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  1. So the drying and curing has gone well. Dried it over three weeks , hanging on string in cardboard boxes, at around 16c . Conclusions Platinum Valley A good yielder , with spear buds, plenty of resin production . The flavour is what I consider a true OG gassy and earthy. The strain is quite strong and can leave you in a Kush coma if you over do it. Sweet Valley Kush Could not fault the yield and bud density. I was a skittle disappointed as it was not the most smelly or flavour packed buds. Has a slight sweet and earthy taste. Kuchi My favourite of the four. Great smell and flavour , really stinks a room out one bud. Above average yield and flavour. Mokum Kush This is a big yielding kush , had hints of Casey Jones but mainly a smell of sweet kush. Nice flavour and strength , I will definetley grow more sunseekers. Overall I was very happy with the shortflower powderfeed , works very well and will use again in the future .
  2. So we have the final result of the Sweet Valley Kush it is fully trimmed and ready to cure. I have had a small test joint and it is quite a strong smoke , with hints of earthy smells from the master kush. The other three strains took a week longer so they are still hanging out to dry. I will post some pictures before the end of the week. Apologies to greenhouse seeds for the late finish and congratulations to the worthy winners.
  3. Congratulations to the winner , must have been a tough choic.
  4. Thanks brother, smells amazing also. I have never tried it before so looking forward to it.
  5. Was a productive day and the house smells like a gas station.
  6. Day 73 Harvest day , this week all the girls have just had water , which stopped three dayss ago to let them dry out , before I cut them. The SVK is still hanging in boxes drying. Looks really frosty and the nuggets are really dense . The PVK has yielded well, smells really gassy , and is probably the stickiest plant. The Mokum is the biggest yielder and her buds smell gassy and sweet, very goon resin production also And finally my favourite terp goes to Kuchi. I live the stinky sweet cheese , the buds have gone very hard .
  7. Was 66000 steps in four days and didn't have time to judge.
  8. It was hard work last year bro , massive samples to smoke and lots of work being one of the organisers. Sadly the guy I was running it with I did not trust ,so he did it sooner this year. Looked good again.
  9. Day 65 Did not white get my report finished in time but I will continue till the end, as there is nothing more annoying than reading a report for an hour, then finding they stop at mid flower. Just water for the girls this week , the SVK was cut at day 63 , had a good number of amber trichomes. Smells sweet and the little bud I cut off a week ago was quite potent. Still more time needed for their other three , but I think they will all be done by day 70.
  10. Yes I tried it at the Clouds in the city cup it won best Indica, so I managed to meet the breeder and get some free seeds. Lovely gassy and potent strain.
  11. So it's Day 59 and the buds are all ripening nicely. The flush has continued this week , and as a result we have a little nutrient burn on the Mokum, the other three are fading nicely. I have added a little more support to the Platinum Valley and Kuchi. My opinions so far . The Platinum Valley is a nice yielder , probably take 70 days. Very frosty buds , like small spearheads. Really gassy aroma, just how I like my kush. The Sweet Valley Kush is also a decent size, I have chopped a couple of branches to dry as I have run out of herb. Sweet and earthy kush , reminds me of master kush. The buds are really solid and dense. I think she will be fully ready in 4/5 days. The Kuchi is the smelliest plant , due to the cheese in the mix , I can also smell a little kush/ chem aroma. The smallest plant is always the best smelling. I think another week so 66 days in total. The Mokum kush is the biggest of the four, again I think she could need 70 days. Really sweet and gassy aroma. Smells great. If you have any questions on strains or feed let me know.
  12. So we hit day 52 of flower this weekend. Things are fattening nicely. Tent is stinking . Not a lot involvef this week , some defoliation to allow light to the lower bud spots. A couple more stakes to hold ups the Kuchi. The plants have just had water this week , the flush should help dissolve any food left in the soil and the SVK is fading best , she will also be the quickest , I think another week max. The other three could be 10 weekers, which is no ideal as my ob ripper and old school are already to talk for my led seedling cupboard. Amy questions hit me up ! The close with no label is Platinum valley.
  13. Yes not the biggest, but they are getting very round and very hard.
  14. Day 45 I am happy with progress so far, the powderfeed is working well. The smell in the tent is really good , my favourite is still the Kuchi , has a lovely sweet and gassy aroma, almost a sickly sweet smell. The PVK is smelling as I hoped very very gassy. The Mokum kush has got more kushy ,but you can definitely detect the Trainwreck in there. The Sweet Valley Kush has a very old school kushy aroma with earth notes. I have fed all the plants 1g of Shortflower PF per litre and 2g of PK booster per 5 litres of water. As a number of plants are starting to look a little hungry. The second water of the week I feed all the plants except the SVK as she just had water to start the flush and she is fading already. She is the most advanced and will be the first to finish. She has had brown hairs for around a week now , so that's in my opinion nature's queue to give them a last feed and then start the flush. The Mokum is going to be the yielder this is a scrogers dream and will need 9 weeks . The PVK looks a little funny in a shoreline freaky type of a way, had some balls but seems to be doing ok . The Kuchi won't be the biggest yielder but boy is she frosty and smells amazing. Had a few little bugs back , but am cleaning the leaves daily with a paint brush. Anyway enough chat will be back soon and enjoy the pictures.
  15. Day 38 Just past week five already and I have been keeping the feeding schedule the same 1g per litre of short flower powderfeed and 1.5 g of PK booster to 5 litres of water , I will give them a final feed tomorrow to allow enough time to flush them properly , I will give them 2g of PK booster per 5 litres for the last feed . I have added some more support to the PVK and tried to spread the other plants out a little and done some defoliation for better light penetration. My favourite aroma is the Kuchi as it's mainly sweet cheese with a chemmy hint, the SVK is more earthy kushy smell, the PVK is gassy and sweet , finally the Mokum Kush is leaning towards the Trainwreck. Any questions , feel free to ask.

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