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  1. A few days passed since my last post. An that has a good reason. I have to make a sad announcement: So cops somehow did find something out. Last week they were in front of my door but they didnt have a search warrant. That was my luck! After they left me alone again i started to cut them all down, removing the plants pots and soil and all the other equipment. The plants and soil are gone in a river and the rest of the equipement was taken away by a friend to his house. Now I am waiting for the police to appear with a search warrant. I am pretty sure they will get it. I am really sorry Strainhunters, Green House Seeds, Dust and everybody else. I really wanted to complete this journal and to finish the contest. I hope you are not angry about my decision to cut them down. I did already put a lot of work in the grow and also in the journal. Please do not think bad about me now. During the next weeks or months i will not come back to this forum. I am not sure yet how they found out about my room. When I know it i might return. It´s time to say goodbye my friends! I wish all of you the best for the future and i hope that you will stay safe. To all the participants of the Ourdoor Cup: May your girls become strong and heavy Good luck and try to keep the first price in the SH Forum and do not give it to Cannabiscafe Thanks for everything you guys have done for me! You are awesome! Not only the Staff, also the members. You did answer many of my questions and helped me a lot! I hope to come back here in near future! Bye
  2. I have some good and some bad news. The good news first! The Mangos are all happy and alive and one of the other plants is showing female pre-flowers. But 2 of the other plants are showing male preflowers. I will kill them because i do not know their genetics for sure. I did already beat them up Now i am just hoping that all otheres are female. I will give you a new update on the Sweet Mango Autos during the next few days. And ofcourse i will add some pictures. cu soon
  3. Yes ofcourse! You are welcome mate!
  4. Hey nicc! It is possible to change the language to english. But the journals will still stay in spanish ofcourse. After you logged in in your cannabiscafe account there is a button on the top right corner called "Configuración". If you click on it you will get to your user control panel. On the left side you now have some more links. Click on "Configuración General" and you will find "Idioma del Foro:" on the bottom. The default language is set to español but can be changed now to "English (US)". Maybe I also have a direct link for you. Try to click here . If you also want the journals to be in english i would suggest to use google translator. Click here. Adjust the languages to spanish and english, enter the URL on the left side and open the link on the right side. Now everything is translated. But take care. Not everything will be translated correctly. If you are not registered on cannabiscafe yet and you have some problem with this step just let me know it. You could give me an email adress, a password which is not used for anything else yet and the username you want via pm. I would register you, you would get the confirmation mail and after that you can change you password. Just let me know if you need anymore help. aeroguy
  5. Good morning everybody! Today is day 8 for the little Sweet Mango Autos. It´s time fot their first nutrient solution! This is my first time using Powder Feeding from GHSC. To have a good comparison to Hesi, which I used so far, I decided to feed 7 plants with Powder Feeding and 3 plants with Hesi. But before I tell you more details about the nutrients I want to show you some pictures with all ladies together in my tent: I do not know why but somehow I am proud about them Let us start with the Hesi nutrient solution. It was mixed like written in the Hesi schedule. 1l water got prepared with 2.5ml TNT complex (vegetation fertelizer), 5ml of root complex, 2ml of power zyme and less than a drop of super vit. All product are original Hesi products. This nutrient solution is made for SMA#1, SMA#2 and SMA#9. All the other Mangos receive only Powder Feeding from GHSC. On the packaging is written that you should use 2.5g - 5g / 10l of water for young plants or seedlings. Because I only mixed 1l of water I chose to use 0.25g for that liter or easier: 0.25g/l. I am now very excited to monitor the developement during the next few days. This is how the preparation of the Powder Feeding solution looked like: By the way: I love this spoon! Are there also knifes and forks purchasable from GHSC? :D Do you still remember the day i tranferred the sprouting seeds to their pots? Today I have some new individual shots of every single plant for you: SMA#1 (Hesi) SMA#2 (Hesi) SMA#3 SMA#4 SMA#5 SMA#6 SMA#7 SMA#8 SMA#9 (Hesi) SMA#10 At this point I want to thank nicc1976 and Dust for their comments. As you might already have noticed on the pictures I placed the Seet Mango Autos now a bit higher in my GrowLab tent. First I was afraid that the stems could break because of the air circultaion. But Dust gave me the advice that there is only a minimal chance that they break. And he is right as always One of the plants needs a littele bit help (SMA#4) but all the other are fine and happy. They will now take profit from more light and more air. The room temperature is still kept between 25°C and 30°C. The humidity is a little bit low with about 30-40% but all the plants look great. I am not really worried about that but i often spray some waiter on the leafes or in the air to increase it. That´s it for today! I hope you guys enjoy the new photos and information! As always you are pleased to comment, ask questions or criticise. I hope to see you back here soon! Have a good day and a good smoke everybody.
  6. From the album Update Day 8

  7. From the album Update Day 8

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