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  1. Nice,clean and well organized Love the cheese. Greetings from old man😎
  2. Hold your horses man! We all struggling at the start.. They is no point to give out about seed-banks and this forum. Don't behave like a 10 years old kid. Cool down man... Ps: Get some auto (they really good powerful smoke) strain and enjoy good life! I have few journals done here and growing myself over long long time..have a look at and maybe you get some tips and tricks. Regards Take care man.
  3. too early to say..I got SLH and TWreck and CHeese and cheese is the smallest and slower plant of grow,after 3 weeks of flowering when TW and SLH are showing nice fat buds and so far far ahead small cheese is still growing. Last week "she" proof she will going to race with the rest.Maybe smaller maybe slower but could be tasty:) Finger cross
  4. Hi, Nice ,clean and tidy.Love it. Secret Jardin Tents are great job...( ) Greetings! Keep Growing!
  5. Hi, less feeding less water(4 soil) check you PH for hydro. Have cheese going from GHSC,show in next few week when done. Keep Growing!
  6. nothing to worry about, old bottom leaf.. Maybe more N and less PK no flowering yet so... Stop fertz twice a week (once will do) it's only bush now... Keep Growing:)
  7. Chemdog from GHS... few years ago...(Gently on fertz(up to 1.4 EC) and I remember they were very tall like Sativa with indica/haze leafs some like TW
  8. wow that some idea:) Let us know with some pic how its goes.. Do you have any non topped auto to compare? Keep Growing!
  9. I would like to ask about them CO2 bags.. Did you try grow this same strain with and without them?? any difference?? Good idea and cheaper as bottle... I'll give a shoot... Nice Grow! Keep Growing!
  10. Nice! Kalashnikova good strain,good for sleep(Love it)...I can see you have really big passion for growing. Welcome ! Keep Growing!
  11. Hi, Blackstrap Molasses, there is a comparison online... Keep Growing.
  12. My is 12/12 on HPS. Freezing water on the end (2 weeks)but I'm "dirty" grower..Don't know tricks 4 hydro. How long did you veg that monster??? 6-9 months veg time ?
  13. Top class grow.... Congratulations! Great job bro!
  14. Nice SSH...long wait and lots of work but well worth it..... Can't wait to see final bud of that "Beast" ! Keep Growing man!
  15. wow...NIce man! (the last one -hm.. I would like to see on the end...(nice green plants) ( One with the curling leafs looks like overdose with Nitrogen and low PH(just guess ) That Kush looks strong man and tasty ... Greetings!

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