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  1. Yes not the biggest, but they are getting very round and very hard.
  2. Day 45 I am happy with progress so far, the powderfeed is working well. The smell in the tent is really good , my favourite is still the Kuchi , has a lovely sweet and gassy aroma, almost a sickly sweet smell. The PVK is smelling as I hoped very very gassy. The Mokum kush has got more kushy ,but you can definitely detect the Trainwreck in there. The Sweet Valley Kush has a very old school kushy aroma with earth notes. I have fed all the plants 1g of Shortflower PF per litre and 2g of PK booster per 5 litres of water. As a number of plants are starting to look a little hungry. The second water of the week I feed all the plants except the SVK as she just had water to start the flush and she is fading already. She is the most advanced and will be the first to finish. She has had brown hairs for around a week now , so that's in my opinion nature's queue to give them a last feed and then start the flush. The Mokum is going to be the yielder this is a scrogers dream and will need 9 weeks . The PVK looks a little funny in a shoreline freaky type of a way, had some balls but seems to be doing ok . The Kuchi won't be the biggest yielder but boy is she frosty and smells amazing. Had a few little bugs back , but am cleaning the leaves daily with a paint brush. Anyway enough chat will be back soon and enjoy the pictures.
  3. Day 38 Just past week five already and I have been keeping the feeding schedule the same 1g per litre of short flower powderfeed and 1.5 g of PK booster to 5 litres of water , I will give them a final feed tomorrow to allow enough time to flush them properly , I will give them 2g of PK booster per 5 litres for the last feed . I have added some more support to the PVK and tried to spread the other plants out a little and done some defoliation for better light penetration. My favourite aroma is the Kuchi as it's mainly sweet cheese with a chemmy hint, the SVK is more earthy kushy smell, the PVK is gassy and sweet , finally the Mokum Kush is leaning towards the Trainwreck. Any questions , feel free to ask.
  4. Sounds like a good spot for a guerilla grow. The Kuchi is cheesy with a hint of chemmy kush , the PVK is sweet gassy , the Mokum smells more like Trainwreck than OG and the SVK has am earthy kushy aroma.
  5. Day 31 So day 31 of flower , things are growing along nicely. The first amber pistols have started to appear on the SVK , followed by a the Kuchi, nothing yet on the PVK and Mokum Kush. I have slightly increased the dosage of the short flower powderfeed from 5 to 6 g per 5 litres, the PK booster I have continued using 1 g per 5 litres. The EC has increased slightly to 1.1 and the PH is 6.3. My tap water which I leave for at least 48 hours before using is 7.5. Apart from amending the feeding I have only had to put some more support in for the PVK as it is a very viney kush.
  6. Day 24 of flower , girls look happy and healthy , no more balls on the PVK, but will be keeping a close eye on her. The plants are given 1 g per litre of Shortflower Powderfeed and 1 g per 5 litres of water. EC is 1.0 and PH 6.3. not a lot else to say really, it's a nice stage as there is little to do but water and a slight defoliation. Any questions feel free to ask. Smell wise the Mokum smells of heavy indica leaning to trainwreck , PVK has that sweet gas smell , the Kuchi is cheese leaning and smells super sweet and finally the SVK is earthy aghani aroma.
  7. Afgooey. Was the best I have grown outdoors.
  8. Always fun trying to keep control. Maybe to much lst for the PVK.
  9. Day 18 of flower and the stretch is over . I have used some sweet tubs to get a level canopy . I have removed some more of the lower leaves and buds, this is something I hate to do as i never remove enough (@OG.NAJ) . I continue to use half a scoop of short flower feed , for 5 litres of water. I love the way it drops the PH from 7.5 down to 6.3., EC was 0.7. So will monitor that after I start with the PK booster this week. Had about 10 balls on the Platinum Valley , but after chatting to the breeder and OG.NAJ I have removed them and I will keep a close eye on her/it. I have not seen any new bug shit so I think my bug spray has got rid of the pest , I have also added a sticky strips to the tent.
  10. Day 8 of flower I have switched to the short flower powderfeed this week and have given the girls 1g per litre. I also added a little calmag as I think I see a small deficiency. I have also sprayed the plants twice this week with the organic bugs spray, just to prevent any bugs , as I have not had any new bug shit on the leaves this week. All the girls are staked and spread out and extra support provided.
  11. Thanks bro , I have seen a couple of little white fly's , like a mini moth. I will get some sticky strips also Gracias hermano, he visto un par de pequeñas moscas blancas, como una mini polilla. También tendré algunas tiras adhesivas In Association with Google translate.
  12. I have not seen the bugs , just some small light brown bug pop on a few of the bottom leaves. I am trying this product at the moment . Supposed to ecological and it evaporates after 48 hours.

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