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  1. Lol yes my two like to be a nuisance, luckily they do not like to smell the bud. They do enjoy a leaf now and again.
  2. After another six days an update. I am very happy with the introduction of the grow feed, the girls ar growing fast and bushing out. Except the PVK , which I snapped during some LST. I have bent the plant over to try and get the lower branches to grow up quicker and replace the snapped branch. The Mokum Kush is just the most vigorous ahead of th Kuchi then the SVK and Platinum Valley. So far they have just received 1g Grow powderfeed per litre. So I will leave them know after another roun of topping, I chose to top the next highest branches on all the plants, as they need to fill out a lot more into the space. I find having a little patience always pays off.
  3. Do after a busy week , it's time for an update. So today I fed the girls for the first time with the Grow powderfeed, I have use PF before but not the grow version, so interested to see how good it is. Since the last update I have topped them and given a little gentle training and snapped a branch from the Platinum Valley which has a nice purple colour to the stems. The Mokum Kush and Kuchi seem that most vigorous , but the SVK is by far the cutest.
  4. Spinosad is what I use against bugs as the cat only likes moths and spiders . I started to feed with the grow PF so look forward to see them grow.
  5. So a few days later , I have cleaned the tent with bleach and steam cleaned it, for good measure. The girls have been repotted into 19 litre pots and topped, when they reached the fourth internode. They have been under a 250w MH light since Thursday and are coming along well. Today I gave them 1g of grow powderfeed into one litre of water, as they should be able to handle a little feed now.
  6. Really had some good sun the last days and the girls are coming along well. They are a little bug bitten, I found a little white thrip on them today, so I have sprayed with insecticide soap and will reapply tomorrow. On Thursday they will be repotted and moved into the grow tent , under a 250w MH lumatek bulb. Have added a picture of the insecticide , in case anyone is interested, I usually use it last two weeks of Vegging and have not had any bug issues on my last two runs. The four girls, then the SVK, which is a little cutie, lovely fat fingers and uniformity.
  7. So a few days later and it's been mainly stormy , the girls are all coming along slowly outside. Loving the fat cute leaves of the SVK and Mokum Kush , the PVK is the tallest but has slimmer leaves, the Kuchi is playing catch up.
  8. Congratulations , looking super healthy.
  9. The SVK is coming on nicely outside. Loving them cute fatty leaves.
  10. Things have sped up the last two days , girls have loved the 28/31c weather, still just on water .
  11. So finally we have four seedlings , happy and contented, the Kuchi came through no problems. Progress is slow in the garden as we have not had much sun. They have just been on water. I hope my Double Gorilla will finish soon so I can get them under a 250w MH bulb in my grow tent.
  12. So three of the five seeds have sprouted , and are enjoying the sun out in the garden, then spending the evening under a small 50w CFL. I have popped in a Kuchi seed from Devils Harvest as a replacement for the two seeds that failed to germinate.
  13. The first SVK is up today , looks like she has trichomes already . I have brought the plants indoors, and they are now under a small cfl light, I will put them back outside tomorrow if the sun appears.

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