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  1. you to maffro! I'm using 1 pot only, I'm going to be doing aeroponics with the plants now and instead of the pineapple express I'm gonna go with an auto malana hash plant to try and get some sweet cream into the mix!
  2. big ups to Mopman and fuzzy for all the info!
  3. Too bad I came to late to see you guys at the expo. I got some free swag from the lovely girls you had there. Thanks for the grinder and the lanyard! DId you guys get a chance to see the glass floor at the CN Tower? Its a trip when your really high in the sky!
  4. nice to meet you as well brother, I'm from York region actually. are you my neighbour lol??
  5. thanks tokage! I do as well my friend
  6. Hello to all fellow growers, I'll be starting my first ever grow in about a week. I'll be germinating some Easy Ryder from the joint doctor, and pineapple express and sweetooth auto from Barney's farm. they will be going in a mixture of coco,perlite, and bat guano mostly. some ill try potting soil with the perlite and bat guano. any suggestions for any other feeding regiments I should adopt for auto plants? I have 2 small bottles of advanced nutrients jungle juice grow part a and part b that I would like to try on 1 or 2 of the plants, what other fertilizer would compliment the jungle juice gr
  7. Hello fellow strain hunters and enthusiasts! I am thrilled with excitement to have found a community that is passionate about the greatest plant on earth!!!! I will be starting my first ever grow soon, i will start a thread in the outdoor section. I will be growing some easy Ryder from the joint doctor, as well as some pineapple express auto from Barney's farm, and throw in some sweetooth. All will be auto strains an im going for an all organic grow with a mix of coco and soil. stay lifted, psyjic!