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  1. as always you never let me down man! i ordered both after doing some research. they arrived today and i'm gonna start feeding as of tomorrow. very excited now that harvest day is closing in! trznk
  2. Guys, I have an urgent question: I can order Iguana juice and big bud from AN. These are the only flowering products I found here. Which one should I get? Or should I use both as I read somewhere that they are very effective together? Thanks peeps! trznk
  3. Hello again fellow farmers! I hate the camera on this phone!!! That being said, I am happy to announce that I started feeding yesterday! The girls seem to love it! I started with a little less than 1/2 dose. And combined with the treatment spray they seem to be thriving. They are early in flowering as you can see in the crappy blurry pics. And there is also Arita eagerly awaiting harvest day! As am I! Enjoy the pics if you can and have a holly jolly day! trznk
  4. for anyone interested: the spray is called total treatment from a belgian company named super plant. Sprayed it on about 3 hours ago and the leaves are now completely clean of that crap! I couldn't be more relieved. trznk
  5. Thanks a lot for the advice mate! I went to a garden store today and I bought a spray that is specifically made for this type of fungus. I usually watered in the afternoon but I will change that. Also got a fan that I will set in place so that it provides the needed airflow. I hope the fungus will disappear as soon as possible because the plants are early in flowering and I would go berzerk if the nugs will rot. Fingers crossed! Have a great day man! trznk
  6. Hey there fellow growers! I am back because of a little concern I am having. I apologize in advance for the quality of the pics but my other phone is still broken... I noticed a white dust on some of the leaves. It seems to stain them. Could it be the paint from my balconies' walls? Don't know how that could have gotten there... or could it be the sign of a bigger problem?:-s Other than that they seem to be doing great. Will start feeding flowering nutes next week and hopefully my first grow will turn out to be a success. I hope you enjoy the pics and have a great day! trznk
  7. Thanks man! A picture will do just fine. I am hoping to yield enough to get me through a few months without spending any more cash on buds. trznk
  8. those buds look great! Congrats on going all the way! How much did you yield? I would be so happy to get that much from my 4 ladies! trznk
  9. that's a big relief! thanks man! I will return with another update when needed and when relevant. All the best to you! trznk
  10. thank you brother! I guess I do too! They have been so well behaved.
  11. here are two more pics in the afternoon spot trznk
  12. hey guys! Got my hands on a replacement phone and thought it was time for some photos. Let me know what you keen-eyed guys think! You can observe the deformed leaves I was talking about in one of the pics. Have a great day! trznk
  13. hey man! They are 32 days old now. I will wait for 2 weeks as I have just changed the soil and then I will start feeding. Thanks for the advice! On another note, one of the smaller plants has developed a deficiency. The top leaves are deformed. Dropped my phone today and smashed the display so I can't take any pictures for a while. I will try and get it fixed ASAP and I will be back with photos. They look great and have grown a lot over the course of this weekend. A great day to you all! trznk
  14. Alright so I repotted all of them! The big ones in 12L containers and the smaller ones in 6L containers. I think these will do considering the size of the plants. I switched to Guanokalong Complete Mix because I ran out of the BioBizz Light Mix. It says on the packaging to start feeding after 2 weeks so I plan on doing just that. Ordered nutrients for both veg and flower. They should be here by Monday. I encountered no other problems as far as I can tell. Hopefully it will remain this way. I wish I had something to test the PH with but unfortunately I do not. I hope you guys enjoy the pics! T
  15. Thanks for the suggestion! Kinda late for that now but I have transferred the big ones in 12L pots and the small ones in 6L pots. I will post some pictures later today.