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  1. Such sad news , I have loved watching the videos and following his adventures on instagram. You could see his passion for cannabis and his enthusiasm for the plant, which has inspired a generation of growers and smokers. He has left a legacy of some of the finest strains available and will always be an idle of mine. RIP bro, you will be missed.
  2. Hi People, Here we go again finally it's that time of year again when we can harness the sun to grow our supplies, Prefer to grow outdoors as so many spectrums in the sun, which gives the end results a more varied high as the plants are given the chance to develop to there full potential. I have started last night by popping 2 of the seeds in to a glass of water at room temperature. I soaked them and removed them from the glass today. They are now sitting on a bed of paper towel in a warm cupboard. I have planted the 3rd directly into the soil an watered them lightly with the same room temp water,they to are in a warm cupboard. I wanted to see if it was quicker to germinate them way suggested on the GHS page, but will run a more comprehensive test when the indoor season starts again. I will be using Easy mix again for my grow provided by the local growshop. My friend has been meening to get them for a while so was a nice surprise when I got home to 200 litre's in front of my broken car. Didn't fancy the bus! Bit of a google translate job on the ingredients, sure one of the dutch speaking growers may have a better idea. veenmosveen - sphagnum peat turfstrooisel - peat litter woormenhumus - Worm molds/casts Pumic Stone - similar to perlite bemesting van n-p-k meststoffen en sporenelementen - fertilization of npk fertilizers and trace elements Dutch class over! i will be potting them in small 1 litre tubs then move them within a week to 17litre tubs (see pic). The 17litres won't fit in the mini greenhouse so thats why they are going in the smaller pots first. I will also use 3-5 cm of Clay pebbles in the bigger pots. Once sprouted and in the pots the mini greenhouse will go straight to the garden, unless temps going below 10 then they will go in the kitchen window. I like to get them out asap harden the little beggars up. That's about it for now. I do intend splitting the stems once they are bigger , slows growth for a little while, but makes the lower stems much stronger. Top tip from Dr.Green's Instagreen feed. A few pictures of my kit and freshly painted outdoor grow room. Quick question Mods, can i also show my 2 Kalashnikova Auto in this report as have 2 of them also going outside. Will stop the wife complaining about lack of plants in the garden.
  3. Sure you will love it and find the tropical fruit pheno. Good luck bro , thanks Gaz
  4. I would love to help you out again. I currently grow with full organic nutrients in soil. I happily test either strain, as they both sound great. I do say that the Slex sounds very slightly better,but either is of course very good.
  5. I would definetly dry it first. Or you will end up with a lot of mould.
  6. I prefer my digital ballast is a lot quieter and love that I can switch it from 400/600 watts. Mine is a lumatek and has a slightly different bulb to the magnetic ballast. With a higher ignition rate.
  7. I moved from UK to NL working over here. Things are going backwards fast . You could possibly get a coffeeshop job butvia quite difficult. All the supply of weed to the shops is illegal and unregulated so you could not get a legitimate job in the growing side. You could once you make a few contacts start growing for a shop but it can take years to make the right contacts. Good luck , but I would consider Spain or USA . You can if you have a UK passport register and work in NL with no problems at all , just a quick visit to the local town hall to register.
  8. Wanted to share a few pictures of this freak Kalashnikova Autoflower , has been topped once and is 200cm tall . Had a handful of seeds I found in the Kalashnikova auto I grew outside last year. 78 days old today.
  9. I think you will like the flavours I have grown out blueberry with just water in soil. The yield was half but the smoke was so clean and smooth
  10. Nice pictures . Looks like one big party
  11. Definitely look to wet
  12. Have you considered autoflowers
  13. Bushy beasties
  14. Every seed from a hermie plant I have planted has hermied on me . Not worth the risk when you can buy a pack of strainhunters fems so cheaply
  15. Can't wait to see the results. Nice selection
  16. Nice , I definitely have this pheno Smells great , got a look of the ghs skunk autoflowers
  17. Your going to enjoy smoking this strain bro . Looking good.
  18. All looking great , nice picture , miss that White strawberry aroma. Intou have a full tent of WSS the smell is intoxicating.
  19. some frosty orange bud auto
  20. Happy Christmas everyone, hope to see many successful grows in 2015
  21. The afgooey fems did very well for me outdoor in Holland which can be a bit damp and humid in summer . The kalashnikova auto should finish in around 80/85 days outside.
  22. Think you need a few posts before you can upload pictures , think it's five or ten
  23. Looking nice bro, I know you are going to enjoy these girls

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