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  1. Thanks all, i ended up buying a storm vaporizer pen by vapefiend, it is a really decent little power house vape, with changeable batteries and various add ons in terms of moutpieces and bubbler attachments etc. Very impressed by it and it is super stealthy would highly recommend for a portable vape.
  2. I bought some Casey Jones in Grey Area it was very tasty and very strong, smell was also amazing
  3. I missed out on Chemdog not on the menu and opted for super silver Haze.....taste of SSH was very disappoiting and it took a large joint the next day to get a nice taste but then resulted in a far too heavy buzz..whoops!
  4. Can anyone tell me what the quality is like of the temple balls in GHS? I love this old skool stuff and have only bought in hunters coffeeshop before (the quality, taste and high great and it was very clean) Thanks
  5. Still having issues through chrome and opera on android, also can't scroll on any of these or through safari on Mac, chat function also doesn't display text in one on one chat no chat bar on main page. I have found however that scrolling is fine in silk browser through amazon fire tablet
  6. Thanks all but to clarify I meant for smoking a consuming not growing
  7. Thanks i'll take a look when i get a moment. Yes volcano do a couple smaller units now one being a hand held device but are in the €200 range.
  8. I have tried googling but there are so many and all have mixed reviews.so feel a bit unsure what is best. Volcano have a good one but it is expensive. Just seen a decent reviewed one called Q7S on Amazon that doesnt break the bank either.
  9. Looking to buy a small handheld vaporizer, what are the best performing ones that are sensibly priced these days. It must be portable with stealth and good functionality in mind. I have not used a handheld vape since the early days of the iolite style vapes which had their issues. So am a bit confused what to go for. Any guidance would be really appreciated.
  10. 3 years ago i stopped smoking tobacco/cigarettes and then began using a tobacco alternative so i could still enjoy the pastime of smoking a joint. I use a brand of tobacco alternative called greengo which comprises of papaya, eucalyptus, mint and hazel leaf. It isnt bad but has some consistency issues( can be very dry, have very fine dust or large leafy parts that dont burn well). I have tried some other alternatives such as Knapster which i find over powering and very perfume like in taste and smell. Can anyone recommend any others they may have tried? Greengo is the best
  11. Hi everyone what is the current issue with the online main chat function? Doesnt appear to be loading on desktop/laptop..any idea when this will be resolved?
  12. So im making a trip back to Amsterdam just before the end of this month and will be my 4th trip to The Netherlands (last trip was about 4-5 years ago) and want the lowdown on where to purchase some good Sativas- i have previously bought laughing Buddha and enjoyed very much but as i have been away so long just wanted some direction on which shops supply top Sativas or some good Sativa dominant strains? Any suggestions welcomed. I will be making a trip to Leiden also and already know where i can get suff there. Thanks in advance and look forward to everyones input!
  13. Very very sad was a very likable guy really inspiring and i got to chat with him a few times through the forum. Terrible loss for the movement, all that were close to him and the many others lives that he imprinted upon. Sleep well Franco RIP
  14. Still having a tough time finding bananas on the same plant Starting to get some slight purple coloration to the calyx and leaves on some plants but hard to pick up on camera