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gonzosghost last won the day on August 29 2015

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  1. Hahaha, there's a few things in the pipeline anyway Will keep you guys updated
  2. Hello folks :) its been a few years since my last post I imagine lol, hope everyone is well and your gardens are growing x

    1. Cannabissapean


      Hello gonzosghost, it's wonderful to hear from you again. I had heard about your Troubles only recently. So sorry to learn about that. Are you free to post? Are you free to move about? We all missed you...

    2. gonzosghost


      Aww thanks dude :) Can't believe how long it's been since I've posted something, like more than a year anyway lol :) Yeah Ive sorted out my affairs now, I'm an official caregiver for someone with epilepsy now but still stuck here in the UK so not able to legally grow to help my friend. Managed to get their seizures down from 6 a week to just one a month through stress free living etc ;) ...so we're on the right track :) My friend and I have spoke about moving to Spain in t...

    3. nicc1976


      im glad you are ok ive had problems they have taken my phone idiots keep up the good work my friends girlfriend has got ms without bud she shakes like crazy this really needs to be sorted out too many people are suffering take care and peace to you

  3. Thanks dude, much appreciated, haven't been on here for quite some time, man I miss this place Hello Everyone x
  4. Hey Guys, I vote for Jankahar and his Super Lemon Haze Sweet bud dude
  5. Hi guys...id just like to mention that I had my court case for the 31 AK47 the cops found and have received 240hrs unpaid work. No jail time at least...I'm working in a charity shop.so it's not bad at all! :) I apologise for not being on here, things have been crazy the last few months. I will fulfill my obligations to GH very soon :) Thanks my friends x

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Smokeythabear


      Hey bro!! Community service/unpaid work is A LOT better than time in the clink!! Good to hear from ya :)

    3. Dust


      Good to hear at least you walk freely ;)

    4. gonzosghost


      Thanks Guys, I really miss growing so badly, hope the ganja Gods are shining on you all :) much love :)

      Scott :)

  6. Hi guys, been a while, I have had to stay away for a bit but I'm back now Quick question....can you use old pics? Just wondering I'm guessing not but here's one anyway...haha Sweet Mango Auto...
  7. Thanks dude I loved the smell and taste of this weed. Was intense and lemony Like lemongrass
  8. I understand dude, I get rock hard nugs here too, lol It does look different to the usual but if you go into the GHouse coffeeshop you will find Arjans Ultra Haze #1 which looks remarkably like this phenotype of Grinspoon I got. There's ladies all shapes and sizes I'll admit she wasn't a looker but she certainly smelt amazing and got you high as a motherf*%ker
  9. You didn't just say that, lol Have you ever grown sativa? I'm gonna shrug this off to sheer ignorance lololol
  10. I used to use AN all the time....I can't speak highly enough about it I know it's pricey but if you got the cash, get it I used...Sensi Grow and Voodoo Juice for veg....then Sensi Bloom, Big bud and bud candy in the flowering. These additives aren't essential at all, I have ran plants with/without Bud Candy or Voodoo Juice and they both turned out great
  11. Looking a lot happier now bit of LST...sweet Enjoy flowering!
  12. Finishing up nicely Love how the OG gets the dark colour change in later weeks Very dank look Happy harvesting my friend
  13. I'm not entirely sure, I thought I had a bad bean from Barneys a year back. It was meant to be violator kush and smelt more like G13 Haze. It actually WAS Violator Kush in the end after reading into the genetics. It has Malana in it which is a fruity sativa so I put it down to parentage. The others had more Hindu Kush in them. The thing is Dr Grinspoon is supposed to be a pure sativa so the parentage shouldn't have wide leaflet genes in it. They call it an heirloom sativa but you just don't know what they've done to create the weird pheno we know, a very tiny part indica added in somewhere do