wrote that crap. weeks or month ago many ppl including me mentioned that the chat is bugging like mad. kicking out randomly and reconnect sometimes fast sometimes not at all. the overall activity is becoming a shame also. i was a member before we had grow report cups and remember that this was one of the leading web sites out there. number of active members vary i know, but when i enter the site in 2012 there was a active member count of atleast 25 ppl. i miss seeing well placed promotions for this site, this was the way i found it. the chat function really made it one of a kind, new friendships and alot of helping stuff in the chat, if you look between the mind spam of unemployd drug heads the forum maybe get back to old member counts or not, but im sure without the chat it wont
  10. Hey guys after very good start in my veg room i can present a collectibles journal with many many strains in all stages. Cool for me cause everything is easy, i will keep it organizes and title every picture. All will grow in Coco/perlite 50/50 both from Plagron Feeding is Powderfeed indica and sativa, or bio vega from canna for the veg room. My strainlist (so far, today ) Money Maker Supercritical SuperLemonHaze K-Train Nevilles Haze The Doctor everything from greenhouse then from og raskal white urkle I have a small veg room 80x80 only with cooltubes, that is very slow but if i wanna boost i change rooms for several plants because my flower room is kind of large with 2x400W hps. The pictures: super crit 2x white urkle nevilles k-train slh MM gang one slh in flower and the doctor will be added tonight ... Gonna be a big journal over a long time, have fun friends world peace
  11. Both is possible, but the more perlite, the smaller the water intervals get, specially in flower you can feed a 50/50 plant almost 2 times a day. Every day absolutely needed, so i went back to about 30% perlite, still good drain, but the coco is able hold the water alot longer.
  12. hey fran, scrit was amazing. so good that i started next 4, well they almost ready again. 3 weeks i guess. after that i finally will do a clone grow again (starbud sister) X (biker kush aka HA OG), from hortilab lemon weed cake after last harvest
  13. thx bro here we have a critical + 2.0 of dinafem, she very similar in smell and size
  14. almost home supercritical ghsc
  15. lil update from the flower room. merry christmas to all you hunters...
  16. thx dust, wanna see something funny? found a mutant supercritical
  17. some news from the veg area right side, 4 new supercriticals. left side is some horti lab regulars 1 sweetpink grapefruit, 2 stabud sister x biker kush hope i get a female ... fingers crossed
  18. some close ups scrit crit2.0 emdog
  19. 3 supercriticals right side dinachem , crit2.0 , and the potential emdog (from back to font, left side)
  20. you know what, my cooltube is modified... i use it with the aaw superspreader, then bend iron device for under the bulb. because i think the reflectors for the cooltubes are just poor. This little piece of iron does quire an awesome job i know, used it with and without cooltube, for 20€ or so, a must have for me
  21. ghetto we talk as soon you have everything bro, ask me if theres anything hey jose. thx man the BT was awesome, gonna do more strainhunters seedbank next year, still have alot. is my 3rd time now i grow scrit. had awesome results on her in the past, keep comin back to her you know in first setup of room it was with 2x400w, wich was too warm, so i cooltubed 1. now i am back to 1x400. because i think the 400w doesnt penetrate very deep into the canopy, i kept the cooltube. plants can grow all upto the bulb with no problems. winter now its very cold inside room, plants show it a bit. i sell one 400w and buy a 600 soon, will be nice for the cooltube
  22. ak-47

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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