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  1. First, my sincere props for a successful grow. Nice looking ladies. I hope you met your goals, that is always a big plus. I would like to comment on your above post especially, "Height comes from root depth". I have to disagree with you on your conclusions that deeper is better. Research shows that for the most part, oxygen for plant growth (think roots) is pretty non-existent beyond about 2 feet of soil depth. Lots of folks think you need depth for the roots and that is not the case. The tap root goes down looking for water. However, we growers are providing the plants with the water they need, so the roots don't need to go deep. Also, increased depth increases the risk of anaerobic pathogens attacking your plants root system. A shallow and wide pot is best. Regarding height, I think the fullness of the plant is of greater import as girth will provide more bud sites. Height+width=GIANTS. As is known from the cultivation of clones, there is no need for the plant to have a tap root in order to grow to it's full potential. The size of the healthy root system is paramount to producing large plants that can reach their genetic potential. Important factors to be considered when planning the growing of large plants are: sun, soil, water, and genetics. Fall short in any one area and the rest don't matter much. Plants grown in soils of depths from 18-24 inches with very wide pots for root growth do best. The greatest growth activity occurs in this soil region due to richer oxygen concentrations. Pots with volumes of 300 gallons (18"x 6') will produce giant trees if the above factors are optimized. The following pictures are evidence to what is possible. These plants were grown in magic pots (18"x6') or mounds with soil volumes of approximately 300 gallons per plant. Look at the possibilities... These are not flukes, one of a kinds. Thanks for letting me share. BTW, I did not grow those giant trees. Our little garden can be found on a thread in this forum.
  2. We've started harvesting the Super Critical, Jack Herrer/AK47 cross, & Toxic Punch. We'll be bringing it all in over the next 4-6 weeks, most of it in the next 2 weeks. Lots of work. We still have more SC, then Moby Dick, Arjan's Haze, more AK, White Widow, Toxic Punch, Double Bubble Blueberry, & Jack the Ripper. Some of it looks very nice. A few (3) have just begun to show flowering, late bloomers.
  3. Howdy all! I've been busy, good busy this week. Been trim, trim, trimmimg most of the week. Here's a couple pics.
  4. Super Critical from GHSC
  5. Today's TOP PIC is...and she's almost ready for lift-off!
  6. Good morning, Good afternoon, and Good evening! Not much change from yesterday of course, but here's a pix from today.
  7. Glad to have been able to contribute to your day. Yes, getting quite resinous and sticky.
  8. Greetings! A few flower pics from this morning. They all have a little longer to go.
  9. I like your garden. Very healthy looking, nice colors. Buds look delicious! Good job!
  10. Nice pics of your buds. Looks like you are getting color in at least one of the flowers.Thanks for sharing.
  11. I also stumbled onto this at Amazon. It is the MicroMax LED Plus. It connects the MicroMax to your i-phone. If you have an i-phone, looks like the way to go. For about 15 bucks, wow. Again, no personal experience with this product. There is a video on the Amazon page. Google is your friend.
  12. A quick google search found this. It also goes by the name of Zoomy. Amazon has the Zorb for about $43 USD and the Zoomy for about $40 USD. The Zoomy claims 35x-53x, the Zorb only claims 35x. I have no experience with either model. Practice caveat emptor when picking your tools. You usually get what you pay for.
  13. Yeah, but the reward will be great... ...taken yesterday morning. Top pic is one of the Super Critical, bottom pic is one of the Arjan's Haze 1. They are just starting to get that wonderful frosty appearance we all cherish so much.
  14. Hi Hexx, The lady is looking quite nice. I hope the temps. hold out for you and Jack so you get an abundant harvest. Cheers!
  15. Sir!? Thanks bro', you made me feel old. LOL! I guess it's time for a smoke and a nap.

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