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  1. Um they left feed and tent but they took seeds for competition, all my filters and fans, ballast, reflector and bulb so in only have tent and feed left and some thermometers. Abd yes mate neighbours as the floor still smells and we not growing anymore
  2. hey guys. a quick little update lol. things dont look too bad. my friend will be charged with production of a class b drug which isnt too bad all depends how much weight the police estimate the harvest would of been. but luckily when cleaning up the mess they left we found some bud where it had broken off while they were taking the plants. its not much but about 10g dry. im curing it atm, its better than nothing but still had a week to go. had a little smoke it gets you stoned but taste isnt all there as didnt get to flush the plants which is a shame.
  3. They not but the electricity box was faulty but we didn't know but they saying we knew about it. So they took it out and making us pay for new one. And for equipment thanks but I don't really see how. I live uk. And tbh I don't see how we can start up again we both broke now can't pay to fix shit. And his on bail so growing for the next few years probably won't happen as he will be under watch and it's too much risk. One day I hope to set it up again but I don't know how
  4. He has a past record that's the problem only tiny but it makes a difference they did say if he had clean slate he would be fine but he doesn't. And I think it was beause tent was quite close to front door. And a few people grow on the floor so the whole floor stank and we just got unlucky that they found us not others.
  5. I'm broke as well now got fines to pay have to fix what they broke electricity they took my friends whole box out and we have to pay for new one. All I have left if the tent and some feed everything else is gone
  6. My friend is looking at about 6months to 2 years. Depending what they estimate the final weight would be of the bud but they over estimate
  7. We did have one that's the thing. I just guess it wasn't enough. My friend is looking at around 6 months to 2 years apparently depends how much the Feds estimate how much weed there was going to be but they always over estimate
  8. Apparently it was the smell. They did a walk round and smelt it from 5 floors down and followed the smell. At least it was good bud lol so disappointed about what happened I don't know if I can afford to start again
  9. no idea tbh i wont know until im able to speak to my friend but his in custody atm
  10. I hoping it's just a fine and community service or something but I don't know. Don't even know how to contact him
  11. About £1000 of stuff been taken. He had day off and yes it was at his as I live with people. I just received a text saying police raid don't call me, and that's all I have heard from him but I know stuff will be taken. I don't know how they found out but who knows. Only good thing is there are no scales, no cash, and no bags in the house so he cannot be done for attempt to supply
  12. Hi strain hunters I have bad news. I have to withdraw from the cup. This morning at 11 mr crop was raided by police and my best friend has been arrested. They have taken over £1000 of equipment plus the seeds for cup and powder feeding. I don't really know what to say 1 week before harvest and now my friend and I are pretty fucked that's only way I can put it. Sorry everyone
  13. Hey guys I have some very very bad news. Earlier this morning my crop got police raided and my friend was arrested. They have taken everything to do with the grow including the ghs seeds and powder feed. 1 week before harvest as well. I'm a bit fucked tbh don't really know what to do
  14. all ium hoping for is about and ounce and a half per plant. is that being realistic or not really, they 11L pots. but i know next time yeild will be better few things i could of done a lot better but i learn
  15. Wow mate that is some Nice looking bud how much did you yield? And what size pots were you using? I have a pocket microscope 100x and trichromes are still clear. And most of the hair are still pretty white. Peace

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