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  1. yes i know to many theories gets the brain crazy. But i was just thinking what if is possible. Just for scientific sake. What if the plant leave a print on the seed so we can recognize. It is to many what if's but i will give it a try next time i plant some seeds :)
  2. Was looking recently about induction lamps and plasmalights and i noticed that where ever they are presented they are presented in the best way above any other lamp or technology but there were some growers on other forums that like it for vegging but still keep the HPS for flowering. There is few types of induction lamps which i did not pay attention to because it was still new to me but will try to close all my tabs and make some research about it. Most interesting fact i heard about this lamps is that they don't give as much heat as other lamps . compared to flourescence they give lower heat and could be brought closer to plants. compared to HPS they give out more photopic lumens(Plm) and are more cooler. Also they tend to keep there lumens stable up till 70000 hours of use because they dont have any electrodes and are type of wireless lamps there is some info on this lights here pretty eager to try it and if there is anyone who had already seen a grow op with nductive lights would be very interested in hearing of how that went
  3. Identifying seeds by looking at them Hi guys i am going to be discussing 2 theories about identifying cannabis seeds just by looking at it. First theory goes that depending on the size of the seed we could determine if the seeds was indica or sativa plant. I have come up with this theory on many forums but i am not quite sure i also found it here. So how could be size of the seed help us? There was mainly 2 theories: first one was that small seeds are indica and big fat ones sativa, the other theory goes the other way and says that big fat ones are indica and small ones are sativa. But i think the size of the seed is only determined by the mother seed plant. So if the mother have small calyxes and get pollinated by whatever the seeds are going to be small. I would really like your opinion on this one. The second theory that we are going to talk about is something more interesting and that is: determine sex by just looking the seed. This got me little more interested in because there was one picture i stumbled upon the net, saying that we could determine sex of the plants by just looking it and paying close attention on the bottom to that part where the seed was attached to the plant. So at the bottom of the female seed there should be volcano like depression, On the male seed there should be no depression but the volcano like depression would be filed or not perfectly round. This picture i found on one blog saying that is from the book: 1980s Marijuana Chemistry - Genetics, Processing, & Potency And the thing that made me want to try it even more is this youtube video https://www(dot) It is definitely new thing to me compared to the first theory that i have heard before. I have never came across this method of identifying sex of plant by looking at the seed. I always thought that you can not determine the sex till it flowers but this i have to try and next grow op i will definitely take photo of the seed and then the plant in different stages. I would really like to know your opinion on this guys and if somebody have try this method before or heard of it i would really like to know where this picture came from because i had hard time finding the book that was mentioned. I hope you would enjoy the post and check your seeds next time before you pot
  4. how did this turned out?
  5. What should be the minimal requirement for the pots using this method?
  6. Wow is that purple black also growing wild in Ukraine? There is much more resin on it compared to the green ones Do you have more information on this strain?
  7. Check Out this link may also help you: Is always better with any CO2 than no peace
  8. try both methods and decide which one you like better and which one suit your needs. if you decide on yiest method then just remember more yiest more co2 but short lasting thx for your time for reading the post:)
  9. From the album Confusing Plant :)

  10. From the album Confusing Plant :)

  11. From the album Confusing Plant :)

  12. From the album Confusing Plant :)

  13. From the album Confusing Plant :)

    bottom parts of the plant flowers getting dry and dropping some flower parts pistols getting brown and no sign of trycomes
  14. From the album Confusing Plant :)

    two middle branches with flowers and some trychomes on the leave

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