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  1. Welcome to Strain Hunters forum Say. I'm from Ontario and am the same age as you, and also living with various health issues that I treat with cannabis. Please always remember that you are not alone! Lots of great people here who would be happy to help you with any questions you may have. Even after 38 years smoking cannabis, I still learn new things almost every day...and enjoy sharing what I learn whenever needed. Best Wishes, Alex
  2. Welcome popskiller!! Nice to see yet another Canadian joining Strain Hunters. This is an awesome website and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Best Wishes, Alex
  3. Yeah that was an amazing jump!!! Way to go Fearless Felix!!! As for the "live" broadcast, I read that the Stratos team was using 16 second broadcast delay in case of accidents or other tragedy....which makes good sense. Part of what made this jump so awesome was the fact that it wasn't just a stunt. The telemetry data from his suit....recorded all the way down...will help NASA make it possible to give astronauts the potential ability to bail out of a craft in case of catastrophic emergency at up to at least 39,044 metres (128,097 feet)....making future space exploration a little bit safer. Al
  4. Hey kroNik224! Fellow Sour D fan! I was interested that you used the name "red hair sensi". I remember my first experiences with sinsemilla (correct spelling, from Spanish, for "without seeds") back in Victoria, B.C. in 1981. It was the first time I had smoked buds that were similar to the stuff we are used to today: seedless, red/orange hairs, a beautiful smell, and expensive! It was like being introduced to a whole new drug from the weed I had smoked all through high school (although I loved that stuff too at the time). Anyways, these sinse buds were selling (on the street) for $8 to
  5. Very hard to pick just one strain. I have to split this into my favourite mostly indica strain and fav mostly sativa strain. Indica - Best so far was Bubba Kush (but I should add that I smoked something much stronger when I lived in B.C. - home of beautiful BC Bud!! - but I don't know the name of what strain it was. Tasted and affected me like a kush. Knocked me on my ass and was a sweet soaring high for hours!!) Sativa - Sour Diesel was great!! Wonderful smell. I also must mention that recently I got some Headband x SAGE hybrid that is just amazing! I can almost get high just smelling it
  6. Welcome Fubar! I am a medical mj user from Ontario, Canada. Since you asked for suggestions -- the best one I have, you probably already know -- if you smoke only one strain for a long time you end up getting a bit of a "tolerance" to it and it does not always work as well as it did at first. (Let me emphasize this is not the same kind of tolerance as one gets to opiates, thank goodness) So you are doing the right thing by going for a few new strains. Personally a nice kush works well for me. And sometimes I will mix it with a bit of a sativa which I am finding works even better if I don't wa
  7. Welcome to the SH Forum! I am sure you are having a great time exploring this site. I am pretty confident that you will love it here as much as I do. Best Wishes, Alex
  8. Sounds like an awesome contest!!! I will watch this one from the sidelines because I am not in a suitable location to indoor grow at this time, but it will be very interesting to watch things progress!! I think Greenhouse Seeds is being very generous with the prizes and keeping it fun with surprises too! Best of luck to all who enter!! And in the spirit of what Tokage said above, I sincerely hope that the entrants and winners are fair, true and honest. But you know what? It is obvious we have MANY fair, honest and deserving growers here and it will be some job judging when all those awesome
  9. As others have said, you have come to the right place for info on growing and different strains and all! Just wanted to welcome you here, and hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Best Wishes, Alex
  10. Hey welcome to another fellow Canadian mmad! I am sure you have found that this is a pretty awesome place. Lots of friendly people here with loads of experience on everything to do with cannabis. Best Wishes, Alex
  11. Welcome to the SH Forum Psypoab Hope you are enjoying this place as much as I do. Thank you for sharing that cop story with us! We all have had crazy things happen but not often a bunch of police running around the garden like that with guns and all. Best Wishes, Alex
  12. Welcome to the SH Forum undergound. Indeed we do love pics of our favourite blessed plant!! Thanks for sharing mate. Have fun exploring this place and don't forget to check out all the videos if you havn't already. And the grow journals!! Some very impressive growing is documented there, with attention to detail! Best Wishes, Alex
  13. Welcome to the SH Forum Slade88. I am pretty confident that this website will live up to everything your mate said about it, and more. I also wanted to wish you all the best luck with your growing! Take pics for us please! Best Wishes, Alex
  14. MMmmm that table with all the Kings Kush dried buds looks good to smoke! Which I bet it already has almost. I really like KK a lot for medical uses, or just to chill out. I hope you are enjoying the fruits of your labour! Those K-Trains are looking nice and frosty with trichomes! Is just as well you are not rushing to harvest as it can only get better...but surely it must be close! Congrats on such great growing my friend! Alex
  15. Looking good Joe! Very nice garden, and delicious looking buds!! You have so many strains! Awesome variety! I look forward to watching all of 'em grow! Alex