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  1. The first SVK is up today , looks like she has trichomes already . I have brought the plants indoors, and they are now under a small cfl light, I will put them back outside tomorrow if the sun appears.
  2. So we start again with the germination , I have had them between a paper towel and now the taproots have sprouted , I have transfered them to Dutch lightmix soil. We now have growing Platinum Valley Kush from Accelerator seeds , So G Killin from Plantformers seeds, Sweet valley kush and Mokum Kush from Sunseeker seeds.
  3. Hi Jose , they germinated well , then I left them unattended for a few hours , when I returned home the cat had eaten them , so I plan to start again tomorrow. Gaz
  4. 24 hours later the seeds have cracked so I have repotted them in light mix soil. They will now stay in a dark warm cupboard for 48 to 72 hours.
  5. 24 hours later the seeds have cracked so I have repotted them in light mix soil. They will now stay in a dark warm cupboard for 48 to 72 hours.
  6. Hi Guys, It's been a while since I made a grow journal on the forum , but it feels good to be back. I'm excited to get started with my journal, so I decided to start today despite my current grow having three weeks left. My plan is to pit Sweet Valley Kush against some other kush strains. So I will grow Sweet Valley Kush along side Em-dog , Kosher Kush and Mokum Kush. I will be growing in light mix soil with perlite from my local grow shop, as I like it more than the big brands. The grow will start on my window sill for three weeks, before going under a 250w MH lamp. Once large enough they will be flowered under a 315w CMH lumatek light. I plan to use the powder feed biofeed for my grow. So I have started the seeds in some PH'd water 6.5, which has been aerated to get rid of some chlorine. They will stay there for 36 hours before I place them in soil. So I will be back soon with the next episode.
  7. I would be very interested to start a grow diary with the sweet valley kush. If I can start in June. Kind regards Gaz
  8. Such sad news , I have loved watching the videos and following his adventures on instagram. You could see his passion for cannabis and his enthusiasm for the plant, which has inspired a generation of growers and smokers. He has left a legacy of some of the finest strains available and will always be an idle of mine. RIP bro, you will be missed.
  9. Sure you will love it and find the tropical fruit pheno. Good luck bro , thanks Gaz
  10. I would love to help you out again. I currently grow with full organic nutrients in soil. I happily test either strain, as they both sound great. I do say that the Slex sounds very slightly better,but either is of course very good.
  11. I would definetly dry it first. Or you will end up with a lot of mould.
  12. I prefer my digital ballast is a lot quieter and love that I can switch it from 400/600 watts. Mine is a lumatek and has a slightly different bulb to the magnetic ballast. With a higher ignition rate.
  13. I moved from UK to NL working over here. Things are going backwards fast . You could possibly get a coffeeshop job butvia quite difficult. All the supply of weed to the shops is illegal and unregulated so you could not get a legitimate job in the growing side. You could once you make a few contacts start growing for a shop but it can take years to make the right contacts. Good luck , but I would consider Spain or USA . You can if you have a UK passport register and work in NL with no problems at all , just a quick visit to the local town hall to register.
  14. I think you will like the flavours I have grown out blueberry with just water in soil. The yield was half but the smoke was so clean and smooth
  15. Nice pictures . Looks like one big party

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