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  1. wot a butiful plant one of my best smelling strain the pheno i got is real on the ssh side super lemany smell hint of candy and dank good luck one harvest m8...
  2. No one bums arjan i see a lot of hate to arjan from diffrent ppl but that what happens when your succesfull im proud to spend my money up there with no regrets because im succesful to so xxxxxxxx to all the haters and let get high and have a good time while were still here breathing and enjoy life succesful
  3. Welcome to the form m8
  4. yep that is mag this will help Magnesium is an indispensable element for a.o. plants. In plants, it represents a building block for chlorophyll (leaf green), and therefore, it is essential for photosynthesis. At the same time, magnesium plays an important role in the energy transfer. Together with calcium, it is also a component of tap water, influencing water hardness. Inorganic magnesium fertilisers are produced using the same bases that are used to produce potassium fertilisers. About magnesium in short What is it and what does it do? Magnesium is indispensable to plants Represents a building block for chlorophyll Is essential for photosynthesis. What do you see? Rusty brown spots Cloudy, vague yellow spots between the veins. What can you do? Spray with a 2% solution of Epsom salts every 4-5 days during about a week. Symptoms of a deficiency When there is a shortage, the leaf green in the medium-old leaves under the flowering top will be broken up, and the magnesium will be transported into the young parts of the plant. This breakdown is visible as rusty brown spots and/or vague, cloudy, yellow spots between the veins. A slight shortage of magnesium hardly affects flowering, although the development of the flowers makes the deficiency symptoms worse. Development of a deficiency Signs of a deficiency first appear around the 4th-6th week. Small, rusty brown spots and/or cloudy yellow flecks appear in the middle-aged leaves (under the top of the plant). The colour of the young leaves and the fruit development are not affected. The size and number of rust-brown spots on the leaves increase. The symptoms spread out over the whole plant, which looks ill. When the shortage becomes acute, the younger leaves are also affected and flower production will be reduced. Reasons for a deficiency The magnesium deficiency can occur because uptake is inhibited because of:A very wet, cold and/or acidic root environment. A high quantity of potassium, ammonia and/or calcium (for instance high concentrations of calcium carbonate in drinking water, or clay soils rich in calcium) in comparison with the quantity of magnesium. A limited root system and heavy plant demands. A high EC in the growing medium, which hinders evaporation. Solutions to resolve a deficiency When a shortage is diagnosed, the best thing to do is spray with a 2% solution of Epsom salts. Fertilisation via the roots: Inorganic: Epsom salts on hydroponics or kieserite (magnesium sulphate monohydrate). Organic: composted turkey or cow manure. Recovery Rectify the possible causes: In soil, when the pH is too low (less than 5), use magnesium containing calcium fertilisers. On hydro, temporarily apply a nutrient solution with a higher pH (6.5). When the EC is too high, rinse and/or temporarily feed with drinking water only. When growing indoors, keep the root temperature between 20 - 25 degrees Celsius.
  5. pic of health
  6. looking great don nice and healthy
  7. looking nice and healthy elctro ak47 and c99 sounds nice m8 good luck for the rest ill be waching
  8. Thanks hunters for all the kind words
  9. From the album uk cheese

  10. From the album uk cheese

  11. Hi hunters little uk cheese update ... i had a bloody power cut so my plants were in the dark for 48hours so in my head i put them 2days behind but after a couple days the plants are back on there foot. im been feeding them cana A B for my base canazym cana boost and carbload. the smell is great they starting to get that dank cheese smell but still candy hints to it. heres some pics at week 4 flower
  12. From the album uk cheese

  13. From the album uk cheese

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