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  1. Hi Jose, i definitely would like to be part of the contest.. specially to test the bio pf.... can't wait to use... Peace, Santa!
  2. yeah Jose... the roots are beautiful and the buds are proportional to the roots... nice job... amazing pic with the fly! keept it green!
  3. this is looking awesome... healthy whites!!!!1!! lovely! u gotta have em for nice buds...
  4. hey guys... about to chop plants... they didn't end like i expected... fucked up on nutrition at some point and maybe they need couple extra days of veg.... waiting for clones to root before i can start new round... here last pics before i do chop em.. Peace, SB.
  5. nice brother.. cool to have u back again...
  6. Hey brothers, 8th week almost gone... expected them to be bigger... i'm not sure where i've gonna wrong with nutrition... i used soft water with pf without suplementing the calcium... i only started supplementing calmag later and i think i've missed the window... already took clones for next round... in 4 days they gonna be probably rooted and i will start pre veg... next round i change the strain also.... that's it for now.... Peace, SB.
  7. it's my 1st real run on it dust...1st run i didn't go all the way thru and i think i haven't done the best job nutrition wise... i needed to act much faster than soil... PF also quite new for me... 1st run with it... but i'm quite happy with mapito... made the new clones yesterday and i will be ready for next round as soon as i harvest it. next round will have different plant... since i fucked up blue dream mothers and won't have enough clones to fill the tent... but next time i wanna do few things differently regarding space... maybe i won't bend them... or maybe i will top them... lets what i will be able to do.... thanks
  8. hey bros... 6th week is gone.. i can see they are starting to pack.... and its snowing like finland inside... so sticky resin! i'm starting to think it's gonna go over 10 weeks... Peace SB
  9. hey guys... 6 weeks gone, 4 left... 3 since it really started flowering.... lets see how this goes... still a bit for harvest date... started feeding PK and also raised the Mg, but dunno if it was enough... fed the thats it for now. Peace, SB.
  10. hey bro... yes i still feed it every 3 days.. that's a cake recipe i follow... mapito has the fastest growth rate of any medium... yes, i found that 80L is too much, specially for the beginning.. now i make 60L res and keep refreshing it when it's like 10 or 20L... for the beginning it's best to prepare only 40L. Plants like fresh res, even tho it's been aerated... so it's cool to be preparing it at least once a week... i also never throw the nute away.. just keep refreshing the res... yeah, i used the foil this time.. i have the impression plants grew much more wide.. i think it was a mistake to bend them... maybe using foil itself would make plants go bit higher and less crowded... its my 2nd run on mapito but this will be my 1st harvest with it... learning also that plant needs mg around 1 1/2 week of 12/12.. maybe could have raised the ec.... dunno... next post i will upload some pics... peace SB.
  11. hi brother.. i can answer all your questions... it's really simpler than u think... yes.. its really simple flood and drain table... or ebb and flow.... principle of feed is... fill the table up to max 1/3 of your pot size... plants won't drink the whole water.. so you get water back to res... mine is outside tent... same level as the table... i use bilge pump to get water out, from res to table or from table to res... mine is really simple boat bilge pump... something like this: answered above... mine is outside tent.. no extra cooling on the water.... i couldn't perform on dwc due to water temps... yes... yes i've thought of that.. but... but it's really simple as it is... if i had a huge room maybe it would be worth the trouble.. i barely do much as it is now... if i had things automated than i wouldn't need to do anything... with res under table, it's easier to automate.. since you only need to turn pump on and water would use gravity to go back to drain on the same hole it came out... but again if u using a tent and depending on the strain you would loose height... i opt for the other way.. simpler... i will make some.. whole process doesn't take more than 10 minute when feed is ready... if res is full.. i place pump in the res and turn switch on till 1/3 of crates size... than i take pump out of res, place in table, and do reverse process.. they drink maybe 20L per feeding... peace, SB.
  12. hey.. week 5 gone... 10 week plant... let's see how it goes.... wondering if they need some extra pk... that's it for now.. any impressions?

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