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  1. The big bang died yesterday i think it was to much nutrients.
  2. I can now measure the ph in the medium also in the water. The PH was to low between 4 and 5. Now i have give to the plant water with melasse (7-8 PH ). now the medium has 5-6 PH.
  3. hi growers. this is the Big Bang after 4 week of reveg.grow.Now after first week of flo.since 2 days i have this problem with leaf s. grow in 7 l pot. soil,perlite and coco. under 120w led and 2 cfl bulbs 23 w each. i dont know the ph in soil . temp.25c day night 18-20 50 % humidity i have give for this plant twice some fertilizer ( Miracle grow single pack) NPK - 24- 08-16 half pack for 7 l water now since this plant is in 12/12 i didn t give any fertilizer the black spots where they came from? somebody knows?
  4. There is a link to the site...please help needed 1 milion votes!!! Please Support !!! Map with countries: https://ec.europa.eu/citizens-initiative/REQ-ECI-2013-000023/public/map.do?lang=en Leave your Vote!!! : https://ec.europa.eu/citizens-initiative/REQ-ECI-2013-000023/public/index.do?initiativeLang=en Subject matter: A European solution to a European issue : legalizing cannabis. The ECI Weed like to talk aims at making the EU adopt a common policy on the control and regulation of cannabis production, use and sale. Main objectives: There is currently a heterogeneous legal map as regards
  5. My room is not so large and i have still The Big Bang already in first week of flowering after 4 weeks of REVEG. So i will plant only one seed yet in a 5 liter pot. The soil and the coco mix : 4l soil and 1l maybe a little less of coco from Seramis. 16.02.2014 HOUR: 12:00 Kalashauto is today moved between 2 tissues (also Mineral-water) and leave in a plastic box in a dark place ( temp. in room 20 c ). Soil is ready for the seedling:D Will be planting from start to the main pot. More picture later... Maybe 2 other seed i leave till may for outdoor. 17.02.2014 HOUR: 17:00 Seed is
  6. GROW ROOM: Light Setup: 4x LED Panel Light ( Phillips ) each 30 W and 2 Dulux Twists each 23 W Grow Medium: Soil ( the info on picture ) and Coco Light Per Day: 18/6 Grow will be going without using any fertilizers.. Germination: 16.02.2014 Hour: 21:00 Seed in a Cup with Mineralwater ( watertemp. 20 c ) leave in dark place.Tomorrow next update...
  7. After a couple months without internet I put some pictures now:) i have cut the plant 3 weeks before they mature. Now i have started new grow with the El Nino and Himalaya gold;) picture soon.
  8. UpDate 04.05.2013 After LST treninng Light : Second day with 12-12h Today i have give for the oldest Plant some nutrients 5 ml /2l. water. The young second Plant is i think litter deformed a Alien:D grow not so fast, a genetic problem i think. The third kalashnikova Seed is germinated after 7 day i will put it outdoor to. I was in my spot The No Name Plant is still there:) next time i make some picture outdoor. And i have 2 more No Name strains
  9. UPDATE : 28.04.2012 They looks healthy. The No Name Plant i have put outdoor so we will see next week what happen...
  10. !!!The greatest Expedition from Strain Hunters in the World!!! I watch every movie so many times... it is a good work!
  11. Update : 21.04.2013 I have now some coco terra so i think it will be better soil solution. I have mixed it with soil from picture up. Also i have let one more kalashnikova auto germinated and i got one No Name seed. I post some picture So how you think it will be good operation? The No Name Seed i will let grow a little bit and bring it outdoor so we will see what comes...And the 2 Auto strains i will keep indoor. First : Kalashnikova Auto (7 Days Old Lady ) Second Picture: 2 Kalashnikova Auto 3 Picture : No Name And All In One Small Family