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  1. GH didnt take CC for seeds last year. Dono about the food I paid cash. Barneys took cc for the beer side not sure about the seed
  2. YO YO.. Been crazy busy here.. Fricking mites came back.. still fighting them.. have clones under way and will be sprouting the seeds I got while there last november.. cheese and some others here is video as promised VOLUME WARNING!!! the plants could have gone a little longer. Pics to follow soon Peace guys!! volume warning!!!! http://www.growhd.tv/video/Day-of-harvest/8736f72546b61dd90026ab0ae8d10a71
  3. update.. re vegged 7 of my 10 plants, gonna kill 1 more as it wasnt that potent, and they are ready to be cloned into mammas and then start those clones.. I need more grow space trying to reconfigure room to get maximum yeild. I had a brief battle with the dreaded spider mites humidity had dropped to 30% in room, mites are now gone it appears. Will upload pics of cured buds I have a video of harvest but it will take many hours to upload to the approved site for vids.. PEACE!!
  4. I rember readin an article in HT back in the late '80's when Bush Sr vp was importing cocaine and making 1 marijuana seed punishible up to $10,000 fine and up to 10 years in prision. I cant find that article atm.. but did find this for KY http://www.1stmariju...nabis-laws.html .. wonder how I can get a Kentucky Marijuan atax stamp lol Marc Emery example # 1 USA will get you http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2010/09/11/famed-canadian-pot-activist-marc-emery-sentenced-years-prison/
  5. Here in Kentucky we have been trying to get hemp legalized for decades. I am amazed that old Mitch Mconnel agrees to this. And Rand Paul seems to be a bit of a tin foil hat guy(but whatever). mcconnel is very well versed at being a lifelong politician and is terrified he will lose his next election( GOD I HOPE HE DOES) remember folks this is the guy who said 2 days after President Obama was elected in 2008 stated "it is my dutty to make sure this is a one term president" Subsiquently he saw to it that lots of beneficial bills were cock blocked. He also is paramount in making sure no real tax r
  6. nice.. never have seen those benz things really cool keep it up mate
  7. Looking good so far. Really interested in seeing how the led's final product looks. Peace!!
  8. looks interesting man.. what is the medium you are using it looks like cat litter?
  9. Global legalization movement!!! Thanks for the Information.
  10. LOL WHY< HOW THESE PEOPLE ARE STILL GETTING AIR TIME IS BEYOND ME. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=7f0_1355177381
  11. Thought I would share. http://www.liveleak....=e3a_1355291803 P.S. I bet Morgan Freeman woudl be a blast to get high with
  12. Lookin good! Northern lights from royal is so far my overall favorite smoke. The first hybrid weed I ever smoked was NL#5xSK#1. look forward to seeing them develop. Good luck. http://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Northern_Lights_5_Skunk_Nr1_F1_Hybrid/The_Seed_Bank/
  13. Oh boy.. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=5c6_1355032635
  14. looking good. I grew some fruit spirit last year from royal wasnt that impressed looking forward to seeing what you can do with them Good luck mate
  15. nice set up.. sucks they got poped.. Check this out its old but relevant. http://www.agreenercountry.com/marijuana-news/tennessee-pot-cave-bust-stories-and-pictures