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gonzosghost last won the day on August 29 2015

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  1. Hi guys...id just like to mention that I had my court case for the 31 AK47 the cops found and have received 240hrs unpaid work. No jail time at least...I'm working in a charity shop.so it's not bad at all! :) I apologise for not being on here, things have been crazy the last few months. I will fulfill my obligations to GH very soon :) Thanks my friends x

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    2. Smokeythabear


      Hey bro!! Community service/unpaid work is A LOT better than time in the clink!! Good to hear from ya :)

    3. Dust


      Good to hear at least you walk freely ;)

    4. gonzosghost


      Thanks Guys, I really miss growing so badly, hope the ganja Gods are shining on you all :) much love :)

      Scott :)