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  1. Okay , just came back to the forum and been checking the old threads i visited and noticed theres been no new movies for ages so here goes to retify this issue start with this early watchable version of bad grandad LINK Is Putlocker via solarmoves- 2nd is Machete kills crazy movie links same as pulocker will upload more links to about 100 more if these are popular Enjoy
  2. from experience i can say the many different breeders cheeses I have grown were all good in different ways and ill try my best to detail why here. Big Buddah Cheese= easy plant to grow, not nute sensitive, 8-9 wks flower and provides a banging cheesy tasting decent yield . 8/10 big buddah blue cheese= another easy grower same flower period, beautiful smell/taste and a better yield 9/10 Big buddah Frieze cheese '89= fussy grower nute sensitive, same flower time amazing taste/smell but lesser yield and prone to bud rot 7/10 big buddah silver cheese= grows much the same as blue cheese but tastes totally different really good yielder of potent bud 9/10 big buddah cheesedawg= easy grower takes a little longer to get best results 9-10wks but worth it the cheese chemdog combo works well and gives better than average yield. 10/10 Barneys farm blue cheese= should technically be the same as big buddha's bc but isnt . same flower time, similar yield but unique flavour that just ticks all the boxes for me 9/10 Greenhouse exodus cheese = one of the best value seeds i have ever used. easy to grow(even for novices) similar flowering time 8-9 wks decent yielder and a proper cheese taste and smell, amazing value for money 11/10 greenhouse cheese- easy grower, mines took 10 wks to flower but produced well, beautiful taste and smell but not cheesy enough for me 8/10 paradise seeds cheese- Fast easy grower no problems at all during grow but yield, taste and flavour were average and not cheesy enough 7/10 dinafem seeds cheese - as with paradises ibl cheese this is a nice plant but just not what it says on the packet 6/10 I hope these help you decide which cheese strain to go with If i was you Id go for the Exodus cheese from GHSC or the Blue cheese from the buddah .Peace
  3. i know this was last answered a week ago but have you tried giving only 11.5 hrs of light rather than the 12/12 regime only saying cos my friend is doing the same strain and had a similar issue till he shaved the extra half hour of light away his are now beautiful looking/smelling only not a lot of side branches just one massive fat ole really pic below
  4. for sure tokage its been a bad trip but got to move on, and as i said already have new premises and an assortment of seeds. Just waiting for the delivery of 3 new lights with parabolic reflectors, three big wilma 4's, a new 8" rhino and ruck fan, ec truncheon and ph pen. And should hopefully be posting my new grow within the next week or two. As a Scot I take inspiration from Robert the Bruces great saying "if at first you don't succeed try, try again. so fuck the system , fuck the pro active and fuck the Sdea. I only follow God's law and growing weed doesn't break any commandments. Stay cool bro and watch this space..
  5. Strangest thing for me was being locked up in HMP Barlinnie, when i arrived after being allocated a hall i found my work placement was with the "garden party" I found myself growing bedding plants on a massive scale in huge poly tunnels that would be sold on at local markets. The nutrients being used were Canna and i took to it like a duck to water and the verbena, impatiens and lobeiia were great therapy for me (just a pity couldn't smoke em) also got some really good tips from John the garden screw which i shall use to great effect as i begin resurrecting my own garden.
  6. Its been about a year Tokage. a long, long tediously boring year. My lawyer has actually warned me against using the forums as the rotten mob are using them to gather eveidence against us. But due to the fact that not one mention of strainhunters was made throughout my trial nor anything related to any past posts which could easily have made for a better case for the prosecution in their attempts to establish that this was not my first time growing. I am making the judgement call that this site is safe to use. And therefore Im back . I have found out the hard way that as far as growing in the uk and getting caught the worst part of punishment for me was watching the fuckers destroy my babies . then destroy the set up (they simply cut the plants then tipped out the coco from the pots all over the floor! took all the ballasts but only one reflector? of three willma's they took only the top part the pots sit on left the 3 res' full of nutes. took most of the nutrients except 1 unopened bottle of rhizotonic? and made quite a fuss over a tub of ghe mineral magic even sending it to be analized at the lab (think they thought it was smack, who the fuck would add smack to their feeding regime ??) they also implied rather a lot of effort trying to establish if my plants came from cuttings as opposed to seeds as apparently this would provide proof of a higher level of organization on my part. On the electric front my career is over as i was a certified electrician my trade card has been removed due to the electricity act subcharge they added for tampering with the meter. Must add as well the power company were animals who disconnected my supply until i paid £1000 up front to reconnect.
  7. My story starts well im a grower who was a frequent visitor here a place i found like home and loved to be a part of it. at the same time in my circle of friends was a guy who was a pal for 30+ yrs and his cousin. whom I fell with and wrote off a combined grands worth of debt an just said dont come back. over the next few weeks these two morons proeeded to diluge my door with deliveries pizza , fast food, culminating with a locksmith when i was out of the house whcih caused the main problem I arrived at my door with a locksmith busting it open so acted in an erratice manner and attacked him (thought i was being robbed) the offended locksmiths mate phoned the police who in turn found my bud, grow and altered electriity meter.ended up getting done with assault, breach of the peae(due to time) cultivation,misuse. Done 13 out of 26 weeks and £2000 fine from leccy company. Was wondering do reckon my ex mate was trying to make sure i got caught or just trying to wind me up? Hes moved into obscurity since and thinks no-one knows where he stays. I Have now served my time in custody and on license , paid my fine and gained a new place to grow , over the next few weeks I will slowly be putting it together and posting updates as i do not Intend to give up Complete the opposite in fact. And I have missed being able to vist this foum sort of feel like ive ame home again.
  8. some of you will rememeber me from a while back, some wont. I unfortunately run into some bad luc k and lost everything to police scotland So had to temper my ativities online and the real world for what seems like forever. But no more Fuck it i love this shit and will repeat offend cos to resist is to survive. I look forward to restarting journals and such soon just got new premises sorted and buying/begging/borrowing and stealing equipment to fill it . We Shall Keep Glasgow Green.
  9. Well guy's just had a look at the babies and 6 of 6 have cracked. I'm now soaking some peat pellet's in plain old Scottish tap water that I have left to sit at room temperature for 2 hours. Ph 5.9, e.c 0.0 (doesn't register below 0.2 on my truncheon) I will place the seed's in the pre-shaped hole in the pellet's covering them with peat and giving them a light spray of water to water them in. Remembering to keep them moist! not soggy or sodden. I will now return them to the warm cupboard again until they break the surface. I will update as soon as it happens. I would like to take the time here to thank everybody for their fantastic comment's and word's of encouragement on this my first ever grow journal. God bless you all. Peace

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