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  1. Hi all, I've been away for a while, was sick and had to go to the hospital. But I'm back and I have the final results for you. Of the 30 AMS we ended up with 840g, so that's exactly 0.7grams/Watt. That's nice, if you calculate that we only use about 1.8m2 in the tent. For the next round we had AMS and kalashnikova, but there was a fuckup with the timer so they got 12/12 when they were still in the vegetative state..... The plan is now to start all over with AMS, to make up for lost time. Tomorrow I will get my new seeds from the GHSC and I will open a new topic this week. Thanks to everybody for following my topic and I hope to see you in my new topic. @Dust: thanks for all your comments, it was very helpful to me! @Tokage: Sorry man, no harvest porn, promise to you: next harvest lots of pics especially for you!
  2. I have to agree with Dust and Tokage, she really looks like she could go a bit longer. And remember at the end you get the most weight! But then again you see her every day and we only see pics....
  3. Harvest update: Yesterday was harvest-day :-) and it took me about 6 hours. Biggest bud was 148gram and the biggest plant was 493 gram. Average weight was 250gram. I will get back to you with the dry end-result. Here are the photo's of yesterday...
  4. I love the 2nd macro photo! Enjoy your harvest and have a good smoke!
  5. @Dust: Yes you can really see that there are 2 phenotypes, one more indica and the othermore sativa, the indica's are already very brownhaired, but when I look at the trichomes the sativas are ahead. Tokage, I will keep those pics coming....;-) Today I took the last fanleafs, well not every single leaf but a lot came of. My hands and arms are really sticky,so I have to take a shower before I can roll one :-) Have a nice evening guys!
  6. Update day 70: Trichomes are looking better and better, a few amber, 50% milky, we'll give them a few more days. Here are the pics of today:
  7. @Tokage: no secret, just a big suction fan and lots of cool air. My airflow that's going in is about 10 degrees, so it hat a low humidity, @10degrees celsius 1m3 of air can hold +/-9grams of water, if you heat that up to 20 degrees(which can hold +/-18grams of water) you get a nice humidity around 40-45%. I keep the day and night temp very close to each other, then it's almost impossible to get condensation in your buds. The only problem is that I can't control my in and outgoing fan separetely, but we will change that in the future with a new controller. Overall, I like growing in a tent :-) @Dust: Yeah man, next time there will be AMS again, but als some auto kalashnikovas. After that, the outdoor season starts, so we will see if we continue through the summer(probably we will ;-)) For the outdoor season we will grow some hazes in scrog and ofcourse some autos. Next update will be wednesday, trichomes were checked last night and I can see the first amber colors, loving it!
  8. Update day 67(12/12) This week a lot has happened, after looking at the trichomes on monday, we saw a lot of milky trichomes already. Interestingly enough, some of the plants who don't have brown hairs, do have milky trichomes. I never saw that in a strain as much as in these AMS. Thus we started with the flushing the same day and now we check every two days the trichomes. As soon as 80% is milky we're gonna harvest. Perhaps this week already :-D We also started by taking away some of the extra leafs. Temperature is between 20-25 degrees and the humidity around 40-45%. Photo's are from yesterday, enjoy! and the dirt plant:
  9. Update of day 60, all is going well, the smell gets better and better every day! @Dust: I want to give them 16 more days to really get their full potential, do you think I should start with taking some of the leaves down already? Normally I do that only in the last week. We gave them a good flush last wednesday and let them dry out till yesterday(that's when the pics were taken), now we give them an EC of 2.3. Here they are on day 60: and the main bud of the dirt plant, she's about two weeks behind the rest. I wish everybody a good smoke for 2013 and all the best, see you all in the new year!
  10. Seedling update: The seedling got their first feeding last friday, so this how they looked the n Left side are the Kalshnikovas autos and on the right side AMS.
  11. She looks nice! How high is the lamp hanging above her? Do you feed her everyday and what kind of nutes are you using? Do you also measure PH and EC? Keep the pics coming, we love it!
  12. Plant is looking nice and healthy, like Dust said; keep the net on maximum tension, it will make your scrog easier. Keep them pics coming!
  13. Hi guys, here are the photo's of day 53 of the bloomperiod. Had some minor problems again with the humidity but I think we solved those. I think they can handle the high EC very well(no yellow leaf tips), that's why we continue the PK till wednesday. Then we give them a good flush and let them dry out till sunday. Then we will decide whether we give them one more feeding or start the flushperiod. We will probably give them 10-2 days more of feeding. Any comments or remarks are always welcome, mind you it's the first grow in a new tent, so we still are adjusting everything. No more talking, a picture says more than a thousand words....;-) the dirt plant
  14. @Dust: I know I'm really on the border with the feeding, today I will inspect them to see how they did after 4 days of PK. If all is well, then I will continue with the PK for 3 more days. @Tokage: this afternoon I will take some more pictures and post an update. I think you gonna like it!
  15. I'be got some kalashnikova seedlings at the moment, will follow you, you're just a few weeks ahead of me. Keep the pics coming and thanks for sharing!

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