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  1. I think you mean your an aspiring strain hunter,not inspiring,Franco is an inspiring strain hunter,you my friend are aspiring to be like him. Welcome to the forums,peace
  2. I would like to participate,I will veg them indoors and flower them outdoors,should be fun,peace Kush
  3. www.bonzaseeds.com I've put in about 6 or 7 orders from these guys and had 100% success every time. I've put a couple orders in at Attitude and there really good too,peace Kush
  4. EAZY-C


    It is shitty that some people that would have actually participated but didn't make the 300 missed out to some individuals that had no intention on doing so. Perhaps these people could be given a second chance but after that they would not be allowed to enter in future,of course there are those like myself who unfortunately never received their kit and that is neither here nor there that's just bad luck and of course they could still receive the free kit. Let the ones just claiming freebies enter still of course but no free seeds if you fail to present a journal twice like I said. Peace Kush
  5. Looking great brother should be a descent harvest by looks of things,very nice work,peace Kush
  6. Welcome to the site brother,good to have ya,peace Kush
  7. I'm in,PM me,hopefully they turn up this time,just finished some autos,got them sussed,lets go Kush
  8. This is not a cup entry if that's what you mean and I won't be entering the cup or updating this journal or any other,the mod team here is a joke,I've sent Jose.gh two messages now concerning the cup the last being a couple of weeks ago and not only have I not gotten any replies but the last one sent has not even been read,rude.
  9. Thanks guys,yeah Tokage she is the biggest auto i have grown so far easily,should yield ok by looks of things. greenomatic87 yeah your right Canna are a great brand,it's really good just a bit expensive for the additives. So Dust use to skate some USD's huh? lol That's awesome,yeah they still make skates,probably still the best ones you can get,those in the pic are Razors not USD but very cool to hear you use to lace up and hit the streets,peace Kush
  10. My auto Mazar plant 3-4 weeks into flower,vegged for about three weeks or so,it's under a 400W HPS in a tent,she's on Canna coco A+B and Canna Rhizotonic,I would normally add the booster and the zyme from Canna but for the price im just not using it any more and when my GHSC Powder Feeding turns up i'll be ditching Canna all together. She's in Canna coco peat with 1/4 parts worm castings,some Mineral Magic and trichoderma mixed through as well. PH is 5.70 and PPM is 1060 (Hanna). Pot size is 14L and I just simply hand feed and let it drain to waste,feeding about every three or four days at the
  11. $140 for a ten pack is more expensive than ghsc sell them for I agree but that still works out to be only $14 per seed,I'm sure your going to grow more than enough great smoko to cover the outlay from just one of those seeds,cannabis as we all know is freaking expensive to buy from your local dealer, $140 worth of bought weed from a dealer is going to last myself about 4-5 days so I mean yes you could be saving money but really in the bigger picture of things who cares about a couple hundred dollars,I myself live in a country where there is no such thing as a 'seed bank' so be thankful for tha
  12. My auto Mazar plant is flowering nicely,I will get some pics up soon

  13. My auto Mazar plant is flowering nicely,I will get some pics up soon

  14. Nice one brother,very informative and very similar to my method and time frame,a new grower will find this very helpful as we all know cloning can be frustrating and difficult when you don't know what your doing,great work,peace Kush