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  1. nice man ! some huge leaves growin up on them , how many watt has your light ? and which medium ? Phenofinder ROCKS ! best regards PencilJoe
  2. huhu nice man ! very frosty looking ladies with some good grown buds have a good harvest keep it green best regards Joe
  3. great x mas tree structur love it ! looking pretty healthy so thumb up keep up the good work Peace
  4. okay sry understood it wrong, but then they have a real bad grower for the shop... makes osme mistakes or i don´t know but the seeds himself from barneys are really great so 3 barneys strains are for sure in my top 5 and the shop :/ i like the shop ambiente a lot but the weed could be for sure much better...
  5. yup have to agree the coffeshop has often not that good buds , had also a few times unflushed weed but their strains are high quality , really stable genetics
  6. sweet you will love her it´s a fantastic smoke great taste love that spicy/fruity
  7. come on GAZ it´s ridicioules to give the breeder the guilty for herms :/ herms are in 99% the growers fault IU grow since 7 years and grew a lot of barneys and had just 1 times hermis and it was m y own fault sooo don´t start to give the breeder the guilt and just so btw Arjan & Derry ( barneys farm owner) are true friends...
  8. Barneys Farm !!! i make a point and say i can just have one true fav. and Barneys Farm makes the race to me
  9. oh Hell no!!! i´m so sry to hear that bro, keep your head up... faster as you think you will set it up from new and start again some beautiefull ladies... you did the best as you told them instatly where the stuff is, otherwise your wife and baby would get much more scared, thats how a true man reacts alwys his Family as first my fingers are crossed wish you all the best regard Joe
  10. And what makes me much more confused is, that the non flowering AutoBomb has preflowers since day 26 i never had a reg. strain that showed me so early his sex
  11. Blessings Hunters... Outdoor day 70 from seed Fert: GHE bio sevia I´m a bit worried above the non flowering plant... I start to believe ask myself now if i maybe reversed it but the only strain it could be in the worst case is a Doctor, but i don´t want or can believe this cuz it never happend in almost 7 years of growing...and i label all my plants straight after puting them in the medium.... but cuz she didn´t flower so far i start to doubt a bit on myself so pls all the experienced the Doctor grower what do you say could it be a Doctor??? cuz the shape is pretty identical with the other A
  12. thanks Mr.X, appricate that a lot you know i´ma big fan of your " Cannabis Art" pics ^^ best regards Joe Thanks brother, much appreciate your words! have a nice day
  13. Thanks for your nice words and stoppin by Guys, glad to Welcome you here.... I´m glad that I can share it with all you Hunters.. have a healthy Grow best Regards Brother Joe
  14. high Maffro , my darker pheno hasn´t real thinner , shape/ form of the leaes is pretty similar... yeah true we all can learn a lot out of that, really glad to be a part of that story ^^ best regards PencilJoe